Friday, August 26, 2016


Tell me something here, what program has anyone ever tried, that had instant results when it came to RV and RI...

Well, it's been two days since using the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and both my wife and I are experiencing very wild dreaming during those two days. If you go to Gerald's website and read the testimonies you will see, this is where it all begins at this level and it grows from there. 

The CD's start working your brain deep within until it has to come out in the abilities to Remote View and Remote Influence. I am beginning to set my "Intent" before the CD takes me under. We start RV#2 which teaches one to reach their deepest "Theta" level state of mind.

Once your down in that deepest "Theta" level of mind, you will be instructed, that is your (Subconscious) not your conscious thoughts,  you will be given examples of how to create your deep mental lab where all your Remote Viewing will be done by you! Your right! You are perceptually at this time sleeping! But your consciousness is wide awake in that room deep in your Theta realm. I only got there once since owning this course and that is my fault, not the fault of the course!

There is no specific way to approach RV and RI training...

We are both approaching this CD our own ways, my wife will don on her earplugs and go to sleep while the CD plays and I will just go in an out sitting up until it is complete, the difference I will be doing then I have in the past, will be, I will consciously allow my mind just to completely wander about, let it think what it wants to think and do what it wants to do during this hour of listening. Since I am suppose to not get consciously involved while the program is running.

I know there are a lot of you outside this country of ours that still don't quite understand why Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing could be of any help at all! Some still believe that you have to be psychically gifted in order to enjoy the fruits of such a gift and tool of the mind! This couldn't be further from the truth! Children use the RV and RI course from AVARI and they fair better overall because they don't have those critical filters lodged in their minds from the schools and societal pressures. When you are using this course approach it with an expectation of a simple child.

I listened to RV and RI what D' heck was that! I felt like I had an OBE!

This is a powerful approach, it's not the power of positive thinking here or the Secrete theme. It's a truth spoken for many thousands of years in books around the world. Children represent and this is depending on their age, purity, unbiased, expectant, open hearted, forgiving and a great imagination! This is only just a few points about the innocence of a child. So when attempting to do this course just be open and expectant of the impossible because you will in time see that as well! Be unbiased and above all be open hearted!

Experiences are subjective! They are not the best anecdotal evidence to prove anything! Even testimonies are flawed! Because people are flawed! I have the Gibbs HDR that can neither be proven to work or actually disproven for that matter.

The above advise works best in all endeavors worth pursuing. I can't promise you what you will experience, but you will experience from this course, this much I do promise you, of what only you will be able to testify to such marvelous things you will  do after about a couple of weeks on this course. 

You don't need anything special just a good attitude and an open heart will do! Gerald's course will do the rest I assure you! You want to travel in the past and into the future? You can! If you want to find that missing child or need an answer to an impossible question you will get the help you need!

Everybody wants to win the big one! Whether it be the all time jackpot or the horse races or the Casino's etc. everyone wants to get the chance to win something. Up and to now, such wasn't the case! But now all this will change in an instant. 

Sleep gets a bum rap nowadays! It is here we can learn so much in so little of time...

If my wife can listen to a CD while completely sleeping each and every time and still get 4 out of five winning numbers then so can you! Some could this course a sleep learning course and in its basic foundation this is what you will eventually be doing! The CD's will bring your mind down to the subconscious and unconscious levels, while your body sleeps comfortably.

Took me along time to get over this particular fact! I just couldn't believe that sleeping and playing this course would produce miracles and it does! I'm just sorry it took me 6 years to figure this out on my own! When my wife had it down the whole time as she was successful in her waking life using RV and RI recently developed gifts from listening for a month while sleeping! 

You can put any spin on this as you like but the facts are still solid and remain that you do nothing while the CD is playing! Gerald will instruct you on whatever it is your listening too but he is instructing your subconscious mind not "You" your regular conscious thoughts! Your conscious minds can't be taught more than one thing at a time and then it sometimes has to go back over the material because of non-comprehension. 

EJ Gold's Super Beacon. I use this when listening to my Remote Viewing Cd's. Experimental approach. Since I own both!

There is so many different tools one can use with the RV and RI training in fact too many to list if I wanted too!
I have EJ Gold's Super Beacon, it's a AM receiver homemade type of radio device, it is four types of old radios hacked into one unit. It has two copper coils, one positive and one negative that you hold in your hands and the space radio waves will run through the radio without any external power through the coils through your body making you a completed circuit. Generally Gerald has CD's to listen to while holding the coils in each hand. But I did something different about a month ago!

What I did was, I setup the Super Beacon getting ready to use it, but this time I pushed play to listen to the RV#2 which gets one's mind down into deep theta room that from there, once you are in a Theta trance state of mind, you just hold on to the pair of copper coiled handles for that 45-60 minutes while listening to the CD. 

That's it! When I completed this and then went to sleep, I was immediately transported to a parallel world, another earth type world but when I got there I phased into this older guys body not realizing at the time I was that other body, another me on another type of earth!

I suggest not to invest in expensive equipment when first using the RV and RI cd's. This training will be more then adequate...

EJ Gold told me, this is what this am radio unit is suppose to do! I tried it without the RV#2 CD and nothing really happened! I surmise mind you, that what happened was when Gerald's CD was bringing me down into Theta I became sensitive enough to connect with the super beacon for it to do its work! 

Because one needs to be in theta mindset in order to experience parallel world traveling to other earth timelines. What better CD to do this, then Gerald's! It is now 11:00 pm CST on 29 July 2016, I will use this device to see if I can duplicate that parallel earth trip once again! The Duplication was a success! It's my hopes I can try other tools and be just as successful.

I wouldn't doubt with Gerald's Remote Influencing CD's that one could aid themselves in other experiments with other devices like wishing machines etc. and be able to succeed; where they haven't before! Maybe not all will be profitable but I am sure quite a few will be when using the RI course. Not everyone needs to do it this way like I did and a few others. If you never experienced anything like RV or RI just start with this and you will see it will get better. And you will be able to do things that would seemingly be humanly impossible!

Ever since my wife started the RV and RI courses we didn't have to guess our lotto numbers anymore! In fact, when she sleeps using the RV and RI, she asks what are the winning numbers for the lotto! She makes her intention perfectly clear before she falls asleep while listening to one of the cd's...

Both my wife and I learned over the years with the RV and RI training one doesn't have to rely on "Luck" anymore! You don't have to carry your rabbits foot and I am sure the older generation such as myself understand what a lucky rabbits foot is! You don't have to rub that lucky coin in your hands each time you pull the slot handles at the Casino. 

With RV and RI once developed, you will use this subconsciously only! In other words, you will walk down a row of slot machines and you will be "pulled" to the one that is ready to pay out! This happened to me!

It's not like turning on a switch to operate from an RV state of mind, it is intuited sensing! Your spidy senses are much more stronger and will actually have your body do what it needs to do automatically to be successful. You don't have to think to yawn, you do it when your tired automatically! Same goes with RV, it will be an automatic response when you need it! That "Inner-Gut" feeling's volume inside you gets turned up immensely. You can't help but follow it if you want to!

Keep in mind anything new you try to do will not go against your "Will"! There is nothing on planet earth that can go against your "will" this is the command of the "Universal Consciousness"!

Your newly acquired gifts will not go against your "will" whatsoever! Even if you were with a friend and you knew instinctively which machine would pay out, you don't have to play it at all! Most likely you will tell your friend or family member to go ahead and play it for themselves and they will win! 

When you come to that red light at a 4-way stop, if you get that deep gut feeling to proceed slowly then what your use to going and by obeying that feeling, you just missed someone who just ran that red light on the other side who could of T-boned you!

When I write here on this blog, I only write what I am passionate about! If not, what is the sense of it all anyways! I gave up a lot of my equipment over the years and sold much of it that actually worked, yet there was one tool I have never gave up and kept it like new for many years until I felt I needed it.

It was difficult changing over from the cassettes to the Cd's using the RV and RI training. The cassettes held the upper band levels of the higher frequencies and the lower band levels of the lowest of frequencies!

This RV and RI course only cost me $200.00 and that was ten years ago! My first courses were cassettes only! They wore out over the years and finally Gerald re-created his course on CD's! Then I wasn't sure if his CD's were going to be as good as the cassettes or not!

It took me awhile after purchasing the new CD's to have enough faith in them, hoping they would do what they were suppose to do like the cassettes. The cassettes were analog recorded and it kept all the upper and lower frequencies which were of vital importance in this bringing the mind state down to a point to accept Gerald's commands.

This course furthers re-wiring of the brains original nuero-frequencies to work on a much higher electrical plain. I'm not sure how he does all this! What I do know talking with him over the years was he entered into the "Delta" state of mind as he created the master recordings. Sounds pretty scary don't you think! Rewiring ones brain let alone circuitry of the physical brain that creates the brainwaves!

He was tested on an EEG machine while he was awake and the EEG reading revealed Gerald in complete "Delta" state! He would also be talking with the testers at the same time! They asked him, how in the world are you doing this! Gerald humbly told them, I was a instructor for military remote viewing for the European Spy Agencies, training their Officers how to operate in deep "Alpha" mind state.

The only reason the military took interest in Remote Viewing and Influencing was, the Russians had always a head start using such powers of the mind! Russian's are not stupid people, in fact they have a rich culture! They were inventors and business people and humans first and foremost!

The reason he only taught the military in the deep "Alpha" and not the deep "theta" or "delta" was because the military wanted to be able to monitor the spying going on, they had to take precautions like this, just in case these individuals are spying on us! So they had to keep semi-conscious during the whole RV spying! It was only 80% at best doing it this way. Finally Gerald had enough of this work and he trained using deep "Theta" mind states for RV'ing and it was successful!

So he published his first course online from the Academy of Remote Viewing course...It was later on he after a few more years developed a much deeper vision of how to Remote Influence using the human mind by connecting to the Universal Consciousness! 

All the recordings and the writing of the scripts were done while Gerald was under fully in the "Delta" mind state! When you listen to these RI CD's you will most certainly understand this! It took me a year before I would use his RI's! I was a bit bashful, thinking I would have to learn the RV first and foremost!

Change is going to happen whether your ready for it or not! So just accept it what choice do you have!
Ok, it was the wrong kind of thinking for me back then! There was so much going on in my mind at that stage of the game, it wouldn't have surprised you if you knew me back then. Times change and people change, we get a little older and a bit more wiser at least some of us do anyways! 

As I am writing this piece right now, I am wondering what tomorrow may hold for the both of us after listening to the RV#2 CD of the eight in the RV course itself. With this course you can't predict anything! A few years back after listening to the RV#2 back then, within a couple of days I was astrally projecting.

I am anxious to do the RI #9 CD, it was so weird but so beautiful and it placed me into some kind of trance state of mind that I have never been in before! I went into this disk not knowing anything that was on it and to this day I still have no clue what is exactly on it! 

If you want to lucid dream then the cd I am talking about here is the one that will probably do it to you!

Hey, but it works that is all that matters! RI #5 allowed me to become conscious in my dreams. It's called Lucid Dreaming! I was never able to do such a thing until I used this CD. Many claim they can do it naturally and many did it by listening to other cd tools out there as well.

I still want to Remote View the Jurassic era and I think this is the year that I will get to do it! I also want to Remote View the "Devils Triangle"! When using the RI#4 CD, I was able to visit Area 51 and Remote View there, but I didn't get to see any UFO's, bummer! 

I will keep trying though! I had also came face to face with a Grey as well and not excluding the ghostly lady who took it upon herself to come in sit down on my side of the bed and tap me on the hind end telling me it was time to get up!

It scares me to think of those who complete this course what they would be capable of doing if they got mad at someone!

All this happened to me in the first month of using the RV and RI Cd's! Imagine what any of you could be capable of doing! Here is a good one for the high schoolers and the colleges you could Remote View the test for the correct answers or Remote Influence your current grade to a better grade! I've read some where this has been done before! 

I want to thank my Russian Readers who have lately came in droves all this week! I hope all is going well with you and your wonderful friends and families. It is my hope you learn all my articles and to see what would benefit you as it has done with many Americans and others world wide. 

I don't sell anything, I write about them and I give you the link to those respective companies and let you all wheel deal....I make sure the companies are standup people! What I do helps the both of us when I am doing my research and I find a few that have gone out of their way to help us!

Russia for many years was behind the iron current, when it was open the west were surprised how advanced our neighbors really were! A lot of good inventors come from this far away land to the East...

I would have loved to go see that UFO crash site in Russia or where that meteor hit in one of the Russian states that wiped out tens of thousands of acres if not miles, to see that huge crater it made, thank God nobody was hurt that I know of! I guess I will have to come visit you all in the Motherland by Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing! 

Well it's time, I have to play my RV#2 CD while holding one pair of copper coils in each hand to begin to receive directions to another parallel world and to see who I become next  and which world it takes me to using my Super Beacon.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Joe Gallager who teaches Mind Over Matter or PK! One can learn also from the RV and RI to accomplish the same thing.

When you are at your wits end, do you run to the nearest psychic for help? Do you really believe they have power over your life that you give to them? Only you have the power over your own lives and you can develop this on your own!

Why do people consistently go to "Psychics" and pay them $120 per hour to find out about their future or about the Lotto numbers? One can change their own path in life! Why do people go online and inquire a psychic for the next lotto draw etc. 

Don't you think for a moment if the Psychic had that ability to predict any lotto numbers that they would have won the lotto themselves by now! Would they be working in this field to begin with! Not on your life! They would be going to Tahiti or Hawaii and live in their mansions with their men and maid servants taking care of them hand and foot.

But such is not the case and many more millions will look to psychics for their predictions and their abilities to contact the dead loved ones, what does that equate in monies around the world, I say billions not millions of dollars spent on psychics! But you don't have to be one of them! We all have that ability to do much more than a meager psychic claims to do. 

If you absolutely have to hire someone to bring somethings to pass or reveal some sort of future then go to the experts in RV and RI at the Academy of Remote Viewing. Gerald hired the very best students. They are all college educated as well!

I am not suggesting all are fakes, but most are! There are always a small % like any other talent in the world that defies reason and logic. The odds are 99 to 1 against you, that you will find such a person who doesn't charge for their special gift and who's actually gifted even those gifted individuals can't predict all 6 winning numbers of the Lotto! 

If it is not the psychics; its the Tarot cards or some other kind of cards to find out what their future holds. To put it bluntly your future holds nothing! It doesn't exist until you make a decision in the the "Now" containing the "Who,What ,Where,When and How you are going or wanting to  accomplish something. 

This is what molds and shapes each of our future tomorrows not some Psychic! There is just now the present! You have the ability within yourselves to make a decision to formulate your future; by weighing your decision against historical law of averages. If you make a wrong choice, you will probably be in trouble. (Bad Future)

We live in the "Now" not yesterday or tomorrow neither matters because everything you do, say or think will make your future minute by minute and hour by hour! Do you want to know what tomorrow holds? Just listen watch your decision making and watch your "Now" directions...this will formulate and mold tomorrow!

If you make the right choices in the (Now) present tense, you will profit in that coming future time, which is quite frankly the culmination of your past actions. The past, the present and the future is in front of all us everyday of your lives! This is all consumed in the (Now) not yesterday or yesteryear but in the (Now)! Tomorrow is not here; only the (Now) in every sense of the word. Our so called future is determined on the (Now) decision you take, whether taking the wrong path or the right path, tomorrow will be the results of your past actions...

But there is something else, something that the "ONE" will share with you; all the "probable" futures right where you are at this moment! Each probable future takes you to your probable time line that includes events that will effect the way you will live your life. Once you have the initial training, you will be shown there is no future just a probable conduit as such and all one has to do is walk through it by making and performing certain decisions and it the "now" becomes their present reality.

I know what I am saying here because I and my wife both experienced these natural phenomena's after a few weeks of training using RV and RI. What you will discover on the quest of training is; it will not be the world beginning to change, it will stay the same, it will be you who will change within your own bubbled reality you setup because of what you said or have accomplished. 

You can be in the same room at the same time and the person in the higher matrix will succeed as if by some kind of miracle! The results the other person just shakes their head and doesn't believe it!

Outside your bubble domain, people will look at you strangely wondering how did you win at the lottos or on the slots or card machines and everything you touch seems to turn into gold, etc. Because even if they share the same room with you, they have no access into your bubble sphere of reality that your subconscious mind has created. 

In the stock reality; you both are in the same exact room but your senses and your brain has put you in a virtual type environment to give you what you are needing, you are in a higher matrix of information granted to you for your training. You will learn these great truths as time goes on.

How many people who read this article live in dangerous parts of neighborhoods or certain sections of the cities like Detroit etc.? If you do, the odds are already against you political wise and the language of your children will be "Political Correctness" this term will destroy America's Constitution as the global world is already aware! 

Creation is the "Act" of sheer will!

But all this can be stopped or you can live in the world you created using Remote Viewing, a bubble of safety for you and your families. Plus you live on a higher plane of existence because you chosen to create an alternate reality!

So when in these inner-cities struggling with issues of blacks on blacks and whites on blacks and white on whites etc. One needs a miracle safe haven and no psychic is going to protect you from this evil...But the Universal Consciousness called the "ONE" will place a reality bubble around at all times; for it never sleeps nor slumbers. 

It isn't handed to you on a china plate, you must pursue your training with the RV and RI so you can meet the "ONE"! He's more anxious to meet you, then you are to meet him! Yes, the "One" is personified! It's not some kind of misty gas in outer space, it's an intelligent existence that put us here in the first place!

Gerald O'Donnell is a mathematician and a professional commodities expert where he made his millions using the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing in the early 1980's and 90's!

Gerald O'Donnell was given a great gift just for himself at first.  He has a BA. degree in mathematics and he is a commodities expert, he made his fortune in the 1980's because he could Remote View and Remote Influences the Silver prices, thus he won big time in the Silver market. Afterwards since he acquired all this wealth, he decided the gift that was blessed to him, he needed to share this with the world or with anyone who would listen to him at the time.

The "One" told him he would supply the customers, so Gerald decided that $200.00 is a meager sum and this money from the customer would help build the AVARI organization and it worked. So it's not just Gerald's organization it's all of ours, when we invested into the RV and RI course both my wife and I take a special part in ownership; you can say we helped built it. 

Part of this was hiring the best of the best RV and RI experts who have taken Gerald's course many times! If you are going to pay someone because you don't want to do it, then spend your money on the real deal by hiring his highly college educated and highly gifted remote viewers and remote influencers to help you with your problems. This is if you are still insistent on paying someone else. For a little over $100+ per hour you will get your monies worth!

Sometimes results happen the same 24 hour period after training and sometimes it doesn't...

Here we go again! Once I finished up with the RV#1 CD last night on 27 July 2016, this morning I had the wildest dream since 2015 of last year! Every time I listen to the RV and RI both of us have these strong psychic things happen to us! This doesn't come to no surprise to either of us, who had this type of training before. But when you do this kind of training don't be pre-judging before the time.

It's simple, the cd's open up the subconscious mind to release any tension that was psychologically blocked up, so at night the subconscious gets rid of these "emotions" etc. to accommodate more room for higher training ideas that come from RV and RI training. It can also be known as subconscious detoxing! Our subconscious minds are bombarded daily from news and T.V. , radio or whatever other forms of communication garbage.

Tonight I am going to ask for that "Presence" that would physically touch me during my training on my shoulder with love and strength emanating from them. Then clear my mind and allow my subconscious to take over without the "me" being involved. We will listen to the same CD twice before going to the next CD level. 
Here's the thing people, it's not hard and in fact to damn easy! You know the saying easy come and easy to be gone! Anything you work for will work for you!

The RV training is good but the RI training is greater! At first I never thought anything was better than RV, boy was I wrong!

You see there is no way a Psychic could cause this to happen to us! We only need to tap in what we were born with, that is our innate gifts! These psychic gifts are in all of us but as it is known, we all manifest different things using the same gift! We are quite excited getting back into the RV and RI training. Keep in mind and don't believe in a single moment that you have to be gifted to learn this stuff this isn't true!

Where my wife and I excel extremely is, when we use the Remote Influencing CD's. I had to go back to 2015 historical article in my blog where I had wrote to remember what we experienced and which CD made it happen! I have a good 20 years ahead of me and I will not let my mind deteriorate into dementia because of the lack of use! If you don't exercise that mind now you will be paying for it or your family will in the near future where dementia is running wild with ages in the early 40's and 50's!

On a lighter moment I wanted to tell you all how our M5 training has been coming along. We are physically working out on the M5 Bowflex and losing weight like butter on a hot skillet! Then we will start to weight lift with light weights and work our way upwards throughout the months ahead! 

I talk a lot about the mind but I don't want to neglect our physical bodies that house such as the "mind"! It too must be kept physically fit and abled...

But that doesn't excuse us from exercising our psychic abilities and other portions of the mind! This needs to be done just as vigorously as physical exercising. I missed the "synchronocities" and the physical phenomena's that happened to both us after about a week on Gerald's course.

I wanted to throw into the mix I am using the Steven Gibbs Hyper-Dimensional Resonator! I use this before I go to sleep at night. I am going on about week of using the Time Machine, I had two experiences so far but it will probably take up unto the next "Full Moon" one week before and one week after! For some reason the HDR works better! Not sure if this is written in the stars or just plain dumb luck that it works better on or near it.

But there will be foot notes near the bottom as "updates" on our RV and RI training that come to light when experienced by the both of us! Because this has been integrated in our lives as the exercising has become in the past two months. I am waiting for my wife to see which lotto numbers we need to play to wins some money! The information I get from her is free!

I listened to hundreds and hundreds of CD's over the years, some where good and some were trashed! But these RI CD's are from another world, that is from the "Delta" world of Gerald O'Donnell's mind...

The one CD from Gerald's training called RI#9, took the both of us far out of the lower matrix into the bright light matrix. I admit what we saw and felt and touched and tasted in this higher matrix is difficult to explain and sometimes difficult to understand what is being shown to us! When the two of us discuss to one another our experiences using the Remote Influencing cd's we just can't find the words. What we say, pales in comparison of what we experienced first hand!

For example: Like when John who wrote the book of Revelations, he was trying to pen down a future weapon being used in some high tech future war within their current understanding! Which is why lot's of people will not read Revelation because of too much symbolism. Most of what John received was from the "One" Universal Consciousness"! The Delta and beyond mind level states are unique and enriched with symbolisms and metaphors.

Symbolism/Metaphors are the languages of the Higher Matrix and even higher are just bursts of white light; which are information packages filled with data packets that are sent to the subconscious mind and decoded then filtered by the conscious thoughts of man and womankind, sometimes the interpretations are correct and other times they are not. 

Our minds need to be trained to decode the white light packets sent to us from our "Delta" region which is not housed inside the brain like so many believe it to be! It is a "Universal" Consciousness that exists outside of time and space! Outside the Matrix (Biological)!

When my wife was training in the RI or Remote Influencing course, she found herself one morning when she woke up, in a world like the "Matrix"! She told me the numbers and symbols were raining all around her in perfect streams falling from the top to the bottom! She felt she was being programmed! What was once walls that made up the bedroom turned into data, streams of data.

Yet she said, "I don't know what it meant"! But what she did get from all her training of 3 weeks of the 8 weeks she needed to complete one cycle of the RV and RI training was, she could Remote View and Remote Influence with a child like ease. These RI and RV talents happened when needed or if something of importance would possibly affect anyone's lives! Meaning if it was mundane in the next several minutes, hours, days, weeks etc. Nothing unusual would happen it would be business as usual.

Yet when something was coming up that could affect our very lives no matter how trivial, the RV and RI training would produce or announce what was going to happen and how either to take advantage of it or avoid it all together! You don't have to act on everything that is shown to you! Your natural instincts will kick in when it is the right time to do so!

We need to remind ourselves, we are not our parents, we are the "I" we identify with the "I" not with "them" our parents. We don't need to learn the hard way like our parents, some of us in the computer age are much more intelligent to discover easier methods of getting to the same goal...

When my wife was training if something were to happen that could benefit her or I, her "Spidy Sense" (RV and RI senses) would kick in automatically. This is called, "Natural Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing". What about her RI abilities, this of itself is unique! Her RV may not kick in that day but what she would experience all week long was spontaneous synchronocities (RI-results), constantly being in the right place at the right time! 

One day she told me, I would like to have more money so I can purchase these items, I told her well, make your intentions before you go under tonight using your CD. Intentions are everything when dealing with the mysterious subconscious mind, when your in school most of your young adult life where you ever taught about the power of your subconscious minds? Your stock answer will be probably "No"!

Getting back to that "Intention", she did just that! After a few days, boom! the Money came in and even more than she requested! When I think as I write this now, why in the world did we stop listening to the CD's! I guess humans are just prone to screw up for a bit; for a lack of a better term. I'm thinking the reason we humans stop when becoming successful is when the true success happens we are usually programmed not to accept it!

I hate mistakes and making them! But this same "weakness" that knocks us down a lot; in time becomes our foundation only if we learn from them! 

We need to grow through our mistakes this is why the Creator put us here to grow! But why do we do everything the hard way, it seems these things have been hot wired into us, into our social bubble while growing up, our parents worked hard and made mistakes and so shall we and our children and our children's children it is our physical inheritance! Yet, we can overcome it!

We don't have to do things the hard way! Another reason why we quit and others like us from time to time is; we forget we lived outside the matrix while we trained and how great it was, we also lived in a bubble construct almost like a dream to some people while training with RV and RI! 

When the miraculous happened to us, people around us thought we were psychic because of the supernatural happenings to an extent but from our perspective it was a normal thing because we were outside the lower level matrix, while they remained on the inside looking out to us! 

They say don't judge a book by its cover! This is so ever real! Those who thought my wife and I were psychic was because they misunderstood the outside cover, only looking at the results not how they were acquired.

When you live in the lower level matrix you can see no way out of your dilemma's. When you step out into the Higher Matrix of Light you will flourish in psychic gifts and miraculous outcomes all the time! If you quit and remain docile for a month you will forget what the higher matrix was like as you slip back into the lower matrix in which we were all born equally into...

Once we got back into the lower level matrix we forgot what we actually experienced in the higher level matrix unless your like us and have taken written notes on daily, weekly, or monthly happenings of such a thing! Kind of like a good dream which was very vivid in nature and so real and so colorful but after a week or so that reality of that dream fades away! 

The question is why! Because the higher matrix works with the lower brainwave frequencies and the higher brainwave frequencies of the mind stay within the lower matrixes. When jumping into one matrix to another, eventually we forget, like the dream we had what actually happened to us, think of it like a phase-in and out situation. We don't want this to happen anymore! This is why my wife and I decided enough is enough!

Even Jesus said, for after they tasted the goodness of God (Higher Matrix of Light) in time they go back into their old way (lower level matrix) my insert, like the dog that goes back to the vomit and pig that goes back to wallowing in their mire (Lower Matrix)! It's so ever true when doing this RV and RI training! 

Lower Matrix are the higher brainwave frequencies beyond "Alpha" the highest form of evil that exists! The Universal Consciousness resides in the "Deep Lower Frequencies" regions of mankind's minds which begins in Delta and beyond... where the greater good resides...

We get to taste the goodness of God's higher matrix the Universal Consciousness and then we fall back into the lower level matrix the dark matrix for whatever reasoning because we are just human; back into the mire we just got out of or back to the vomit! This alone should be enough motive for anyone to stay the course instead of going back where we always fail miserably!

You need money, you need food, clothing and some good things this means; where you are at, you are dissatisfied in the matrix level you now reside in. Nothing seems to work out for you, no matter how hard you try! It's not your fault, because we were all born into the lower level matrix called "Life"! The reason we were put here was for the Universal Consciousness's pleasure! But it didn't leave you without the tools to succeed!

We were told not only by the wisest humans but also in scripture that you can rise above this lower matrix and into the light of the higher matrix! Within this light all your desires will happen just like it happened for my wife and I. Being all born on this same low level matrix; we are all equal and all able to excel if the desire in your hearts are strong enough and the direction is made clear!

I know it's easy to say then to do! But it's even easier to say when we do all the time! Training in RV and RI will promote you into a class all by itself! Don't believe me try it for 90 days and be true to yourselves, then come back and tell me what you think! I understand that "Change" is scary all by itself! But it can also be a blessing if the "change" is for good and not evil!

Easy for us to say because we were there several times since owning our course. Sometimes I feel guilty of things happening for us and we don't do anything but stay out of the way during listening time! One has to asked themselves why in the world would I feel guilt just because my neighbor doesn't reach for the stars she claims to believe in?

The only work we do is put in the ear plugs and take them out! There are some of his RI Cd's that go as long as 75 minutes! A neighbor wrote on your Facebook, why in the we work so hard and still have nothing to show for it and some people hardly work and seem to have everything!

I agree with the assessment when it comes to people on welfare on their adult lives, but she is not referring to people on welfare, she is referring to neighbors she knows and we are one of them who has been blessed with tons of material blessings and spiritual ones, it's not because we are special and it's not because we inherited monies it's because we know and have touched the "One"! You can't touch the "One" and not be successful!

To be continued....

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees! One gets so involved applying everything one has to make operations smooth for others. But sometimes when one has to smooth operations at home it seems difficult all of the sudden...

My wife told me, do you remember that you and I agreed that no more investing in experimental sciences but working with what I already have. I told her yes I do remember and I have kept my word! She told me, so you have and I love you for that! 

She went on to say, I know we have been busy for the past several weeks with exercising and getting the right supplements and taking them at the right time and quite frankly for all of our efforts, we lost between the both of us 16-20 pounds in 30 days! I told her, I know and I was proud of both of us. Now after our extended conversation I will highlight what we talked about.

She asked me, "With all the years and time and effort you placed into your hobby learning new things, vesting in them and using them and either being successful or unsuccessful, did you think the time you placed into all this was profitable as just doing one month of exercising and bringing to both us better health and well being?" 

Typical guy, the wife tells the husband what she wants and day after day but somehow it goes through the man's filter and it fades somewhere in the background! So I am trying to change that and she is now getting what she wanted for so long to lose weight...Her goal is 120 pounds! Fifteen years ago, that is what she weighed when she came to America.

I agreed just this past 30 days researching and applying what I learned; has changed our whole being both physical and mentally! That same research and that same tenacity moving forward even worked with basic weight loss in the shortest amount of time and never changing the way we ate! I had to step out of the problem my wife was having and look from the outside in to solve her issues with weight loss. My opinion she doesn't need it but like most women, they always want to be skinny.

I ask where she was going with this, she said, as she looked at me intently, while shaking her head, "It seems whatever you put your mind to doing, you excel at what you do and then you share your unpublished results on your blog faithfully for the past 5 years! Finally you heard my silent voice everyday, telling you I'm trying to lose weight but you were not listening to me"!

I told her this is true as you are acutely aware of that fact! But I still want to know what this is leading up to! She continued the conversation..."I want you to apply this gift you have to helping others and to research and compile information, scattered at best, to bring into one place here on this blog no matter the subject but I want you to be as passionate it getting the job done for them as you did for us".

Gifts people have naturally, were never meant to serve yourself but to serve others!

Using the already proven facts and proven tools to allow each one of us to better ourselves from within. At that moment, I asked where is my wife and who are you! She laughed..."You will always have me in your life and my job is to make certain you are doing your job the right way with empathy along with logic". 

"I just feel if you could take a simple thing like losing weight in 30 days with one machine and a few supplements and applying the correct kinesiology movements and still be able to eat what you want, when you want, people will take that advice and give themselves better health".

"Did you see what you have done for us this past 30 days"! I nodded yeah! "You took already proven knowledge and added a twist of technology we invested in and applied some basic knowledge of exercise and turned it into a true fat burning program training program doing only 30 minutes each day"! 

Stay the course and change only when the direction changes, using wisdom to say the right thing and do the right things.

Why can't you apply this knowledge and take what is available in the world and make it better by applying and circumventing the old ways and developing newer ways to using the already understood knowledge out there!

I told her I see what you mean! I said to her, but why didn't you say something 5 years ago? She looked at me and said, "The only way I knew how I could make you happy was by not interfering with your work and allowing you to express yourself and when you were happy then I was happy". 

But since you took a different direction with all this by applying what comes naturally to you and you took heart to my failing approach of losing weight and turned that all around for me in less than a month and now I look and feel so much different you made that possible". This is something a wife and also your best friend could never forget!

Before Time Traveling, OBE's, Physical Healing's, and other out of the box goals, don't forget the life you live takes priority over all this! Work on making a better family and a better life for yourself and for your loved ones! If you succeed in this, I guarantee you will succeed in your quest for anything else!

Then like herself she said, "Honey I got to go clean the house"! There are single people out there, almost as many that are married. But I tell you this much, being married to a beautiful women whom by the way seems to never age and who values her husbands welfare and takes pride in herself and her home; stands first place in my heart and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. Filipina's are so family oriented and very dedicated! As with American European women who apply themselves.

There is no way I would encourage anything less than having a wonderful life with your wife and enjoying each others friendship! Some have wives and others have best friends but there is that rare moment in the lives of two people who are not only husbands and wives but also are the best of friends! Without that friendship there is not relationship in my opinion. The way we met 15 years ago was unheard of back then, people were abhorred we met online. Now it is common everyday to meet someone online.

I am not sure the direction she wants me to fully take on in this blog and in our lives, I will follow my heart on this one! I will probably and most likely make mistakes along the way in this newly acquired path I am taking but I hope with each setback there will be a new understanding going forward with some degree of success, no matter what the subject being researched or what may come up in our own lives. 

It's tough when a person desires to do something completely out  of the norm in society...Astral Projection or OBE's as some call it and define both differently, I know for a fact once your in that body/mind state it is so easy to float out and up from the body! The hardest part is the mind awake/body completely asleep and still be consciously semi-aware...

To make mistakes are part of the structure we build to reach that particular star that seems at the time the most unreachable. Then somethings happens, one day you awaken and realize you are already there! A new friend I met online which happens to be one of my faithful blog readers has emailed me with a issue that I myself had years ago! 

She spent many thousands of dollars and her precious time in an adventure that would be within arms reach but she could never get over the top to succeed in her current path in her life. She has a wonderful family and a great life but what is missing is the second part reaching her dreams!

She only wrote to me a couple of times this past year and then silence and then writes to me once more, she told me how she was missing our emails back and forth and she hungers for the knowledge, not just book knowledge mind you, but working knowledge that pretty much, we all are starving for in one way or another. 

I am sure most here are aware that the more you desire something the more you "yourself" gets in the way of things...

This young lady's only dream was and is to do what she unconsciously does every night when she retires for sleep! But like so many others, they are so close to mentally being aware of such things; it would be as though they could touch it literally but never be able to hold it in their beings or there hands so to speak! I was there and in some ways still there. (OBE) Out of Body Experience.

I have lot's going on in my life even being retired! I can only do so much for so long! When I do run into issues like unable to OBE to find out what is really going on, then I have to stop everything and rearrange my schedule to include using my HDR from Steven Gibbs. For some unknown reason when I do use the HDR for about one week or so, I end up being able to astral project spontaneously. She told me, she has no luck with the HDR. 

She wants to Astral Travel to reach higher learning from the unconscious collective or as some call the Akashic Records of the Universe. This is where all human and non human knowledge is stored and recorded long after those events have transpired and have become our history from planet earth.

Food is so easy to obtain and the prices help with the junk food such as Big Macs and Burger King...Don't get me wrong I love the Big Mac's but they seem to get lodged from the lower rib cage to below the belly button :)

My friend Tracy knew this all to well! He accomplished things I could only dream about and yet in his own humble way he never looked down on me for not being able to do what he could do but offered himself as a trainer if I needed it. For this I will always be grateful to him no matter what path he takes in his future. 

I want to pass this on to others and to my wife! I showed my wife a better way to lose weight this month; faster then Nutri-System and still enjoy what she loves the most and that is eating real food not Nutri-System cardboard that costs $400 per month, per person! So we decided in Nov. 2015 to purchase the Bowflex M5. 

It is expensive up front granted, about 4 months of a Nutri-System monthly meals but this machine will last forever if you take care of it. By figuring out how many calories to burn daily all we had to do was get on the machine and pedal away! Of course you have to do some basic math to find out how many calories you are taking in in your now sedentary lifestyle.

Yet we can use it every day for years to come! You can make payments if you can't afford the machine right up front! But once you have this machine and use the "manual" mode, then your weight will not drop but will fall off! We both have before and after pictures. We started 1 July 2016 to 18 Aug. 2016 and I dropped from 177 to 167 without dieting and my wife went from 155 to 138! We still have a goal to reach that is 30 Oct. 2016. By then, we should have lost a total of 40 pounds each!

What sucks about dieting is "We don't like dieting!" If you use the M5 you won't have to change your eating style but by the time you lose all that weight; you will not be able to eat as much thus lose more weight faster!

Let's face it, we all love eating our favorite foods and this is what defeats our efforts when it comes to losing a single pound. So I coached her with the quick knowledge I gathered up and turned her impossible dream into reality; helping her with what seemed so helpless and turned it into victory and also turned my physical body around as well. She didn't want to use the M5 unless I was going to do it with her! I did and boy am I glad I did! I feel twenty years younger!

Never advise anyone, if you are not willing to do the same thing yourselves! There are too many couch potato quarter backs being coaches and experts, not actually doing the work they are teaching or preaching themselves. When you go to the gym, you don't want someone scrawny or skinny man or woman to show you how to build muscles! Get the point!

If this young lady is as adamant trying to reach her goal as she seems to be and wants to really succeed at what some think is an impossible task and that's to astral travel. I am willing to help her and one morning she will awaken and realize she succeeded and discovered what she has been always doing and never realizing (self-realization) how easy it really was.

I suggested for this young lady to start using the Gerald O'Donnell course everyday! Once she starts to get results I will have her re-approach the HDR to use 8-15 minutes before going to sleep!

My wife and I will be creating a blueprint for our new friend to succeed, whereas by ourselves, we only go back to our RI program when we need some answers after exhausting all other possibilities. I suggested to her get the course she will never be sorry! It's powerful and it is deadly in some instances.

Our new friend will begin to realize; her newly acquired abilities she gets from the RV and RI courses, we will be able to share with one another the constructive training, which will bring all of us the results we want to experience.

I know this (young lady) reads this blog religiously, so I will share what our first step we want her to accomplish, in order to facilitate an expedient solution to and impossible task! We are dealing with one of the most difficult and mysterious thing known to mankind and that is the Human Mind! 

When you're dealing with OBE's and Astra Time Traveling there is quite a bit involved this is why new people trying to do this end up giving up...

There are simply too many tools online how to Astral Project or Lucid dream those lotto numbers. To narrow all this down is a big task! This part is already done since I have lowered the options to one course-Gerald's course at the Academy of Remote Viewing.

You have probably read about my Lotto article, it is the most popular "go to" article in my blog on how to use the human abilities to do such things. One of the most asked question about my Lotto article is; how in the world does one be able to drop down into "theta" at will and pick those winning numbers and wake back up to remember what was shown to us! 

To drop into a "theta" mind state to retrieve the lotto numbers will not happen by "will"! But by "instinct" only! For example: Is it easier to move your fingers by "will" that is looking at each finger and telling each finger to move up and down and to open and close or would it be easier to allow a person's "subconscious" mind (instinct) to do these unconscious actions when needed? Wouldn't be easier to receive your lotto numbers by "instinct" then to force yourself to find them by "will" power alone? 

But you say, you didn't win the lotto yet! Of course I personally didn't but my wife won 4 out 6 during our training! We never stop trying when we are training! I learned over the years of how to finangle and fit any tool to use for my bidding, this is the gift my wife was talking about that resides in me in the beginning of this article. To some people, losing weight is a lot harder then winning any lottery! Yet, to us our "pounds" are just dropping like butter off a hot griddle! My wife has a normally "slow" metabolism!

You don't believe that it's harder to lose weight for someone than it would be to play the lotto and win! Just see how many commercials that come up about losing weight with little or no effort. If there were not a market for such a thing and everyone of us could lose weight by "will" power and proper approach alone. These companies would be bankrupted. But such is not the case! We need to go beyond "will power" and use that deep down "gut" feeling called "Intuition"to give us the answers. 

Weight loss is number#1 money maker, why is that? Because people can't seem to go beyond their first month without binge eating once again! It takes much more than "will" power to accomplish "Weight Loss"!

They wouldn't be spending millions in air time over weight loss products if it was so easy to lose weight! They know the real world and in the real world the battle is against "you" because of many processed foods available to us and the ease of getting such food, it is everywhere, thus you eat! You see it on T.V. hear it on Radio and see it on the Web and see it in the papers and advertisers. You are being bombarded everyday 24/7 that you should eat! 

So some people's impossible weight loss dreams are not any different then anyone who is playing a lotto game! I want to word it this way to help all of us understand and realize the only thing impossible and unreachable is not to try! If you don't "try" you will never succeed! 

This is a cemented fact in life! It's the only guarantee other than death and taxes to come to pass! If you have the right exercise device that is engineered to burn calories and that's it, you will lose weight! But you have to use it first and foremost everyday for 30 days. You can keep on eating if you desire or cut back that is entirely up to you! I like what I eat so I will not change what I like to eat. But what happened my stomach from exercising for 6 weeks now has shrunk! I can't eat the volume of food like I could!

One thing Tracy and I learned over the many years that one tool exists, just one that will turn your lives completely around so fast and so sudden you wouldn't know what hit you! We, myself and my wife both used the same mind tools and this opened our minds in very unexpected ways! My wife put me on a slightly different path by asking me to help her lose weight! I had to hear it everyday and each evening ugh! Till finally I needed to come up with a plan that was guaranteed!

With some of the training courses out there to train the subconscious mind one just puts on the headphones and forgets it until it's over, pretty simple!

It's not impossible to imagine when there are people today who run with this RI program for three 8 week cycle using the tool to promote incredible feats! This compiles your natural abilities and even makes one feel guilty having such access without hardly lifting a finger! Before you even think about what you want it comes to pass before you realized it.

This teaches and trains your subconscious and unconscious thoughts to work the "instinct" model within us, so when playing lotto or asking for a new better paying job, you're now leaning towards your "instincts" to pick that job you need and the numbers you need to play to win. It doesn't take work to use your instincts but it takes training to have "access" to your instincts so you can feel them and hear it loudly!

What school has anyone ever attended in their lifetimes whereas, just by showing up you would get an "A"? Frankly stated, there are none in the secular world! But I am here to tell you there is a school that does exactly that. By showing up each evening you are guaranteed to get an "A" within one 8 week cycle without breaking a single sweat! 

You all know what I write, I don't waste my time with something truly unreasonable and then explain why you have to pay this huge sums of money for it! In fact, you maybe slightly surprised at the cost involved with this Academy. I was lucky to be alive for the past 15-20 years and this tool the company has or should I say the gentleman has endured the test of time over the internet!

When the Military does something for over 5 years and invests millions of tax payer dollars, we then have to take a second look! If it wasn't for Russia doing this first, the United States would have never vested in this type of tool for spying on their enemies...

I want to highlight for this young lady and to all who happen to drop by for a minute or two and I want to show the advantages and the pit falls of such a wonderful activated talent that we all have and most are dormant in the greater population. There was one agency who took particular interest in this activated tool of RV in some people, who had this natural gift at birth and that was the military industry! 

The RV and RI training has proven to be very beneficial spying on Russia and other dissident countries around the world, this was called Technical Remote Viewing. The military back in the early 1940-70's had strict operating budgets and there was little to waste on inconceivable ideas! Besides the Americans had to catch up with Russia during the cold war, they were far ahead of us in every way!

But this was one idea that help cement the frame work for a greater understanding of the human mind and what it's possibilities and probabilities actually are and once they progress to the next step, the military then declassifies all the work they completed to do, as they moved on to greater things from this foundational work.

I can't say the same thing for todays military all the fraud, waste and abuse going on in this administration, this is monumental to say the least! The military today has no budget, they have to hawk parts from museum aircraft to keep what they have flying in today's Air Force! Another story for another time! I just wanted you to understand the validity of what I am going to suggest to my young reader and newest friend. 

The below example is what happened to me when a doctor in Canada used this same tool on me and not only did I get a great job with higher pay, I had psychic events happening for two weeks, everyday!

Getting back to the highlights, imagine for one moment you put in your application for a new job or position in the same company and others did as well (Competition) you really need this job, so how are you going to stand out of the crowd? How out of 75 million people playing the pick 3 games or the lotto's; how are you going to fare with tomorrow's numbers? Do you think the average person is capable without some kind training to be able to access their "instinctive" qualities for future answer no matter what it might be?

What if you can stand out in the crowd without muttering one sentence? It isn't all that difficult to do, it happened to me when a doctor from Canada used this RV and RI tool on me and I live in the lower 48's! Within two weeks I got the state job and raises with that position every year for eight years, making more money then I had my entire lifetime! The odds were clearly against me at the get go. Because there are many applications that get put in for state work.

In fact, I am retired from that same job! So I can tell will most certainty this RV and RI tool this young lady will use if she agrees with my recommendation, she will be able to astral project with the same tools along with being able to redirect this to just about anything she would ever want! She will experience things she never thought of even asking for! I know she is reading this as soon as this gets posted next week.

Some say "more" is better, while Gerald O'Donnell says, less is more, when it comes to using this unique tool of the mind...

Another thing I found interesting was, the less I tried the better I became! The more I tried to make it work, the worse it made it. I was perplexed, how could I offer this to majority of people praying and begging for a way over their circumstances; when I was having issues using the same tool. Then the answer came through a beautiful young woman that just happened to be my wife who used the same tool but without worrying about anything. 

She use this for one month and going into the second month of training, she started saying things as I thought about them, this happened everyday! She also had premonitions about things that were going to happen that actually happened a few days later! In some instances that happened the very same day she spoke it.

My wife was getting so scarily good at this, when she would go to work at a convenience store, she would know instinctively, which person in their vehicles were not going to come in to pay their bill and those who would just to take off without paying their for their fuel. 

If one doesn't train themselves for 12 weeks minimum, yes you will go back to the way it was. It's like any muscle, when you weight lift for 12 weeks your body transforms! But when you lay off it for 8 weeks you shrink back to the original DNA form.

She was seeing the immediate future at her job and beyond. Then about the third month she got very sick, she got a summer cold and it drug on for 4 weeks and by the time it cleared up she stopped  and had a hard time getting back into the RV and RI training and eventually those activated gifts reverted back to slumber.

She also knew when the district manager was going to show up and they do so by surprise all the time, but she could tell her co-workers, hey you guys better get ready he or she was coming in now and soon enough they would be walking through the door! By now her other co-workers were getting kind of freaked out!

Most if not all of us know about "Synchronocities" it is when events happen by happenstance and workout in your favor of what you been wanting in your life! It is much more then DeJa Vu! But this was happening to both of us and whatever we thought about just happen to come to pass! 

Using this tool and falling asleep as you listen, you are learning on a different level! My wife did most of her learning how to listen to her instinct by sleeping! Because in the very beginning you are not to get involved with the process whatsoever!

It became practically a norm in our lives. Beware though! If you quit without having a solid year of training you will lose the connect with your "instinct" and things will go back to normal! Your instinct is like a muscle in the body, it must be trained and trained and trained for it to work at its optimum performance.

Then there are the highly vivid dreams we both were having the same week and lastly something that neither of us would have thought, she had an OBE or Out of Body Experience. She told me the next morning, that last night she felt herself rising and then she seen herself floating over to my side of the bed and sat next to me while I was sleeping! She could see from her astral eyes as well as her physical eyes all at the same time.

She told me, she just gazed at me and what caught her attention was my physical body had a golden glow; it was soft and glowing. She ran her hand so slightly over my head and said, "I love you"...She then floated back into the air and landed softly like a fitted glove inside her physical body and she then fell asleep. 

If you have been wanting all your life to experience all those testimonies of other people time traveling in the past and into the future while out of body, then this tool is for you!

I thought that was pretty cool. Then about two nights later I had an OBE from training with RV#2. Except I time travel when I am out of body and I end up wherever my subconscious self or the Universal Consciousness takes me. When I get there I have to ask what month and year it is! 

Without the training daily, I am unable to accomplish anything like this on my own! There is no set rule how long one must use this training tool. It took my wife and I about 5 weeks until the communication with the "Intuited" self go silent once more! Because we didn't have at least 8 weeks of training. The subconscious mind needs 8-12 weeks of training to fortify the impressions given to it! Any Hypnotist can tell you this!

My wife wants to use the Remote Influencing CD, so she can get next weeks lotto numbers! But I told her be prepared it may not come about until you have a few weeks of listening under your belt! Which reminds me, I have to get new CD's from Gerald both RV and RI for $195.00. It's worth it! If anything happens to him, his business will be gone forever! I just want a back up copy of the "originals" only!

If your sick of nothing special happening in your life as my wife and I were then do something about it! Nobody will do it for you! It takes one step forward to experience the impossible otherwise...

I will leave you with this thought! Has anything gone your way this year or the last couple years? Does anything you do seem to work opposite what you expected to happen? Do you barely dream at nights and when you do, you could hardly remember that morning what your dreamed about, let alone being able to travel to different worlds and universes and at the end you don't remember anything! 

We need to have access to our subconscious and this is important because your subconscious communicates the universal thoughts of the future or past with you when your asleep and as you mature through training it will also happen when your awake! Have you ever won anything in the lotto of significant value at least over $100.00 in the past year? If your answers are anything but "Yes" then you really need to go here and read those many thousands of testimonies.