Thursday, January 19, 2017


This is the one I had made for me!

I hardly ever do this on my blog but I want some lucky individual to have a chance of purchasing my custom made "SuperBeacon" with all the CD's. It was custom made for me in a stain wooden box with a glass top so you can admire the work done within it. I want to purchase the TFR-1 treasure rod, so I am willing to take a hit in price for something I need right now at this time!

I will be selling my SuperBeacon for $1750.00 because I am going full time into my treasure hunting! If you are interested in the Super Beacon just email me or leave me message here! You will be saving $500.00 if we go paypal. The SuperBeacon was custom made for me by EJ Gold. It has a glass top where you can see all the internal workings. Plus I purchased $800 for several pendents I will throw these into your package for free!

Here is the address of EJ Gold where he sells the Super Beacon he charges $2,250.00 just for the black plastic box! You will also get my whole and complete set of EJ Gold's CD meditation course! Read about it and read the testimonies along with one person's diary of using the Super Beacon.

I am not going to put it on E-bay right now until 2 weeks and if I get no response I am selling it on E-bay. I gave you the links for starters! I have written about it in my past articles here on this blog. Take your time and read about my experiences with it. 

I am taking a loss of  $1400.00 this includes the CD's.

But the price one pays when one becomes interested into something else right away.

My wife is not all that crazy for me selling this for a $1400 loss but I feel I will regain it back in many other ways. As you are aware there are no guarantees with this sort of science. It will take some people more time to experience parallel world traveling and others pickup on it right away! There are no moving parts because this is a subspace working radio and you will learn this by watching EJ Golds youtube videos, showing and explaining this unique function.

Any additional question please contact me at the  address!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


I told you all what I was going to do this summer with certain highly advanced instrumentations for fun and serious research. Yet my convictions keep pulling me back to the basics of the Low Level matter which instrument I am using.

I have began listening to the Remote Influencing CD's (disc #5-#14). It will take 26 days to complete them, I will listen to each CD only twice and moving on to the next after two days. I am now going to listen to the CD and use the HDR for 10 minutes before I go to sleep. This morning I was dreaming and being lightly awake all at the same time, I hadn't done this for along time. This is a common side effect, when listening to Gerald O'Donnell's RV and RI Cd's even if it is for the first time.

I wanted to talk about the RI (Remote Influencing) I know some of my readers have purchased the RV and the RI or just one or the other. I want them to know, even if you don't understand a lot of what's being said on the cd, don't worry about it, your subconscious mind records all the subtle commands coming from Gerald. You will notice in about a week into listening to the RI cd's, weird and probably strange events starting to happen in and around yourselves.

It's not magic we are talking about here, or some kind of drifty meditation thingy. I use these cd's on and off for over 10 years when I needed to and they work "consistently" every time I use them, what I mean about "work" I mean we could "manifest" the things that we wanted and needed with little effort. There was one simple variable that seemed always missing from other meditation cd's and that was "Consistency of Use" with a good cd with stunning results!

Let's face the facts there are a ton of meditation cd's out there! But the good news for all of us is; that the RI and RV's are not meditation cd's. These are actually mind building tools aimed at allowing oneself to operate in the "DELTA" mind state while you are awake and conscious!

After you use your meditation cd, you should experience what the author has envisioned but a lot of them on the market simply can't reach the mark! Every time I listen to these CD's it was "consistent" in creating the every day phenomena's that happen in one's life or De'ja Vu along with sychronocities, sometimes in about a week or two weeks! Everyone is different so will their testimonies some sooner some later!

You can pretty much bet the farm that you will begin to experience strange and sometimes unnatural events when listening to the RI and RV cd's. These situations are tied into the tapping of yours and mine subconscious thought mechanisms. I have never owned any other meditation cd since I purchased these RV and RI cd's. NOTE: Be advised Gerald told me you have to master the RV#2 in order to go to the next cd. Mastering Means: You have to be able to perform the given exercise on your own; step by step to arrive in your "Theta" room!

This means you have to practice when listening to the cd and doing the mental exercises he tells you to do! He states, one should be "Passive" when listening to the cd...I was hung up on this word, to me it meant; not to do anything but listen to Gerald. Gerald corrected me and said, it means not be critical and wondering what state of mind your in and where you are going as you listen, just perform the exercises mentally with Gerald until you can accomplish this on your own without the cd then you move to the next cd and so forth. I found our email conversation written in 2014.

No one can come close to these training programs. I am due to purchase another new set of Gerald's CD's just in case these cd's get scratched. Copying them in my opinion on your computer just doesn't seem to have that "oomf" that I am use to experiencing, verses listening to the physical CD. If it wasn't for accidentally finding this old notes, I still would have done it the wrong way.

To re-emphasize, he wrote to me that "Passive" means not being critical and to follow the instructions he speaks to your subconscious. He told me this practice is essential for you to be able to access higher states of consciousness on your own. I was under the impression since 2014 "passive" met just to listen only and not do the exercises he suggested. I was wrong! Dead Wrong! If he says to "imagine" something, you do passively with no criticism or trying to figure what state of mind you maybe in. This is the meaning of being "Passive"!

Adaptation is good and bad! Muscle adapt to become stronger, adaptation brings one to even ground and it brings harmony. Adaptation is bad! Muscles adapt to become stronger but the muscle will no longer grow bigger and stronger unless you change your routine. 

I have to listen to the RV#2: until I can master the cd without using the cd or being able to place myself in the deep "Theta" while listening to the RV#2! Then I will move onto the RI#5 Training.

Good rule of thumb, breaking up your training for a non-adaptive approach is a logical approach to increase; by listening to the cd's all the way through and then listen to them on a different schedule; this confuses the mind and keeps the mind growing without becoming stale and ineffective. This whole thing is not difficult to do! It doesn't even require actual work from your part. All you have to do is just listen "passively" and practice what Gerald is telling you on his training cd.

The above reminds me when I download some updates; some of those updates require me to reboot the computer so the program is integrated. As with the subconscious (biological computer system) it too may require that you reboot by breaking up a certain way you have been training. You can do this by changing the way you listen to the cd's. This will give your physical brain time to integrate the new information and keep it slightly confused after 26 days. It to will be tricky when you have to master each cd before you move on to the next one.

Using the TFR-1 to play the lotto is going to be interesting enough but adding the Remote Viewing CD training. Listening from RV#2. I will listen two the cd for as long as it takes to master the exercises on that cd.

I can't speak enough about what you can do applying this training to playing just the lottery! My wife listened to these CD's everyday each evening for 30 days! She had OBE's and Vivid dreams, Very colorful dreams, Time Traveling dreams and was able to get 6 numbers of the Powerball! She and I did it the wrong way but she still experienced the psychic phenomena's for doing so. Consolation prize so to speak for trying.

No, she didn't play those numbers given to her by this guy in her dream, because she is not use to trusting her dreams quite yet. So I showed her; the 5# number win in the following draw that evening she could have won for us if she played those numbers she received in her dream! She still reels over that one! But not to worry, I told her go back to your listening and be patient it will happen again!

These RV and RI CD's requires patience to listen too! If you are wondering when the CD is going to be over, you are mentally interfering thus shutting off the system that makes your brain stem much thicker and you are blocking off the "triggers" that will be used by your mind unconsciously in your waking state. Just block out one hour in your scheduled lives out of 24 hours! That's all that is needed to experience what you could have only dreamed about.

The reason for a "Bubble of Reality" because of men and women's "Free Will"! Once you access or tap into this "delta"it is the "delta" that bubbles around each person. If everyone learned how to walk in "delta" they would have their own bubble of reality etc.

Learning from the RV and RI cd's you will come to know that it strengthens and creates a "bubble" reality around oneself, the reason for this, nature has given us "free will" and we can't interfere with others "free will" around us. So by the very nature that created us, it knew we would someday advance to these kinds of levels. 

So it created for you an environment or reality bubble of sorts so you could experience the wonders beyond the natures realm without tampering with someone's free will. I think it's a smart move. You can have the miracles happen to you and the person next to you would just look in amazement and awe and not be affected in their lower level matrix!

The beauty of such a program; the way Gerald set it up, each person who listens to it will have their own unique aha moment! We are different and our natural experiences will be different! They say "variety is the spice of life". It could never be so appealing after lifting oneself from the lower level matrixes. 

Here is another quote that fits in the missing puzzle piece, "Patience Makes Perfect" Let patience have its perfect work then you would not be in "want" for anything...

I can't tell you how long it will take listening to the CD's to master each one until you can do it without using the cd's, or come to an Utopia lifestyle but many who have stuck with the training for one to five years swear they have reach the Utopia! Everything they thought about came to pass (in many different ways) and they travel the universe when they slept or just closed their eyes, some have been able to do this while being awake and walking about!

They experience physical time traveling and inter-dimensional traveling also. Some experience PK or Psychokinetic abilities within the first three months of training! I don't know about you all but that is pretty wild. Lot's of trainees with the RV&RI training went to the casino's after a few months of listening and won each and every time. The lottery is not limited to using Remote Viewing, it can be done using Remote Influencing.

Whether it was the "slots" or "black jack" or pretty much any game! Even to go further with this, many including Gerald himself played the commodities market and won with huge moves either betting the market will go up or down in this case he bet that the Silver market would rise significantly and then he Remote Influenced it and won. They would RV the situation and RI the results! Remote Influencing is just that; to be able to influence things to work in your behalf and this can only be done while in the Delta mind state.

When we are ready to purchase something; the last place we go to; after research on the company and its products, is the testimonial reviews and one of the bigger ones is Amazon.

These are just a few testimonies we discussed, which are on Gerald's RV and RI web site. I even posted on there, my testimony what happened to us about 15 years ago! Paul the person who has the TFR-1; he purchased the RI's some years ago and he used them for one year. He said there was nothing he could do wrong! Just about 6 months ago; he quit listening them and within that 6 months nothing seemed to go right for him and everything went back to normal life. (Low level matrix) Life.

Every time, Paul needed help whether physically, emotionally or spiritually or financially, the answer would be there in a flash of a moment. He also experienced many things of the same nature as above. The excitement wore off because it became a normal thing to expect when one would need anything, his subconscious had taken over. When he quit, it, the subconscious mind, slowly and in-perceptually went back to its hidden levels! All these seeming miracles he experienced everyday, quit as quiet as a "whisper"!

Imagine, everything that bothers you, whether it is money or not having enough of it or health or just about anything you could imagine you would ever need or want in this lifetime, all this would be taken care of immediately by your subconscious thoughts even before you knew you needed it. Personally using the cd's there was never any side effects to my knowledge with either me or my wife as far as anything bad goes.

The RV and RI courses is simply a direct access to the Universal Consciousness. And all this training in RI teaches you to enter and stay mentally coherent in the Delta Realm to manifest your desires. And to get to know the Universal Consciousness, known as the Father!

Gerald told me the whole idea is simply this, the subconscious will overcome the conscious thinking and the Deep Delta or unconscious mind will overtake both the subconscious and conscious behaviors, while you are consciously awake. Like he said, this happens with consistent listening of the CD's and practicing those mental exercises he taught you while you under the influence of his tonal background cd's.

This is not a hypnosis course or positive thinking course! It is what it is! Some how, it is a structured delta rebuilding course! This whole course was written and compose by Gerald O'Donnell, while he was in the "Delta" mind-state; while still being awake semi-consciously! This is the best I can explain it from what I have researched; reading his history for over 15 years of my life! I have talked to many course members over the years; who had taken this course and it literally changed their lives.

But, and there's always a "but", some like myself; can get caught up and lose focus and go back into their daily rituals leaving out their brains energetic functioning's. We forget too quickly about the strives we made "listening to the cd's" and think it will last forever! Nothing is forever! Even if you listened a whole year to the cd's and experienced miracles while doing so, don't quit, just listen only once in awhile to keep your access to Delta open! Maintenance Brain/Consciousness Exercise!

"Atrophy" is a nasty word! It means basically to deteriorate to break down! This is what our bodies do and our brain and our minds. These are separate issues coming from the same body.

This couldn't be further from the truth! Like any muscle in the body if it's neglected, atrophy will set in and the body part will wither. The brain is no different! It too will atrophy and it will wither causing Alzheimer's and a various other ill's along the way, if you neglect exercising the physical brain and the deeper conscious levels if you don't exercise it using some type of conscious training.

We must strive in the day we live in, this maybe the last day for you on earth! But everyday when you wake up, you and I were given a great gift of "Life"! But even nature abhors a vacuum, we must keep our bodies fit if not; the vacuum gets filled by disease but consider this, if the "mind" become unstable due to trauma's and stressors because of the nature of work we do all day long, the brains functioning will begin to breakdown! 

What good is a healthy body when the brain doesn't work! My wife works with Alzheimer's patiences on a daily basis and she tells me it's sad to see them like this, who were once supervisors, nurses, construction workers, politicians etc. eaten away by the brain decay. (lack of use). Atrophied beyond repair!

Never accept "genetics" as an excuse of a deteriorating mind or body! Maybe your family was predisposed due to lack of "use" or "exercise from generation to generation". This became over years the family trend/trait of not exercising the body or the mind, once they reach a certain age.

It's not something you or I should accept on "genetics" only! The brain; as you become older starts breaking down the "neuron's" and they start to misfire like an old spark plug being clunked up with grease and dirt! But once you sandpaper the bottom of the plugs and use them again; they will begin to fire up like they were brand-new. I am not a doctor or Neurologist, I am just explaining the common sense how all our bodies end up decaying over time, some much faster then others. Yet, there is somethings we all can do about it!

This woman is 70 years old!

Did you know there are 70 year old men and women who lift weights for about 4 years, that don't walk hunched over or suffer from arthritic pain! One of the little old ladies started out with just the bar and the trainer and he trained her for 4 years and she steadily became much stronger and more fit. She wasn't crunched over while she walked and her mind was strong as her body! Genetics played no significant role at least not most of the time!

These people are not the exception to the rule. They used good ole common sense and they were educated by their training instructor by keeping both mind and body in shape, thus they would not suffer the ill's that awaits most of the elderly! Such as, loss of memory of both long term and short term. They wouldn't suffer from arthritis like the rest do!

Every New Years starts out with "Weight Loss" what about "Mind" Deterioration? It causes dementia, Alzheimer  and other hosts of debilitating issues. No one seems to care to exercise this valuable biological computer system and they let it go year after year to deteriorate.

Exercise benefits the body and exercising the brain/mind will actually make your brain stem grow in thickness to create more neuron pathways that were never used before until now! If you don't use it you will eventually lose it! 

But like some or most of you; who used the RV and RI and proving to your yourselves, it was the best time you ever spent on something that pays you back day after day! I guess what I am trying to say, please don't neglect your organ in your head; it too is literally starving for mental exercising. Using these cd's are the first start with that! Your mind will pay you back in the long run!

But the rewards are incalculable with these mysterious RI cd's! Your natural gifts will begin to emerge beyond your simple understanding. You will stand out amongst your fellow men and women, they will look to you for answers because they will see all these wonderful "gifts" emanating from your being and causing what some would call "miracles". 

When you finish the RI course and have completed Disk 5-14 around 3-4 cycles and this could take many months of training. You will be accomplishing what will look like "miracles" to a person standing in the "lower level matrix" looking into your "higher level matrix". As for you, it will be a natural daily activity but to them it will look like a miracle in the making.

Jesus said, why do you marvel at these works that I do, I am only doing the works of the father, he does them and so do I! To him, it was a natural thing to use and accomplish an objective when he needed to do it; simply by speaking it into existence. We can do the same thing if we are walking in the "Delta" state of mind.

I know a lot of women out there are "intuitive" by their very nature, they respond well to Gerald's RV and RI course. My wife sleeps through them all and yet she shows great signs and power when she is awake and working in Beta! She knows who is going to call and when or who is coming before they show up! Has OBE's and futuristic dreams, telepathy and the list goes on, while she listens to the RV's & RI's.

She has the ability to come out of her body and gently float across the both of us and sit down beside me while I was still sleeping. I was a bit envious what she was doing because she never stayed awake long enough to hear the course the whole way through. Yet she was blessed with the side effects of just sleeping through it all because the subconscious never sleeps it listens to everything the cd tells it.

You can learn Gerald's cd's while you sleep through them because of the unusual frequency patterns that are able to pierce beyond your ears directly to the delta mind. By using delta wave frequencies presumably and a host of other ones keeping your conscious mind out of the way...

My wife exhibited a true psychic and I envied her because I was trying so hard like any man would have! My results minimal but still great yet her's was much greater! Gerald and I reasoned because when she fell asleep; the CD spoke to the "delta" mind-state and when her mind advanced back up to REM sleep through out the night, her subconscious mind was still listening to the CD until it shut down. 

She in a literal sense of the word was "Sleep Learning" on two different levels. In the 1950's the college students would tape their professor's class and then play it all night long with their headphones on while they slept! I remember this when I was real young, I use to watch movies that people would turn on the reel to reel tape recorders to tape their professors class and then listen to it all night long while they slept. Hoping to get a better grade!

Back then, there was no follow-up, so I didn't ever know what became of those personal studies and if they were unsuccessful or not. You can listen to the RV or RI in anyway you so desire, Gerald setup a listening course for some people who need structure, those that wing it can use it anyway they want too. The point being is to "listen" to them everyday. These exercise the mental powers of your mind and opens your subconscious/unconscious (delta) minds to the waking world!

The Remote Influencing cd's are teaching you how to tap into your mysterious "unconscious" mental level called the "Delta" mind state. Just by listening to his RI and RV cd's you will create within you; triggers that will subconsciously constantly use your Delta information while awake!

But it goes much further, much deeper then most realize. This RI training will teach both your subconscious and unconscious mental levels to spring up, while you are still very much awake and coherent! This wouldn't be an overnight deal but Gerald assures those who listen everyday and practice the mental exercises during the listening period until they are mastered, without missing a day they would inch ever so close to doing the impossible, how long depends on the listener. 

These listeners will be able to access their deep unconscious mental levels, while conscious and this is what some have done after one year of training. I am anxiously waiting to listen to the RV#2 tonight and continued until one masters the exercises and so on. It will be a long process no doubt, just remember this saying, "A watched pot never boils".

Just think of what' going on in todays world! Now a "Trump" nation that is obviously brewed with hatred and anger and racial divide along with safe rooms at colleges and play dough hour for the traumatized college students who couldn't accept the election results and all this was created in our "use to be" prestigious institutes, hey don't knock play dough I use to play with it when I was a toddler:) Remember these maybe our future leaders with their fingers over a nuke command button! Or maybe they will go into their safe place when threaten by another country!

We live in a dangerous world today! I live in a small horse town I like to call it! I am happy where I am but the Federal government is busing in Columbians refugees to our town, within week they were on the streets begging for monies! Bringing crimes, we don't need here, especially TB! Yet, there is hope for protection for you and your families out there.

There are riots springing up every where! It's only a matter of time that you will be shot for being "White" much less a "Trump" supporter! It seems to me, we will have to make drastic preparations to protect our individual families, it won't be safe to walk on the streets at night and this depends where you now live. I think Chicago and San Francisco and other places like Fergenson I would stay a thousand miles away from! 

People are being attacked byAfrican Americans from the BLM and they, the African Americans and our elite college white students and illegal immigrants who get the free college tuitions, are attacking the conservative voters who support whom they believe in. I think I read somewhere they have the right to vote their conscious as well. 

Here is the other thing, we got ISIS living in our country and they have us in an illusion of so much fear; even at celebrations that you and I use to attend when growing up, everyone had fun and there was no terror to fear, now at celebrations are looking like mother Russia or North Korea regime, everywhere you go we have militarized Police with AK-47's ready to go to war and fight an invisible enemy in most major cities we live in. 

We are at war everywhere! Don't fool yourselves! A granny and her grandchild was shot the other week because she was going to slow when the light turned "green". 

Who really is this "Enemy" we are trying to confront? I call him (Fear, Terror, Death). The borders are wide open to bring them on in! So what are we, the peaceful citizens going to do to protect our way of life? How are we going to get around all these terror networks that operate in the shadows? Yes, we can get our permit to conceal to carry but if you pull that trigger and you have doubts before doing it, more than likely you will go to prison if your wrong!

To the "uninformed" there is no help or getting around anything! The only thing you now have that will protect you and your families and giving you the ability to tap into supernaturally what may happen in the next 30 minutes or for any future tomorrow, month, year etc., would be the training your received in the RV or RI courses. I have gun at home but I would much rather use the power of RI to deter it before it happens.

Let's use a example: You were planning to go to a famous nightclub tonight but instantly your psychic intuition; which has been quite strong from listening to your CD's tells you "No" don't go! You stay home or make other arrangements and the next day you hear the club was attack by some loan gunmen and many died that night! This is not far from the truth! Your mental acuity will be enormously advanced from your training.

Our "alarmist" or the "alarmist" will be your newly "Enhanced" INTUITION! It is that still small voice deep within and the training allows us to turn up the "volume" loud enough to understand what it is you need to do.

But who is the "alarmist", so when the alarm goes off you can prepare to get everything in order, always being a millennial step ahead using that supernatural ability you developed over the last few months? It is called the Delta mind state. I am not kidding here, I am not purposely striking fear into any us about the "what ifs" but I am trying to open the eyes of what the "Left" or some of the far "Rights" of our current governments are planning to do. 

This is the one I own it is the most amazing mind tool that I ever expected.

Technically both parties are guilty as cow dung stinks! I am sounding the "alarm" there is still time for you and your families to be safe again! But it doesn't come without both cost and time to acquire such an ability. The cost would be the products worth and your time you put into it would be whatever it takes to develop these special senses. 

Michael Douglas (actor) is gathering steam with young liberals in California to do every possible to stop the "Trump" inauguration, along with George Soros back door funding. But this means nothing to anyone, in fact, it is what we call 21 century entertainment of Hollywood losers and wannabes and washouts, like watching a fake wrestling match to see who will win, except this match has no referee, winner predetermined and it won't be Michael Douglas! Fight to you drop! The winner will be left standing.

We the people need an advantage against all the lower level matrix and all its demises. I looked everywhere for something t protect my wife and I. Getting gun made sense! But we will not have our gun with us all the time.

These street wars will be a "No holds Bar" again take notice of Chicago murders and Police executions! We got to be prepared for both ISIS attacks and "Liberal" attacks on Trump supporters, and with the "people" also known as "Road Rage Drivers" who have no patience and rather shoot you as to look at you. This is what Gerald said to me 15 years ago, that he RV'd years ahead to be prepare for a Civil War of a different kind; that is coming to this country but yet the blood they shed of both themselves and others will still be the "same color" and it will all be the color red, not brown, not black, not yellow.

You could be more then able to remote view any sudden planned attack before it happens or Remote Influence it to change the outcome as with your own healing or the healing of your loved ones. Just like Paul told me, he didn't even know he was healed after going down into Delta to ask for his bones to be healed because he was still on Morphine drip! What we need are the right tools for the right job.

Being down into "deep delta" he, (Paul) thought to himself, I am going to ask the "Universal Consciousness" for help to heal my broken arm in two places and my shattered wrist! Which is exactly what he did, he told me he couldn't afford the hospital bill, in meantime the nurse placed him into the room to start a morphine drip before surgery.

Here's a man who went through a whole year of this RI program who never trained in RV yet, commanding his arm to be healed when he enter the domain of the Delta Zone! Before surgery he entered into a strange universe that no space ship could ever get too! Within a half hour his arm was completely mended! 

Paul thought to himself, since I am going to be pretty much unconscious I my as well purposely allow myself to go into delta and while getting there he said, he made a command used his diamond body to command such a healing, "I want my arm to heal, I have no hospitalization! Wrist, arms be healed completely and wholly. This diamond body is on one of the RI cd's and it must be mastered before using the next higher up cd.

When the morphine finally kicked in and he was out, they wheeled him into the X-ray room and taken a few pictures of his compound fractures and to see that shattered wrist. So they could set it before he woke up. He had came out of the morphine and asked the doctor how did the operation go?

The doctor told Paul, well, he looked at the other two nurses standing around him, he said, we took X-rays of your shattered wrist and your compound fracture of your left arm so we knew where to set your arm. Well, they are not broken anymore! We can't explain how or why something like this could happen!

But here is the thing, once we become "full" and happy; we forget how and why we got there in the first place. When we took this course we were starving for help, supernatural help, any kind of help! Once we "earned" this gift we became full and then we became lazy once again and then the course was stashed into some dusty closet.

The doctor said, this is a first for me, he told Paul, and Paul happily said, I healed myself while in "delta" before the morphine kicked in fully. I used the Remote Influence that I practice and it worked. His arm was swollen and still black and blue but no signs of the compound fracture or shattered wrist! At the time in his life, Paul was still listening to the RI Cd's being faithful for one year.

I talked with Paul tonight at the time of writing this article and I asked him point blank if he still used them, he told me not for about 6 months and then I asked him do you know the difference in your life now since 6 months ago? 

His abilities were winding down until it came to a complete stop after not listening to the RI cd's for around 6 months. Atrophy began to kick in, remembering nature hates a vacuum.

He said, absolutely, I had a huge number of Synchronicities six months ago and more counting back to day 1 of using the course. But come to think about it he told me, for the past 6 months since I stopped using the cd's things started to stop as my "Synchchronicities" went from day to day, then down to week to week and then down to month to month until it fizzled out!

Gerald said to me, the more you listen to the RI cd's and practice the mental exercises each cd presents, the higher the mind state you will be working at, in fact, it is a quantum growth procedure that's still not understood as to the "why" of it! So there is no end in listening to the CD's, there is only the beginning!

This proved my point, Paul's first year of listening to the Remote Influencing CD's; he told me miracles was the "word" for the day! They never seemed to stop! But he did! He didn't reach out enough with his "user" time (practice) to solidify to such a point; had he found that stop point; he wouldn't have to listen to the cd's anymore and would have maintained his new natural abilities. 

Amazingly, the people I meet that have done the same type of training and have experienced similar events like he did; all come to the same conclusion what you put into it; you take out it. He, Paul my new acquaintance, is the one who is helping me get prepared with my custom built TFR-1 Long Range Molecular Resonator Dowsing Rod. Because of the question I had asked him we somehow brought the RI training, he is going back to listening to his Cd's once again. Since we were talking already about dowsing it was only natural this subject came up in our conversation.

What I enjoy about such training when using these cd's in particular is, if you have issues let's say "Health" issues, you can go to a particular cd that covers that area and re-listen to it and perform the given exercise on that cd, for a couple of days. Remember the brain has a muscle memory just like the muscles of the body. Then all you have to do is activate and direct the healing where it needs to go to.

For example: Even if one weight trains for muscles he or she has to change up their routines; so their muscles don't adapt to the heavier training (Muscle Confusion Principle) non-adaptation. Once that adaptation takes effect; the muscle won't grow anymore! We don't have a large wiggle room the way this course is set up, when you have to listen to only one cd everyday or every other day until you master it before moving on to the next cd.

Mixing up the training for the non-adaptation method of listening is the idea way to go. It took me years to understand this concept when applying it to any type of mind sculpturing. Those of you who attempt to get the TFR-1 Electronic Dowsing Rod, you will be raising the peg quite high for yourselves, because you will have real discriminating, not picking up unwanted trash of any kind or unwanted emanations of all sorts that objects tend to radiate both human/animal/inanimate objects. Unless you are using such a thing in your scope or chamber of the discrimination box.

You will see your minds energies for the first time as the scope responds to find you locations. The scope is much better than using pendulums of differ types. Finding things is only limited to your imagination and the power you have in your scope or will achieve with sensitive instruments like this, secondarily, it can be improved by using the RV or RI courses. Referring only to the TFR-1.

A strong mind can make a strong body! Since they are truly central nervously connected through both the brain and body. Never forget the mind isn't housed inside the brain, the brain is a colander, it takes the "Delta" packages of the information of light from the Universal Consciousness outside time and space and relays this information as instructed to subconscious mind. We are usually and totally unaware of these internal operations.

You become stronger inside your mind with things like the RI training, these new found abilities will indeed overspill into this current low level matrix, you now currently reside in. This will allow access to higher matrix's, that's way beyond everyone else's reach in the lower matrix at the moment.

The mind isn't a muscle in a sense to become stronger, it is granted greater access to the Universal One for help in time of need. The more you train yourselves; the greater the doorway opening for you to reach the "One"! Practice, Practice, Practice, makes perfect! It's not free, it will not come to you, you must train and go to it! The "it" is the "delta" mind state.

I've looked over the web to find any unique or unusual instrumentations and other type devices; I still am coming up short with these unique items. The web is a huge place and it took me 4 years just to find out about John's TFR Long Range Molecular Resonators and he's been selling these for 4 years! It took me another 10 years before that; just to find Gerald O'Donnell's courses

I am still waiting for my Aurora Lucid Dream Headband that cost me $300.00 and it had a KickStarter program for 3 1/2 years on the web. They are soon ready to do mass production. It took me 3 1/2 years to learn about this new company online. They have incorporated a vast variety of certain musical tones to wake up your alpha state, while you are still in REM. 

The Aurora Lucid Dreaming Induction Device has built in EEG circular metal disks (3-each) that read your brainwaves and body movements all night long and deep delta sleep and the restless periods throughout the night and it determines when you are actually in REM sleep. It doesn't look for REM movement from the eye's anymore to alarm; it actually reacts while you drop into REM sleep and alarms while you are down in the REM area around 7.8 hertz!

This Aurora Lucid dreaming headband is not a mask you have to wear over your eyes and cheeks! Thank goodness! It has a small bluetooth square light plastic box where the internal computer resides. It has 3 EEG sensors in the backside of the device. You place it over your head and it rests in the center at or on or wear directly over the third eye's location. It's the I-phone software that does all the work for you through the device via bluetooth!

From what I read about it and the beta testers results; it seems very promising. It's 99% accurate to sense when you reach the REM state, then and only then; the lights will blink over the eyes and play some sort of sounds to make you semi-conscious, which was newly added this month to the software. Even with all this technology to lucid dream, you still have to get yourself to recognize the lights shining on and off while you are still dreaming!

The above I think is a Remee Lucid dream mask...It will cover your entire face! The Aurora is only placing the entire unit in the center of your forehead and the rest is all headband that fits comfortably around your head.

This is the Aurora I just purchased. You can see it will only center on the forehead and it also has 3 EEG sensors in the back and it rests on your forehead comfortably. It's brain is the software you run in your I-Phone. It controls the Aurora wirelessly and the Aurora sends its information what the brain is doing and software records all this along with lights and sounds.

All the users of this device had owned the REMEE and NOVA dreamer for lucid dreaming, they knew these instruments were bulky and having a computer board resting in the middle of one's forehead, it became very uncomfortable and usually the mask would end up on the bedroom floor by the time the night was over with. 

The "Aurora" Lucid Dreaming Device has 3 EEG contacts that sit comfortably against your forehead reading your bodies movement and brainwaves and sleep patterns and transmits the data by bluetooth to your I-Phone...

The Aurora in my opinion is the best device they ever came up with but there are others coming out with similar devices that are using KickStarter right now. It's light and very comfortable to sleep with. It doesn't matter if you sleep on your right side or your left sides like I do or if you are stomach sleeper, it doesn't matter the headband will not get in the way or make you feel uncomfortable in any way! 

The device fits comfortably over your forehead, you hardly notice it after you fallen asleep. The Blue tooth technology will keep sending the sleep information to your I-Phone application by blue- tooth. You can see how your sleep was doing all night long and where your REM periods showed up at and the time it happened and all your irregular movements throughout the night.

So looking at the data from the night before; you will realize the Aurora Lucid Dreaming Headband was right on the money to tag your actual REM cycles; not during the actual REM eye movements the older masks did in the past and still does with other sleep mask like the REMEE. The Aurora is not a mask! It's just a headband with a small square shape light plastic box, that rests on the middle of your forehead. We can also use such a unit while awake and it will record your beta thoughts too!

Let's say, you are listening or going to listen to one of your RI cd's tonight but this time you place on the Aurora and start up it's software with your I-Phone and turn on the bluetooth. Now your brainwaves are being read this very moment and recorded. You are listening to the RV for about 45 minutes it stops. 

You wake up or open your eyes; then you look over that 45 minutes to see where the cd's actually brought you down too! If you needed to be in theta but only made it to deep alpha, then you know for certain not guessing, that you have much more training to do to master the cd before moving on to the next one because you need to master bringing yourselves down to "theta" on this cd.

Radionics is not dependable; it is mostly highly subjective even if you have a well known background and understand its concepts of operations, not just someone else's understanding and their theories about the radionic devices. 

As for Radionics, I am keeping away from Radionic Machines for a couple of reasons, first and foremost the good radionic devices run about $4000.00 and it's never a guarantee it will actually work (subjective) you might think you have the Radionic abilities to make it work for you, but no builder can't guarantee such an instrument to work for you! Most of Steven Gibbs customer who purchase his HDR never had good results but had some or no results at all, due to the fact, the people didn't understand that the HDR is a Radionic machine that just happens to make one experience time travel in theory.

Secondly, if you think it takes a lot of patiences using something like the RI Cd's once every evening, try getting into radionics, it requires even that much more patience and your natural abilities to infuse the white light into such a unit,  as we are hoping the machine will do, all the work for us (subjective)! You have to according to practitioners in radionics to provide the "energies" to power up the radionic portion of the HDR, it's not the household current alone that makes you time travel or causes those psychic phenomena's.

You see it doesn't work any other way! Radionic machines uses his or hers own psychic abilities to energize the machine and if a person's ability is latent or hasn't been used; the machine can't help you because it won't power up without your white light energy from your aurora that only you can produce, the household power to the unit won't fix that problem either. Again, in reality who can really say, there is no scientific evidence how a radionic machine works. It's only theory!

That's why I decided a year ago, it was time to put to work my acquired knowledge both working and in "theory" to use a well designed instrument that anyone can use without having to be psychic, the TFR-2 and the TFR-1. Or to just listen to a well constructed audio program like the RI that has proven itself for anyone who has ever tried it, time and time again!

Only in my opinion, these radionic machines do work ! If the machine doesn't work 90% of the time, it's the problem of the one using the machine; not the machine itself! With out your psychic abilities; your dead in the water and this goes for the HDR as well. The household power will not help you time travel! It is all you and your ability to transfer your white light energies into the HDR or radionic machines! That is why the RI or RV cd's could be extremely important.

The Aurora software shows where the individual REM states were actually recorded on their I-Phone by bluetooth from the device strap around their head; centered in the middle of the third eye chakra area. The EEG sensors picked this up and responded with light patterns and now sounds and sent this information back to the software.

So I decided to write more about instruments that "actually works" on the physical plane and some of it have been proven by solid science (TFR-2), while the other machine is a dowsing device type instrument, the TFR-1 is something a person can see from start to finish and the most you would need to do is, build your "confidence" to enhance your Physical (holding the scope level) or Psychic abilities (Dowsing). Paul told me by email tonight, that this TFR-1 is a multi-purpose tool! It was his first product! He uses it to find lost things around the house or his property and it works every time.

There is so much out there to try and to experiment with. I am just getting to a point I want to do those things that already has been accomplished for me, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel. It's helpful if the sellers and customers talk about what they found this would be anecdotal evidence, their answer to you would be, maybe it's not solid science yet to be understood but it's good enough that it works for me every time!

There comes a time in one's life after collecting the very best tools for research to stop looking and buying and start using the instruments for your benefits. We get so caught up buying every little thing that promise us the world, we never spend enough time using what we already have.

I have been experimenting for over 15 years and now it's time to take the tools, which I currently have and its proven to work in your own lives and we continue to make them work for us for our protection and for our enjoyment of being fulfilled from the work we put into any of these instruments. Here is where we need "patience" and "stubbornness" in succeeding. My wife and I don't need any proof on what we own, we know it works! We just have to now start seriously working with it.

Every Psychologist knows that everyone has a measurable amount of "illusion" of being and feeling safe, even when the odds of being hurt or killed are a very highly possible in your individual lives. Once that "illusion of security" is shattered by some kind of traumatic event; it can never be repaired! The best you can hope for is putting up with it, such as PTSD. There is no cure!

The best anyone can do is try to live a semi-normal life with counseling! We go out and work and go to school everyday, just waiting for that weekend to get here not realizing for a single moment your life may end abruptly or one's lives are changed forever! 

We have "Drones" which fly but we have worker "drones" which do not fly! Humans on most low paying jobs are "drones" of a different type. They are bred to work and not ask questions or show new ideas...keep your mouth shut and get to work!

We spend our whole week in a kind of mental sleep; only dreaming about the two days; you may or may not have off. So 20 days a month you are working, keeping the conscious mind busy what to do for the coming weekend and by the time the end of the month arrives on our last weekend, we wonder and say, "Where did this month go"?

The "month" that came and went was psychologically blocked out because your companies can't afford an employee to be anything else but a working drone! Drones have no thoughts or desires, there just is, in the now! The thoughts you think at work for the most part is what your going to do over the weekend! While your body moves like a robot on some assembly line in China or Mexico.

This movie called "They Live" is not a good movie but it can illustrate some possible truth in how our government can work behind the scenes and hide the very things you wouldn't approve right in front of your face. Ask yourselves this question and be honest, how is any government in the world today with so many people; able to control each individual or groups or nations of people without some kind of technology in todays world? In the movie when the dark glasses were put on the everyday worker, the individual was shocked to see what was really behind the scene and what was right in front of them without the glasses was an illusion!

The government tries very hard through advertising and literature and grade school and high school and college telling you their utopia ideas and giving you the impression you don't have to think for yourselves; it will all be done for you! This is the Millennial Graduates. From the 1980's on up! 

They are told, you will get promoted, the bosses will love your ideas and your work etc. Then when they step out into the real working world from college, they put on those black preverbal sunglasses and see what it is really like in the world they were protected from while in school. 

Just because you were molded a certain way in your thinking doesn't mean the change or changes are impossible to reach for. In fact, lucky for us, our minds loves a new set of stimulation(s) even if we weren't aware of this on a conscious level!

This is what is known as the results of the "Lower Level Matrix"! It is where we live our lives and it is the place we were "molded" to except the "confines" of such a "matrix" from our home to our public schools to our colleges etc. If anyone tries to "think" for themselves outside the matrix such as,

Arguing that "Climate Change" is a farce, which in my opinion, "it is"! Here, they will be brawl beat you and it will come from their co-workers or bosses or our local-state and federal governments and our colleges or even their neighbors or friends. If you don't agree with the wolf pack you become ostracized and maybe fire or worse killed. 

If I say the word, "Trump" to a stranger on the street, chances are I will be beaten to a pulp; if there are small groups of black Americans standing there on the corner of some street who don't have an existing job and it is no fault on their own ! Our low level matrix has degraded to another lower level after this last election. Well, I am not sure about all you, but I am not going to stand for it much longer. Not if I am able to do something about it. They say "put your money where your mouth is" and I have done that plenty of times!

In fact, I am fed up with how people are treated, no respect, no love, no mercy, no pity, no empathy. There is so many other "no's" to list but you get the drift. I and my wife lifted out of this low level matrix once before, when we trained with Gerald O'Donell and we can once more do it again! I will listen and I will embrace it's subconscious teachings on how to communicate with the "Universal Consciousness" and once more be on top instead on the bottom of some else's heap.

There is simply no other way to rise out of what was so ingrained in us from birth to growth to graduation to work and finally to the grave. Like I said, there are other meditation cd's with some big claims but not all deliver like the Remote Influencing course from probable

It will take patience on both our parts to wait to be lifted up and out of this "LLM" (Lower Level Matrix) and this is fountain of youth so to speak for the mind; this training will place us outside the lower level matrix and be with the one Universal Consciousness (High Level Matrix) that controls everything, everywhere. When we both were out of the LLM before, life had color and excitement and miracles! Every day was a new day to receive or perceive something cooler than the day before! This wasn't virtual reality world it was another dimension above ours!

In fact, life had the missing magic we embraced and it treated us like royalty. We were able to share that "love" back to others around us. If either of us needed things for our physical needs such as monetary needs that in some cases it was just handed to us from the most unlikely of sources! Synchronocity's will be the norm. That is; being in the right place at the right time to receive from the Universal Consciousness the champion of the poor and weak, his personal personae is called the "One"!

If we needed help to get things moved from one place to another, I would get a phone call and have about 5 helpers. If I wanted to travel to the stars, no problem, outside the LLM is where the "Universal" conscious resides anyways and it is there to fulfill your every honest and humble requests and traveling there becomes easy with practice once each evening until you master it's teachings that help you learn to get there in the first place.

In the eyes of the wise and prudent people, a good New Years resolution or a new day resolution would be to reach out to the "One" who allows these supernatural events to happen from within, not without!

But like so many of you out there, we as weak humans have a hard time trying to keep our New Years resolutions or any kind of resolution for any month of the year. We as humans in the "LLM" we demand that our governments live up to their responsibilities taking care of us and raising our children for us with free daycare. Pay for our grocery bills and our electricity our medical etc. 

We also demand our government to make us successful, this is all an illusion of the "LLM" a "lie" that is woven in part truths and part myths and is underlined in falsehoods that comes directly from both far Left and Rights in the world of politics. You may ask, ok let's say your right, what can we do to actually live outside the "LLM"? Your first step is to acknowledge the reality you live in. Knowing you are in need of help from beyond.

You have to waken to the fact it is only going to get worse and it will not get better here in this "world", in the Lower Level Matrix". There are more murders this year, natural disasters, terrorism in every country in the world! There suicidal murders that rampage through every country in the world and there is nothing anyone can do about it! Even our inner cities have become downtown Beirut. We are beginning to look like a "Police State" instead of a free country I grew up in the 1970's.

The results of living or residing in the Lower Level Matrix is disease, disharmony, dysfunctional, disarray, no hope, no future to look forward too! In the Delta region the informations sent to you are as blasts of light and these lights or sparks as some seen them to be, carries "information" you are requesting!

In this lower level matrix there are new diseases that are totally drug resistant to any or all antibiotics. Also, we can't go to Walmart without worrying if some crazy teen or ISIS sympathizers won't come in and just open up a shooters gallery for (a)llah! We can't trust our schools or public places to keep our children and parents safe. But there is something we can all do for ourselves, if we but for a moment can swallow our pride and learn something new!

California wants to succeed from the union and be their own country! Will it happen? If it keeps going the way it is, I would say, this action would be the U.S.'s Brexit moment. Texas wants to succeed from the union as well during the Obama presidency! But be of good cheer the end is not yet! It's coming but we do have some time left to turn things around! That is; if the people in the U.S. allow the new President and administration to do their job! Hate it or love it, you all are stuck here like me to deal with it and get on with our lives the best we can.

This either looks like Obama is bowing to the "King" of the Saudis or he is buffing the Saudi's sandels.  You will be the one to decide! This was done by the former president Obama of the U.S. on his apology tour! I bet this is the last time you ever see our president do such a thing in the future!

Whether you like Trump or not, I assure you he will not go on a apology tours to all the Islamic countries apologizing that we are a American Christian Nation and bowing to the King of the Saudi's and asking them for forgiveness. There are two types of people "The Globalists (one world government, leftist agenda) and the "Nationalists" (conservative/right wings and constitution followers along with second amendment people), who believe in a singular powerful nation with their own sovereignty and the right to bear arms for their protection and hunting rights!

Fortunately, we are not some global bastard amongst the EU; who (the other nations on earth) have become and gave up their sovereignty to the so called "Great European Union" laws that now govern every aspect of their individual lives. These countries are falling apart and losing tons of money with the refugee crisis! They can't make their own decisions because they gave up their own individual sovereignty as a nation to the EU. But this is where George Soros wants us to be (socialism) (no religion)(no freedom) just working drones dependent upon our government to provide all our needs.

The sanctity of all nations combined that are now combined under the EU with a singular sovereignty being the EU, this is know as dictatorship in the old days before I was born. Honestly, I hate politics! I don't trust either party! I will take the lesser of two evils on the election results. What do you expect on the lower matrix?

We can't lift ourselves out of this matrix without some kind of help, as we know this! But the training of the special tones and Gerald's unwavering influence as he speaks to the subconscious mind, our own "Delta" mind will be exercised into conscious awareness in a few short weeks to raise you up.

Most those unaware, don't see no way out of all this! But rest assure there is, I and a few more of us out there have experienced the Nirvana being outside the "LLM". In order to get out of this vice grip hold of the low level matrix, which keeps us shackled mentally to do what they want you to do, we are not the dumb and weak sheep of this nation as they believe us to be and training our very youth our future to be!

It will only be the "Delta" access to pull us out of the low levels and to bring us to the outside of this fallen world. Even if you reach this new Nirvana, you will still be amongst the LLM's but it will be different! You will live in your new "altered" Universe within this older one; parallel to the lower or lowest levels of existence.

Nothing will harm you and all goodness will overtake you! People will look at you and wonder why they are so lucky and why are you so happy? You will be living a millionaire lifestyle without spending any of your own monies! We did it! It's great! But it only exists in the "DELTA" gateway and it must manifest in our conscious behavior; then into the world to bring us what we want! We, my wife and myself fell into "Apathy" or the lack of interest as things were going so well, we forget and fell headward to where we just came back from.

Consider when a brick layer places each brick one on top the other shifting them back and forth, causing considerable stability! But the magic is the how the bricks are purposely staggered for strong support allowing the building to stand on it's own. 

Listening to the RI cd's; we start with a single brick and as we advance by listening to the next higher level cd's once the other has been master by you, the course itself when the cd's are staggered you will become stronger mentally, thus the brain will have a hard time adapting by confusing it with different ways you train it and this means new growth new Neuro pathways! After listening to the all the cd's, you intuitively stagger the training differently to refresh your training. This will allow your mind to grow exponentially because it can't get use to the new way, so it must build new neural pathways and strengthen the brain stem etc. to handle the new stimuli when the training staggers it.

Each singular cd will build upon the other! What if you fall asleep? It doesn't matter; it will be absorbs in your unconscious state and theta state of mind and in your Alpha state of mind and your subconscious minds will record every single word Gerald tells you. Once those audio seeds are planted; in a little while your conscious mind will be overtaken by your deeper levels of your upper mind states, this mind of yours will become that much stronger at the harvest time of reaping, what you have sowed using this course!

Those seeds that were planted into your subconscious reality by Gerald, will come to harvest, first the stem then the leaf and lastly the fruit! Your fruits of your labor will allow you to partake in higher consciousness with others like yourselves! You will be a better friend, father, uncle, husband, because the unifying mind in the deep delta there is no hate there, there is no murder, no gossipers, there will not be anything that can hurt you there!

There are warning "alarms" going off everywhere! Why can't you perceive them? We are still initially "asleep" in this low level dark matrix (life)! We are essentially sleep walkers! Only you can do what you need to do; to wake from the slumber the world has put you into. Training with the RV&RI will allow you to wake up and see the world as it really looks!

Come and join in the "DELTA" state of mind; to be able to operate in it while awake and conscious. The results would or could be: healing the sick or maybe raising the dead if need be. You are the drone of "Beta" at this time in your life and technically asleep! The forces to be, don't want you to be free and self preserved! They want you to just follow orders! They will "see" for you! They will teach you what they want you to know that will keep your mind grounded and the doorway to the Universal Consciousness closed!

They (those who cling heavily to the LLM) will fight you like crazy when you begin to listen to just one cd, just one! Then you will see the craziness start to happen to you and some may corner you to make a choice and this may come from your own your own families! Our kingdom is not of this world, our kingdom is from within ourselves. Just the nature of opening your subconscious minds by the cd's; you will emanate and make others around you uncomfortable and they don't even know why!

It is in this place that lies the gateway outside of this LLM. Our consciousness, "beta" will bow down to the will of the "delta" and to our working subconscious goals; once you develop these skills by letting it all go and entering into these mind states willfully. 
All this is about just "listening" and practicing the exercises while under "theta" that Gerald gives to you! There is little work on your part, you are only to be a "passive" listener and practice the exercises Gerald tells you on each cd. So when Gerald tells you to imagine this or that, do it happily!

What do you want to do? Do you want to look down at where you just came from with all it's disappointments and miseries from a higher view point? Or are you much happier where you are; struggling from day to day just barely getting ahead.

After training with the RV& RI's for several months, I can now look at everyone in the lower level matrix and see from a higher plane and see how miserable I use to be and how much easier it is to survive. While I am in training with both everyday, I am on top of the world, manifestations are the norm in my life; then after several months of neglect and not listening to the RI cd's. 

I find myself right back in to the Lower Level Matrix once more, looking up, seeing the higher level matrix, instead of looking down from the higher levels to be able to see once more into the lower levels; who are fighting to survive the everyday onslaughts like the rest of humanity! 

"What got me to the place to make this decision to go right back to the lower level matrix? Laziness and becoming dependent on my successes only, thus forgetting that my mind must still be exercised every so often to continue manifestation, to continue living in the Higher Level Matrix, the mind must be exercised weekly once you get to a place that you become comfortable with life will become victorious once again! 

Don't allow yourselves to destroy the most precious gift that is located right between your two ears! You have a birth-right; it was never meant for you to struggle and suffer and die prematurely. It was met for you to have a full life and prosperity and hope for the new day that awaits us all. But it's all up to you! I can lead you, but I can't make you drink!

If let the brain alone over the years, your mind and the brain functions will slowly deteriorate and once again until you no longer reside in the "Delta" gateway where "manifestation" is simply the normal way of life! Both my wife and I know this all too well! Keep this thought heavy in your minds, "If you don't exercise your brain or mind appropriately; it will deteriorate and stop working! Just like the body does when one quits weight lifting! If you quit for six months, you will turn soft and you would lose your strength and probably gain fat weight!

 The world doesn't want you to succeed, you met these types of people in your lives. This is all I am going to say about all this, if there was a time to do something, right now is time. Only you have the "power" to leave this low level matrix permanently. You have the knowledge of what's out there; it is your responsibility to take the next step! The path has been presented to you, the fork in the road allows you to stop for a moment, so you can make a decision. You will never have your government lead you to choices such as I have mentioned to you!