Monday, October 17, 2016


PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset:

Well ladies and gents it is almost that time! Exactly 43 days in Oct. 13, 2016 the Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality HeadGear will be available and in November 2016 the PS4 Pro will be available to VR owners that will be 4K capable for both T.V. and VR. So far from what I like about the VR games; there are only 10 that interests me which includes but not limited too, VR Movies, VR Time Traveling, VR Robinson about a young boy who crash lands on a prehistoric planet full of a variety of dino's and look very alive and real! I am not saying this is the only thing we are looking forward to in 2016, but it is one of the unusual's.

The cost of just the VR Headgear and the appropriate cables is $400.00 that's if you already have the PlayStation Camera and machine and the two colored wands, if not it will cost around $500.00 for just the Playstation VR headset and the two wands and the camera for tracking. It's been rumored and finally announced by Sony that it designed a new PlayStation unit that runs 4K graphics! This was said, if someone wants high powered graphics with the VR this is the device they will need to purchase. The final name hasn't been approved yet but the writers are telling us they call it the PS4.5 or PS Pro! Update: PS4 Pro is the new name!

The PS4 Pro is going to cost an extra $400.00! What about your old PS4? You could probably sell it for 1/2 price on E-Bay, don't worry you will be able to play all your playstation games using this 4K machine and it will enhance the graphics of them as well! I am not sure if you do purchase the PS4 Pro if you can still run your subscribers service movies or not! I will have to look that up to find out. If your content with general quality graphics of the PS4 then by all means stick with that and hook up your VR HeadGear to the PS4 and when you can afford to do so, purchase the PS4 Pro upgrade for the hardcore gamers.

No Mans Sky newest outer space sand box with unlimited planets to visit and to mine for minerals to make money and to explore...

There will be over 100 Virtual Reality Games available to come and many are online right now for sale! I am still playing the "No Man's Sky"! This game is not a VR game yet! It is one of the most involving and inspiring space game I ever encountered. There is no way I am going to be able to visit 18 quintillion planets with all there own geographical makeup and animal life etc. I am now in my third universe! It contains 5 planets and so far two of the five planets were fantastic in graphics and animal life! After one month I finally acquired $42 million dollars, enough to purchase a better exotic ship with more cargo space. Update today: $61 million total.

Nothing in life is free including the game! One has to mine minerals to obtain fuel for the ship and collect minerals to sell to other races or at the space stations above the planets and to upgrade what you have and to purchase newer sleeker ships. I am on my third ship it cost me around five million dollars at the time! It took me a week to earn it! It took a lot of mining and discovering the world I was on and being killed off every so often by drones or predators etc. The most expensive is creating anti-matter with a specific solution along with some other minerals for warping to other galaxies.

Without this anti-matter you will not be traveling outside the universe! The waypoint universe map is beautifully designed and very functional. When you place your cursor on a particular star or system; a box will come up and tell you all about that system including how many planets and especially if you have enough fuel to get there or not! Some planets radiation is a huge issue and you need "Silicon" to charge your life support system. It too, cost mining minerals to keep them working properly or you can purchase minerals from the space station or on the planet trading posts.

PS4 Pro...Newest Most Powerful gaming software engine designed to watch 4K videos and to be used with the new PS4 VR Helmet...It's faster and has more memory and more core processors.

You meet aliens of those worlds but you will never meet anyone else from online! Space is way too big! Chances you finding a planet you wanted to revisit 3 universes back will be next to nil unless you write them down on paper, the name of the galaxy and provided you have enough in fuel for the hyper jump. Plenty of meteorites to blow up in space within the planets gravitational pull, this will give you the energy you need for your pulse engines! (free) energy.

I could go on and on and there is so much more! If you were sitting on the fence on getting this game, all I can say is, it is the best of the best of the best game I have ever purchased in my lifetime and I am 59! PS4 is in my opinion always has the better graphics engine and when PS4 Pro comes out next month it will be 4K Ultra Definition Sharp video graphics for both PS4 games and PS4 VR you might get later on in Oct. 13, 2016.

Some of the programs for this PSVR are nothing you ever experienced before in your lives! There are several movie producers that have created horror movies just for the VR. In this movie well, your in the movie right behind her with her psycho killer dead on her heels. Prompts will come up giving you a choice what you would want her to do. Every time you click on a response it will change the outcome of the movie. So the ending is not set in stone.

We have choices either upgrade your existing computer or purchasing another one that is PS4 VR capable or purchase the PS4 VR and use your existing PS4 machine or upgrade to the PS4 Pro for outstanding video graphics to play 4K movies and the VR Headset...

Just another tool to keep the minds of the public subdued and withdrawn from the outside...It's not a conspiracy, honestly two guys from their garage believed they could create a Virtual Reality HeadSet so they set out to do so. FaceBook believed in this tool for social networking so they bought them out for 2 billion dollars! You know how it goes, every company wants to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to money!

But so far Sony PS4 seems to be the most prepared and they have a wide customer base to begin and they own several media movie outlets, so this worked perfect for their product. Unfortunately, with the Oculus Rift not only do you have to pay around $500 for the Rift, it will cost the consumer additional monies to upgrade their old computers to run the Rift. Minimum to have the right computer it will cost around $1500-2000.00's and some up to $4-5 thousand dollars.

If you wanted a faster box for the PS4 this would be the PS4 Pro  but this will cost you an additional $400.00 + $500 for the VR Head Gear a total of $900.00; which is by far cheaper then using the Oculus Rift. The PS4 VR HeadGear is slated to come out in the markets around 13 Oct. 2016 two months before Christmas, how fitting! I am still debating if I want to buy the first batch or not.

No Mans Sky can keep you busy unconsciously for hours! I look up to the clock and it's 12:00pm and now I look once more since traveling the galaxies and it's now 8:00pm! Surely time is Relevant as Einstein stated many years ago.

I was thinking of waiting until after Christmas to see what others think of their newly acquired VR HeadGear. I have "No Man's Sky" and it keeps me busy almost 6 hours a day! Who knew! I am not much of a video game person but since this "No Man's Sky" came out this year I couldn't put it down! I love space exploration and I have plenty of star systems to visit with this game. The graphics are superb and the realism of the ship you are flying or landing on the planet surfaces sound like your inside a movie itself.

If you want to travel the stars in this game you have to earn it through credits you pickup by selling your mineral finds from the planets you visited. But if you fill your ship and take off through the atmosphere into space, the pirates are scanning ships going and coming from the planet surface for mother loads. It's happened to me twice. So I "sell" what I can on the planet surface to some rogue traders from that section of the galaxy I am in, which are native, I am the trespasser or alien in this case.

To change tracks a bit, I placed my Nuclear Receptor purchased from Dr. Fred Bell on the handle of my dresser drawer the other night and sure enough that female entity showed up again. She came in walking around and stopped to look at my necklace once again. There's something about this nuclear receptor that attracts this entity of sorts in our bedroom in the early morning hours.

Our Internet has been given away to non accountable outside our country agencies...What will be next!
I know many of you were questioning where my blog went too! I needed a break and my mother-in-law from overseas came to visit her daughter that's my wife for a few weeks. So I thought I better at least put up the blog for your past time reading enjoyments until I can get things back to normal. Eventually I will update whatever I discover here and there. This also gives me a fresh start and allows the blog to start from the bottom up on the search engines. Whew! The election is beginning to tighten and who knows for sure who will win.

One thing for certain the balance remains on the tipping scale. Our Internet has been handed over to oversea corporations who they themselves are above the law! Soon you will see the Internet censored like you never seen before! Cry and moan now because it's not going to do any good! Our freedom of speech is a hollow shell blown away into the wind! Yours and mine opinions will never amount to a hill of beans. Our voices have been stifled by both parties and by the super elite world bankers!

They are in it for themselves, what they can get out of it! You as their potential neighbors don't exist in their safe little world. There are few things one can do to temporarily escape the path we are on. You can live in this world but you don't have to be part of the lunacy that goes with it! 

I only want one other thing in this lifetime is the TrueRife generator and some of his accessories...everyone I emailed who purchased an F-117 swears by its ability to heal the human body!

My last major purchase is still on the table the TrueRife "Predator Frequency Generator " F-117 Atelier Robin Model". Total cost will be around $4500.00 or maybe next year I might invest an additional $500 for things like the colloidal silver maker from TrueRife or the "Water Oxygenator" which is charged by the very frequencies that will be used to and through and out your body for betterment of health. Does this machine really work? Honestly, I don't know! All the information I received by both the company's testimonies and the actual peoples testimonies and the extra money spent watching the companies DVD workshops and who actually purchased the F-117 generator for healing and nothing short of praise from either party.

I even bought the $100 worth of his workshops to get more deeper insight of his tools and the peoples experiences with them. 6 hours worth of workshop studies and discoveries and of course testimonies. Here is the thing if one is very interested in "healing" Lyme's disease or any type of neural muscular issues the TrueRife equipment seems to highly shine in this particular area. I can't prove it to anyone nor will I try too. But I am convinced by virtue of people I know and have come to respect and by the company themselves and the marvelous workshop training DVD's they put out; this alone pushes out all the smoke and mirrors from around other companies and their products.

But if one is serious very serious to help themselves or their families that the doctors that just can't seem to do anything for them, one must be able to vest a small amount of capital for unbiased information that was well researched and thought out. This information is sometimes free and other times not free. In any event if I was seriously sick and the doctors just can't do that much for me in the way of being better, I would have appreciated for some website or someone who could guide me to the right equipment that could possibly do me much better; if not heal me altogether.

What if a machine can cure or stay or reverse any neurological disorder a person maybe suffering with?

It's true the builders can't make those promises of healing by law because of others who took advantages of sick people past and took them for all their monies and from the Medical realm who has cornered all medical practice, traditional and non-traditional! This is the world we live in! We need these laws to protect us, which in turn would allow us to make our own decisions without the need of smoke and mirrors. If we get taken, buyer beware! But to place the odds on your side as the consumer, investing a bit into something you are interested in would narrow the odds immensely for you against anyone who would try to rip you off using marketing tricks etc.

The TrueRife F-117 frequency generator has incapacitated TGN; which is a Neurological Disorder. There's no cure for it but I read about people who had it all their lives and they were able to  subdue the pain that the body goes through using this professional Rife version of a frequency generator. When one is in pain all the time and if by chance finds a device or medication that will give them a day of relief they will more than take that chance for just that one day of the pain letting go!

Of course, from what I read and learned at TrueRife's workshop those with any type of Neurological disorders have improved immensely after a few days of use. Electro-Magnetic waves have this effect of healing bones and healing electrical impulses the brain produces to the muscles (voluntary) signals and Neurological signals as well. But all these results took many years of backyard and dark basements experiments; after the long arm of the law destroyed most of Royal Rife's machines and works.

There is a lot of garbage with the name Royal Rife tagged to it, it's your responsibilities to do your homework and even invest some cash to find out if that major purchase is worth the hours of overtime you may have to do in order to afford such a machine...

You see there is so much a person can do to better their lives instead of pumping pain pills and neurological medications into themselves to deaden non-physical pain! I am not saying they shouldn't take it and if one is in so much pain I would advise it. But there is one scientific tool that can be as equal or better to such medications. If I were to get the machine and use it, I would still take my medications as prescribed but I would probably notice after several uses of the Rife F-117 Predator, the medications would become stronger with use.

The reason (stronger) means the body is healing itself and doesn't require the pain medications as much as it did before. It would get to the point the body would soon reject it because of its own dopamine production. I am no doctor, I am just telling you what happened to me in times past when I took the pain medication and how I was weaned off. My body became stronger and the need for the medication became less. Those people with sleep disorders are in luck, the TrueRife has a add on device that uses goggles and light and sound using the F-117 frequency signals that run through another additional unit to keep from burning the F-117 out.

It's much different in design then a routine light and sound machine. It uses frequencies that other L&S devices can't possibly reach and these frequencies will go deep into the psyche and open up your deep subconscious minds. If you try using any type of brainwave frequency ran on the F-117 generator would burn it out! It has to be ran through its add-on modular device which is sold as additional equipment from TrueRife designed for this purpose.

Little by little I am finally back online...

Since we have a visitor for two weeks I have not been able to use the SuperBeacon from EJ Gold. But I will get back to that as soon as I can; nor have I been able to do online research...which is why my blog was down for a few weeks or so. So please forgive the jumping around on this article.

Monday, October 10, 2016


When I first of the artificial vortex, I really needed to build one and I am what you say, not mechanically inclined. But I did my best on my first one...

When I was operating the HDR in or around 2009 around November, I read about building these artificial vortex gateways. This seemed more logical then trying to hunt such a phenomena down. There not all that difficult to build but they are are very scary once you open up the portal. 

I will tell you what I did, I took two pieces of 12 inch copper pipes and tied them in a cross position and if I remember correctly I filled each one up with crushed crystals then I sealed all 4 ends with four each copper end caps. This is only part of the building. This was all I did and I buried it a foot deep. I didn't build the exterior portal and it still worked.

I covered the entire 12 inch by 12 inch cross shaped copper pipe with copper foil for conductivity. I then dug out a cross shape or "X" shape hole about six inches deep then I buried it facing in the North-South-East-West direction. I waited for about two to three weeks for a halo to be surrounding this copper pipe for conductivity.

After building a simple copper pipe version of the underground artificial portal, which by the way is 1/3 of what needed to be actually built...I succeeded not in physical time traveling but opening another gate a doorway of sorts...

About a month went by and one evening I was using my HDR and psychic events were happening every evening! I was being transported to other timelines and other realities that I never knew existed. I had entities coming and going throughout our house! My wife was getting a bit nervous! Now this copper tubing that was buried one hundred feet away from our home and it was still effective.

But what I did do and unbeknown to my wife and I, we opened a portal to something bigger then ourselves. Our entire house was engulfed in this portal. This is the first time I ever made mention about this homemade portal to anyone except here and now! I am just wandering if had I built the whole portal what may have happened in our home!

What in the world had happened to us! There was a malevolent spirit that had taken claim in our home on the astral plain and was effecting us on the physical plain as well. Each time I would come out of my body using the HDR or the Gibbs Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator. This entity in particular didn't like me in his realm inside the house!

After building just the underground piping it became extremely active with non physical entities...

Each time when I used the HDR for about 10 minutes and then went to lie down what seemed like a few minutes that went by this entity was running in the house up the stairs and into my living room and would attack me fighting for its newly claimed territory. I didn't connect the two at first. 

I thought the HDR was causing most of the situation that were going on. Night after night and day after day strange things were happening to both of us. It wasn't until one evening I was reading 90 Days to Astral Projection by Bruce that I was able to stand my ground with this entity.

A few years ago I was reading about artificial vortex grids and how to make them. Part of a simple one was to take two copper pipes and use metal glue and shape it like an "X". Purchase (4) end caps and purchase some copper foil along with crushed crystals if you want. 

Sometimes not everything you begin to build has reason or purpose just plain ole curiosity...

Roll your copper foil and place it into the copper pipe as much as you can. Then using a funnel drop powdered crystals inside each copper tube and finally place an end cap on each of the four ends.
Find an area in your back yard dig down about a foot in a shape of a cross "+" placing it 

This was all I did, I let it underground for about one month! The next month is when the portal began to open! I had all kinds of entities coming into our house. What I didn't do was make the PVC frame work laced with 24 gauge magnetic wiring around the piping. 

So I had a vortex open big enough for these non humans to come through. My trips with the HDR were awesome! But one entity came in my house, he was claiming where we lived! Each time I fell asleep or right before, this entity would run up our staircase and jump right on top of me.

What came through this portal was not what I expected to happen...

I wrestled with this entity for weeks! Each time after using the HDR and just about falling asleep, this thing would come running of the stairs of our house and jump right on top me and there would be wrestle mania! At one point, I bent back his fingers to break loose of its hold and discover his or her's fingers were like rubber, they stretched. 

The whole essence of this being was the same thing. Like I said, from what I learned from Robert Bruce from his book 90-Days to Astral Projection, it helped me to break free and roam around the house in the out of body! It wasn't until I had to take desperate action by anointing my front doorway did this entity been forced to keep out of my house!

These artificial grids are dangerous! Even what I have built! What I constructed was a 1/2 of portal the copper base! In my eyes this wasn't suppose to work and according to the manual that Steven Gibbs sells; it shouldn't of worked! No one lives in a 1/2 house built! So this should tell you when messing with one of these artificial time travel portals, you better have a way of coming back or dealing with what is behind such a thing.

There is a portal you can build to place under one's bed on the flooring...I can't remember where I found this article. But be careful when constructing these things. You must control your emotions when building such a thing...

I have read somewhere many years ago someone built a portable grid and placed it under their bed...Not sure if it worked or not...Outside would be your best bet to bury the copper piping with all four end caps closed off and buried about one foot deep. 

As it stays in the ground long enough it will become conducive with the earths minerals and put off an aura body of its own. This can be picked up by Tri-Field meters and electroscopes by Thomas etc. But the important thing it can be picked up by the natural vortexes in that are especially if you tune the HDR to this copper buried piping.

You could place this under the bed if you did something extra while building this device. Take 24 gauge magnetic wiring and wrap the entire two pipes using the Helix wrap formation once this is completed, take the two loose ends and put one each battery cable clip on each electrode end piece.

You can be creative when building a "portal" but make sure it has some kind of science theory behind it...Such as, creating scalar waves by wrapping wiring on top itself and feeding it electricity thus cancelling each others signals... creating this scalar activity...

Then place one cable on the positive side of a 12 volt battery and and place the other clamp on the Negative side of that same 12 volt battery. As the power surges through the magnetic wiring it will cancel each others signal out leaving "0" point energy! This is what Maxwell's theory had discovered years back.

The problem was when Maxwell passed on, the scientists did away with his "nothingness" equations and ended it there. The electricians felt that zero point energy would not be useful for electrical work etc. But zero point energy is real! 

Maxwell figured that out soon enough and so did Tesla and you can see what happened to the both of them over their lifetimes! Anyone who goes against the mainstream politico and the sciences will be banished from ever getting anything published.

You can also add two 50,000 volts or more Tesla Coils about three to four feet from each other and turned them on with their electrical ribbons smashing into each other in the dead center...

One can then tune the HDR to the copper piping that would be resonating from the zero point energy being released by the helix wiring formations around both pipes welded together into a "X". One would have to use the rub plate and dial and ask, What is the rate of the resonation coming from the artificial vortex grid point? Once you get a stick reaction on the HDR the go down to the second dial and say, "What is the rate that will transport my physical body and all its components to May 3000 in the future?

I am still not ruling out using a tesla coil of 175,000 D/C volts and tuning that with the HDR. HDRkid or alias Carl Novela has claimed physical time travel doing it this way from within his car. He purchased that small 50,000 D/C volt along with the HDR he parked his car started up the Tesla Coil and with one hand he turned the coils spark gap and using his other hand rubbing the the HDR plate at the same time. As soon as a "stick" Reaction was achieved, Carl stop turning the spark gap! Now both machines were in synch.

It is really that easy! He told me he was successful, I personally wasn't there to witness such a thing but since knowing Carl as I have and also Steven Gibbs, both Steven Gibbs and he is telling the truth! It happened! One thing for certain keep track of the "Full Moon" Rising Times! Steven Gibbs said, the best time to physical time travel is to go on the early morning of a "Full Moon" and tune your HDR for where ever you are desiring to go too!

I am not saying that all this will be easy as baking cookies here, while some still have issues trying to get the HDR to work let alone trying to use an artificial grid point for time traveling...

But keep in mind the full moons usually start on different days on different months and sometimes they fall in the late afternoon or early evening time! Just type in your browsers about the coming full moons for 2016 and you will get both date and time. Another thing usually 5 days before the full moon comes out and five days after the full moon are ideal times to time travel using the HDR. If you have to go to a park for privacy or anywhere else, you can purchase for yourself and power inverter that can run off the 12volt system of your cars ciggerate lighter portal.

Just plug the unit in and run an 10 minute application on your solar plexus and shut off the magnet only and leave the power on to the HDR and keep both switches for both the well and the time stabilizer switch still running. Remember the magnet gets shut off during this time. Once everything is over with and you had no luck then unplug the HDR and shut the operation down for another day and another time. 

Doing the above artificial grid points are not easy by no means, since I am all thumbs, I need to get a proper drill end to helix wound and use the steel glue with the colored light to hardened it, with me doing it it could take a month for this simple operation. But this one since I live inside of an apartment I will have to adapt such a portal and place it directly under our bed and activate it right from there.

Time Traveling is stranger than fiction itself...Steven Gibbs makes it seem easy enough to zip and zap throughout the cosmos! Unfortunately it doesn't come all that easy for a non psychic to experience such feats of fancy...not impossible under the right conditions...

This same artificial time travel portal grid can also send you to the astral time traveling and beyond. It has both me and my wife. It was scary at first I will be the first to admit after awhile was just a lot of fun. I just wish some tinkerer would come up with a portable electromagnetic housing that would spin around the person with so many tens and thousands of glass strength, which could envelope the would be time traveler. 

First things first though, learn about your HDR and take time to exercise your subconscious thinking because the working of the HDR depends on such things to work properly. But above everything else be patient please, these experiences are psychic in nature and mixing electromagnetic waves in the mix would require unconscious precision.

The less you try using the HDR the better the results will's the thing, we become our own blockages because of our unconscious programing we have to overcome our lack of faith in some areas, which can block our results. But I don't know who most of you are and it could be anything holding you back from time traveling. Your conscious desires can't override your subconscious programming, these are just the known facts.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I have used the 2009 HDR as my first HDR from Steven Gibbs. I currently have a 1995 HDR whom I purchased from a friend which is the oldest I ever owned to date...

It's been quite awhile since I discussed anything about the HDR from Steven Gibbs. I don't know for sure if Steve is still building HDR's or not! I haven't contacted him since he had his stroke a few months ago. I was conversing with one of my readers and she told me, no matter what she did, she couldn't get the HDR to work for her! This seems to be a common factor with new purchasers of the HDR.

I really don't know for sure what she was doing and how she was doing it. Everyone approaches using the HDR sometimes in a haphazard way or just not regular enough to accomplish any positive results. When we are talking about traveling in the past; physically we are trying to enter a very controversial aspect! There are people who swear they physical time travel and I am one of them!

Most of the people who claim they physically time travel using the HDR from Gibbs usually live near the San Andrea Fault line in CA or in the Gold Coast State of Florida. But you have to remember, just going to these places for a few days to use the HDR will probably be unsuccessful! These people who experience the physical time traveling live in these places that are active with Vortexes in those areas.

It seems to me that Gibbs HDR energizes our auric body or energy bodies and meridian pathways which in turn attract these mysterious Vortices in their local areas...

The HDR practitioners don't experience physical traveling with the HDR all the time in those areas, but they are more prone to accidentally find those rogue vortices that appear every so often because they are there 24/7 in those areas. After using the Gibbs HDR, there bodies are tuned by the magnets and I don't know for sure exactly what frequency the body is tuned too! But I have experienced physical time travel by pure accident. I mean I used the Gibbs HDR and hour or more before picking up my wife from work, when it happened to me.

Of all places, I never thought a little horse town would have a rogue vortex to take me into it and later do the same thing on our way home and also including two of my co-workers! Who had no idea what an HDR was! 

They only knew what they experienced that night! Here is my take as a long time user of the Gibbs HDR, don't be in a hurry! Take your time and use it daily for 8-15 minutes! That's it! You can't force vortexes to scoop you up every time you use such a device.

Especially when it only cost around $4-5 hundred dollars! We are not talking about projects developed by our militaries that costs millions of dollars of research! We are talking a breadbox of small electronic parts that somehow catches the time/space rift anomalies by mistake not so much by design. 

I want to make mention that a lot of people paid $8-9 hundred dollars for a similar device, they called the Gibbs HDR! This was a copied knock off and was twice as expensive of course they don't sell it no more, it never worked!

The problem with Cloned HDR's is the people building them have to be able to infuse such a device with their intentions and desires, because in fact, it's a radionic machine!

No one, I mean no one had experienced anything from these devices which were purchased from venders other than Steven Gibbs! You might say, it looks like the Gibbs and has all the parts as the Gibbs but the thing of it, it's not the actual Gibbs device. If you didn't send in a money order to Steven Gibbs you didn't purchase the original HDR from the original builder. 

This is just a simple fact! It was a gravy train for scrupulous sellers to make a quick buck! Steven Gibbs does his building in such a way that is not quite understood, by doing it his way it seems to make the HDR come to life!

I was looking over my HDR the other night where I had it neatly packed in my dresser drawer. As crazy as it may seem, I can feel it calling out to me! I don't mean a verbal calling but deep inside calling out! Over the years the HDR has become part of my life! Before I would go to sleep I would just use the HDR for 10 minutes and then put it away and go to sleep!

I'm not sure why when using the HDR some of us only have two or three trips per month!

When using it everyday, I experience time travel in the astral realm twice or three times in a single month. I find when I get frustrated not experiencing the things I did in a small town called, "Mora" with a population of about 2500 people, I begin to pout a bit. I sold my original 2009 HDR I purchased from Gibbs because we were needing cash for unexpected expenses. Ever since that event, when I got another one from him the HDR's didn't seem to work as well as the 2009 model I sold later on!

I have to remind myself when I first purchased this from Steven Gibbs that I had no guarantees, no warranty, no way of knowing what could or couldn't happen! But that didn't stop me from trying anyways. Going backward for forward in time wasn't my main goal nor was trying to change my past! I just wanted to astral project and this was the only device that ever exceeded my expectations.

I did what I was called to do! And wonderful things had happened since using the HDR. It's not just time traveling via astral travel or astral projecting it was other things other parallel events that took place during the first 90 days! Strange Psychic happenings were occurring in our home which seemed on a weekly basis.

When trying to go to a specific time period it might be advantageous to have some kind of witness representing that time frame to be placed into the HDR witness well...

It doesn't matter what crystal you use in the witness well, remember it is 50% Radionic device and 50% electromagnetic device! You can't use one without using the other! This is an important concept! You have to somehow bring down your thoughts into a semi-daydreaming state of mind when using the HDR. There are many ways to do it! The reason this part is important is because the Radionics portion must be satisfied and this is where the subconscious mind comes into play when using the HDR.

When you are dialing for the "Month, "Date", "Year" and "Place" this must be intended with your subconscious desires! Even if your wanting to physically time travel; it is an important step you must master naturally for brave results. Don't depend on what Steven Gibbs and others tell you why you can't time travel; it is all up to you! Does it require faith? It's hard to tell but I do know that with it men and women have done the impossible by faith!

I guess in short word having a bit of faith, "It wouldn't hurt"! You need to allow the HDR to take you where it wants to for awhile. Because your subconscious mind actually directs the unit (HDR) where it wants to send you, not the other way around! This is what happened to me on more than many occasions when I was successful. I was frustrated really, I wanted also to change my past in some small way, not to change my current but to know I could do such a thing.

The subconscious mind will override your conscious desires every time! When using a radionic machine via time travel or other types, the subconscious mind will eventually activate the machine, not you!

Yet the subconscious thoughts override my conscious desires when using the HDR. Even though this happened more times than I could count, it was still wonderful to experience all the weird stuff that had happened not just to me but also to my wife and she never used the HDR not even once. This device somehow has an after effect on a person psychic as well. We got more visitations from other entities then I could count!

I didn't ask for this to happen, I was just open for anything to happen! I guess that is the key! As you are aware of the fact we have no personal control over our subconscious thoughts and deep desires. I wish we could but the world would be in a bigger mess then it is now if we had that ability to tap into our subconscious minds without the discipline being the foundational source. Few can on certain occasions but some of them have taken years to learn how.

Since the Virtual Reality has come into the market I am sure that envisioned time travelers have pondered what application they could use to take advantage of the VR world to help one time travel. I know for certain in my heart when something new comes out, inspiration comes to bloom and newer and better ideas happen constantly and using the Virtual Reality Technologies would be no different.

Keep your eyes and hears open for newer technologies, especially from kickstarter! This is how the VR boom hit the markets and Facebook invested 2 billion dollars to acquire Oculus Rift...

I think and I won't know for certain but if I used the HDR for 8-15 minutes each evening and then donned on the VR mask and did an application of "meditation" program designed for this purpose, allowing my mind to be sucked into the time travel application just enough to allow one who is having difficulty to travel using the HDR to break those incredible bounds we all face from time to time. Since the VR is coming to the market called "PSPVR" or project "Morpheus" from Sony it will be only a matter of time!

It's here to stay folks, times have changed and we are just all trying to catch up! The millennial's are ahead of us by a stretch because us ole timers are use to the older technologies of the 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's. Now we are starting the 21st century and if God willing we should live another 20 to 30 years; you may not be using Radionics time travel devices, what you will probably be using would a device the size of a apple I-watch!

It's up to the older generations of time travelers to think outside the box! We went from a tube t.v. to 4K Ultra HD Smart T.V. it took about 50 years but we do get those splurts of technologies flooding our markets and this year happens to be the better year of new technologies. We all need to pause for a moment to see that our world has changed both in belief and in political speech! We have to watch what we say and how we say it and to whom we address the "saying" too!

If you decide this is the direction you want to go that is to time travel best to keep those intentions to yourselves. Especially in your local area where you live and work!

When we talk about time travel using things like the HDR and using the subconscious thoughts to do physical traveling we still face a hostile crowd of naysayers! I can't blame them though, because even myself I was never brought up to believe in anything that was possible such the likes of time traveling! 

But I was different than the rest of my siblings. I had an active imagination! It was this tool or gift given to me at my birth that allowed me to look beyond logic and reason and to see other dimensions of thoughts and possibilities.

A lot of my old generation still has trouble believing beyond what they were taught in school and being some of us have this only education, we tend to hang on to it a bit longer which also includes our bias as well. Some of us can still change and others have late in their lives, this is a good sign. 

Our generation of today's world are living longer but are living in pain and suffering all while they live! Taking drugs to dull the pain and enduring insufferable cancers along the way. Steven once told me that the HDR can heal a person!

The HDR is not much different then the Hieronymus Medical Analyzer in this picture. Except it doesn't have the electromagnetic t-bar.

He was right in most respect because the HDR is a Radionics Machine and people use these types of devices for healing and I have as well over the years. Now technology has better itself using ideas from our past generations and have better tools for healing of cancers such as the TrueRife EMEM device! It's expensive but imagine the cost of covering cancer treatments and other sicknesses. But it takes time and patience and money to catch up with technologies of the new Millennium.

The HDR, Steven Gibbs device, has been on the market since the early 1980's...others have come and gone over the years but Steve's machine still gets buyers!

But I want this focus on the HDR! Because it deserves a place on the mantle of my articles. It was what got me started believing in time traveling. Coast to Coast opened my mind and Steven Gibbs did the rest. Those of you who had purchased the original HDR from Gibbs only and not just by name from other companies, if you remain persistent you will experience what the older generations of HDR users did in the 80's and 90's! 

We have to understand the basic functions of the HDR (Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator) Time Machine and what impact each has upon the other. We buy this machine and absolutely have no idea where to start and where to go! This is where Steven Gibbs came up short when selling this device. He never focused in the training portion of such a device. He just told you to use it and lay back and let the energies kick in! I wish it were that easy! As some already are aware that it just doesn't happen this way with some "Users"!

I gave you additional information you will not find anywhere else about how to use the HDR. It is written in my past articles. Please use patience! Go over the past articles written about the HDR. I am going to use it again this week and let it do what it does best and take me where it thinks I need to go! 

It seemed I always blamed the HDR if I couldn't go to a particular place or time and it wasn't the HDR it was my subconscious mind! The HDR is only a tool it is not a living entity! The subconscious melds with this machine.

There is only one other instrument within one's affordable price range that can help you time travel and that is the IDL-22 or higher from NEO-Technologies...

The only other instrument that can help you time travel is James Rink's IDL-22 called the "NEO"! This cubical sentient works in very weird ways! It uses the human's DNA's to make contact with the, you know, the human user. 

Only this takes about 30-40 one hour training meditations to see real miracles with this cube. This is my only recommendation if you hadn't had the chance to purchase the HDR. I won't expand about the NEO here, this too you can read in my past articles I written about it.

As far as any other type of time travel devices out there, well there just hasn't been any to speak about; not for now at least. We are stuck with two devices that I used and experienced time traveling with the IDL-22 and HDR from Gibbs! 

There is one gentleman I believe he lives in Australia, his name is Steven Chiverton! He strikes me as a perfectionist! He is building a replica of the HDR using Gibbs design but adding his own unique style and using his understanding of electronically theory.

This is the last one Semjase gave to Dr. Fred Bell before his passing on. It's called the "ANK". More powerful then the Nuclear Receptor...

Interestingly enough, just last night I placed on both my Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector from Fred Bell and for the final touch I used the Copper Headband with a silver dollar near the center front and a quartz crystal in front of the silver dollar. Lastly, For 12 minutes I ran the Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator on myself. Then I disconnected everything! I then began to fall asleep. Right before I began to drift off I heard a banging noise in our kitchen.

When you use the HDR with other equipment for enhancement purposes; you may want to be prepared for unannounced visitations...

So I mentally asked if it was Semjase returning back to finish up what she first came to do. The loud noise came back with a snarling and hissing sound and it continued to move the pots and pans and mess with the trash! I opened my eyes and sat up in bed and there was nothing to be heard whatsoever! Then I knew it was the HDR by Gibbs, each time I use this machine, paranormal things like these occur off and on when I was using it everyday for 30 days a few years back.

If I don't use the HDR; then all these paranormal experiences just fade out and nothing ever happens, when I start it back up; sure as night will turn to day this device performs faithfully. All this determines who is visiting in your home; maybe the people's from another timeline or maybe by some act you invited demons! One could rarely know for sure. Then after I fell asleep finally, I was in this most involved dreaming process! It had its story line and some of it was astral projection and some I was right there on the ground.

All this happen the morning of 13-14 Aug. 2016. I will keep you all updated. Especially when Semjase comes to talk with me about what she shared with Fred Bell, I'm not sure how I could be of any help with such knowledge if that is what she will give to me about any other type of alien technologies that she wants to share with me or the world in general!  I wear both Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector as much as I can. Do they always work? I don't know to pinpoint anything in particular.

There is no machine in the world for $500 that you just flip a switch and poof you are time traveling! It can happen and has happened with me, but you have to know what your doing! The internet is a good place to start to inquire what maybe involved other than just pressing a button!

One thing for certain the HDR from Gibbs does work if you give it half a chance. Don't expect unbelievable results at the beginning! We feed our heads with all this romance of time travel and all the possibilities that come with this romance. When we just flip a switch or two and place a magnet over our stomachs we expect heaven and earth to open up to our folly! When one enters this type of adventure you have to understand the relationship between the mind and the body and how vortices work, when using the HDR.

Folks this is not an instant time machine and poof your there, just doesn't work this way! That is not the world we live in and it never was! That romance with time travel can be hoped for as long as you temper it with commonsense approach and with more knowledge of something you never saw before and that is a vortex. 

Who really has seen a real "Vortex"? None of us! I would be cautious if someone tells you, they been in a vortex and can explain what it looks like! These people don't exist! Just their silly claims. I was caught up in to a dimensional doorway but I didn't see it before happened to me and others won't either. It's seems it is an seamless transition from one reality to another, like blinking of one's eyes!

Dimensional doorways are not figurative doorways like you see in the movies. The dimensional rifts camouflage themselves, which is why they are invisible with their native surroundings. The only way you will find one if you conditioned yourself with the HDR and you happen to be about the area, which lies this invisible doorway. It will envelope you! Don't fret you can't run away from it! It will envelope you like it did me and within a blink of any eye, one second you at home and the next you are somewhere else rubbing your eyes wondering how you are going to get out of this place.

Vortexes can't be found! Only their evidence can be traced! It's a paradox! You need to use them but how can you find them? By using the HDR constantly! Without let up! It is your subconscious mind and energy body that will attract them to you!

Everyone is trying to find evidence of a vortex and when it is found it's already too late! That corkscrew tree that grew spirally because of a vortex that was in that area, is now only past evidence, not current evidence that a vortex exists there at the present time. You can use all the devices in the world and you will not succeed in finding something that nature doesn't want found! Nature will every so often; if the conditions are right will allow mankind to enter into her secret place in time, yet trying to force her is a useless attempt.

Use the HDR faithfully! Your invisible "energy body" will be charged by the magnets! I am not going to try to prove that your energy body exists, you already know and our scientific community has now confirmed years ago the existence this "energy" body around every living thing! It is this "living" energy that is detected by these vortices that seem so random in nature. Our "energy bodies" are like a blinking beacon in the night sky! If it is blinking the vortices in that or those areas will be attracted to them.

Even Carl Novella, who is a long time practitioner of the HDR in fact he owned several of them over the years, can confirm with little or no doubt the HDR energizes the practitioner as they do their 8-10 minute protocol with the machine. How long one must be energized or how much stored energies is truly needed for vortices to find you deserves much more research into these areas. It wouldn't hurt if the person researching such things was truly energy sensitive! Because we are still dealing with non-physical energies!

When using the HDR you are opening invisible two-way portals to the unseen world that is around us constantly.

Many who purchase the HDR for time travel usually have no idea what is involved and what the HDR does when they are using it. When psychic noise comes into one's home due to using the HDR, the practitioner gets really frightened. One or two things are going to happen, either the HDR is going to be packed up and put away in their closest or they will continue to use this device and discover OBE's and Vivid Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, Physical Time Travel, Dimensional Travel, and the list goes on!

But all this is "Natural" when using such a device that Steven Gibbs built. You have to admit, why would some guy a farmer no less sell a time machine for the past twenty years? Word of Mouth mostly from some people, the device works and they tell their friends and their friends tell theirs etc. It is not by advertising when it comes to Steven Gibbs. Controversial absolutely! Impossible not really! Steve was by far computer illiterate so he never invested with into having a functional web site. 

So it wasn't by his advertising on the web that helped all that much, but his Coast to Coast radio show interviews helped kickstart his business selling such a device with George Nory and his brother Art Bell, who were both radio jocks! At least once a year he was invited back on Coast to Coast! He was on other web radio as well. So this helped getting the word out. Here is my take on the risk of purchasing one of these devices.

When using the HDR there are no guarantees! Experimentation Use Only!

If you take the chance on purchasing the true Steven Gibbs HDR there are a few things I might warn you all about. The first and foremost there are no guarantees of any kind that you will actually be able to time travel physically and if you could, there are no guarantees you will be able to come back the same way...The questions is do you want to take such the chance with your life! Well some are so desperate I guess the first question would be moot!

Secondly, would you be satisfied if you astrally time traveled where everything is real and solid and you get the same information if you were there physically would this satisfy you? From my experiences using the HDR along with talking with others, usually astral time travel is the first thing you will experience if there are no vortexes in the area and it is much safer. Thirdly, are you willing to undergo psychic connections around the house where you live?

Fourthly, are you willing to be visited in the nights edge from beings such as the Grey's and MIB etc.? There is so much that could or can happen when using this time travel device called the SuperHDR...Lastly, are you willing to have no experiences for some time before having your first HDR experience? Sometimes if you are not so lucky, if you use the HDR for 30 days you may have one experience and there are no guarantees what you will experience when you do.

I met Steven Shiverton online; when I saw his youtube on his HDR.

I'm keeping in contact with Steven Shiverton from Australia. He has designed a beautiful and powerful magnet for his cloned HDR. His HDR was built according to Steven Gibbs blueprints, in fact in my opinion looking at the picture of his HDR it is much better built really solid. He has not personally tried it out for time traveling, he is fine tuning the magnets and trying to find out why, when placing  two standard watches with second hand sweeps near one of the magnets and each watches hands goes its own direction. One will go clockwise and the other counterclockwise at the same time.

Whereas the HDRKid showed us one watch with a second hand sweep going counterclockwise only near the Gibbs T-Bar Magnet! Now imagine two watches side by side going opposite directions at the same time! It is quite amazing! I can't begin to tell you all why this phenomena is happening this way and how it would relate to time traveling; if you are only interested in going just one direction only!

Steven Chiverton gave me some notes showing me how he built these magnets...Once you get warmed up to this new guy on the scene through my blog articles and feel comfortable beyond Steven Gibbs then I will breakdown his work as he gives it to me, so you could create your own powerful magnetic device and your own HDR or just maybe he will build one for those who desire to experiment with the HDR.

Saturday, September 10, 2016



One very expensive full energetic body analyzer that is more than $600.00 and is more than $4000 and is more than $8000 in fact is $12,500.00! It's called the "Asyra" This model was outlawed in the U.S.A. so "Quest 4" was redesigned and it does the same thing and the prices are the same! When I first read about it at the beginning I wasn't interested in watching a screen full of issues, some highlighted in "red" others in "Green" and others in "yellow". It wasn't until I decided to do some heavy research on this device. 

This particular device call Asyra is illegal to sale on the markets in the U.S. because too many doctors (Medically Licensed) and too many Chiropractors who can charge insurance companies, were using far too many of them and some of them found that the device Asyra was up to 95% accurate! A person would be tested and then get the printed results and they would go back to their doctor and get a blood test after about week the tests would be 100%1 How is this possible! The Quest 4 was then built and now being sold in the U.S.

A study was done with 1500 people, each one of the individuals were given blood tests for a variety of possible issues. It took about 3 weeks for the results to come back from the hospital. That same 1500 individuals, each one held a pair of brass handles connected to this small box machine. Within 2-3 minutes each person was able to get a full report of what was going on in the body at that time, that is there blood chemistry and all allergens associated with. 


This evidence was placed into the software called a "holding" tank. After three weeks was complete, the results came in from the blood tests from an established lab. The results from the Asyra was printed up from the "holding" tank and matched up to the official lab tests, side by side. Holding their breaths, they went through each one side by side and the end results were above amazing they were 95% accurate! The amazing part was, it only took 2-3 minutes! While the other tests doing the orthodox method took 2-3 weeks getting a blood test.

This is just one of there anecdotal testings! Many who couldn't afford to purchase this device had located Chiropractors and Health Care Professionals for natural healing and made appointments to have a Asyra screening...There were issues the patient never knew they had and other issues they had in the past like dental work or broken bones etc. Again only taking several minutes to analyze their biochemical maladies. The task is to find out which homeopaths would help the individual to get over such issues once identified by Asyra.

The Asyra has a built in program containing many homeopathic substances for many differing issues. Or one could customize with their own products! Sugar pills are used to transfer Asyra's potencies. By transferring these Rife healing frequencies, only requires the practitioner to place the vial containing either the sugar pills or denatured alcohol on top of the Asyra and the next step that Dr. Cowden created through his research, he added a pen laser with a wide scanning diffuser. By scanning the product on top of the Asyra, the laser catches the frequency imprint...


With this pen laser one would scan over the pills or the denatured alcohol (homeopath) these energetic readings would be copied by the Pen Laser and then the practitioner would point the pen laser but not in the eyes, to scan the individual from the top of their heads using this pen laser; down to the rest of their body! 


This would be about 1-3 times. This pen laser can also be sat on top the Asyra and the Asyra would upload the healing Rife frequencies into the pen laser itself and the customer would use this pen laser (rented) twice or three times a day or as the Asyra suggests of the healing and or balancing of the individual's issues.

This is only the beginning! What I told you here is only the bare basic overview of using such a scanning device. A/C and D/C currents are used as carrier waves for the Rife Frequencies to be carried into the body, when the body and machine become a complete circuit (Holding the Brass Cylinders).


The Rife frequencies would go to; let's say the liver and depending on what the liver does when exposed to these particular frequencies and the answer depends on what Asyra suggests! The liver for example: is agitated when the frequency is being sent to it and this agitation is recorded and placed in the "holding" tank of the Asyra. At the same time, Asyra has recommendations already for each issue the machine discovers and this would be accomplish after Asyra's scanning is done!

You will see a list after 3 minutes or so on your screen using the Asyra software. You will also notice everything highlighted in "Red" are the issues your body is trying to contend or compete with. Next listed are the "Yellow" highlighted finds that are not quite an issue but if left unattendanted could be upgraded to "red" maybe in the next several weeks, which could cause physical discomfort for the patient and we don't want them going away and do nothing for them! The next group of identified Rife areas in "Green" are the systems that are working just fine!

I will place a part I video for you to see what actually happens when the patient is holding the pair of cylinders and the scanning is being performed. So what is the big deal anyways? Royal Raymond Rife discovered that the entire universe is created of frequencies and he wanted to find out the identity of frequencies in a sick person and if there was a combatant frequency(s) existing to make the person better. 


Over the generations since Royal Rife's time and discoveries, many scientist went (underground) for fear of losing their licenses (medical) having discovered even better ways of identifying issues in the body using pre-existing frequencies and Electromagnetic Energy for healing purposes or using Carrier Frequencies. These individuals are local thieves or terrorists, they are what man calls "The step into the unknown"! If it works great, if it doesn't that's OK too!

Another item I just put down a partial payment is a called the "Naked 3D Fitness Scanner! It's accurate up to + - 1.5% for body fat measurement, along with measuring your neck, biceps, forearms, waist and thighs and calves all instantly. Then a 3D model is created of your body and transferred on your I-phone or Android through a special app. From this special app, one can see what their bodies now look like and they can advance a scale to see had they continued what they would like days, weeks, months in advance! 

Is is the most exciting thing to come on the market place. The cost is $700.00 with a small down payment to lock in prices until March 2017. It comes with a 63 inch high mirror and a bluetooth able rotating circular scale. As the scale rotates your body the software is creating a 3D clay image of yourselves. I never heard about a weight scale being able to measure your upper and lower measurements for your arms and waist and legs and calves/neck/bicep/forearms. All this takes but a few seconds.


All the bodies measurements are within (+) or (-) 1.5% accuracy! You could weigh the same amount of weight from day 1 to day 30 and still lose % of body fat! A weight scale would tell you nothing has happened! You still weigh the same! Which includes your BF %'s. The scales that discharge an electrical current through your feet it will evaluate the resistance and then give you the weight and body fat measurements. These scales are (+) or (-) 8 points either way!

But the Naked 3D full body scan tells you that you are the same weight but your arms are smaller or bigger depending on what it is your trying to accomplish and your waist is smaller and legs are smaller or larger in size and your % of body fat has been reduced let's say from 30% to 24% but you still weigh the same! Not to worry bodybuilders; as you grow big and strong it will keep tracked of your daily, weekly or monthly progress. Keeping tracked of your arm/waist/thighs/calves sizes continuously along with your bf%'s.

What I was searching for was any holistic or alternative health whole body scanners to see how much it would cost, not realizing I was searching for better health physically as well! Rife can heal, but one needs to be in shape to keep that health! So the scanner I found was not a Rife or Ayra but a weight scale which produces the 3D version of yourself with measurements and projected images of what you would look like if you continued on a certain weight loss program or weight gain program!


So we are killing two birds with one stone! Both holistically and Physically without having to be weighed using a water tank! But all within a bluetooth accuracy of (+) or (-) 1.5%! There are no other weight scales in the world that has such a unit like this other than the $10,000 models that big spa's use to do the same measurements and their application is a little more in-depth! Technology is finally catching up with the healthy in mind and allowing us who don't want to go to gyms, to stay home and do these things! 

No more skin caliper tests, no more inaccuracies when you step onto the scale. You will know in just a few seconds all measurements with shark teeth accuracy. My wife doesn't know about this as of 2 August of the time of this writing! She is at work! But wait to I tell her this tonight, she will probably buy it tomorrow! UPDATE: She bought it!

I will show you all the links and the website so you to can get the opportunity like myself if your into physical health and above all accuracy to a single fault. This just hit the markets around April of this 2016! I knew nothing about it! Yet it is advertised all over the web! Unless your lucky like myself and stumble on to these products; you won't find it! I am using the M5 from Bowflex the killing field of machines to help with our transformations!


I lost 4 pounds and 2% body fat in 30 days! It would be cool to use the 3D scanner and to get accurate body fat measurements along with my neck/arm/chest/waist/thighs and calve measurements. Then look at the future days/weeks/months and years what my body would look like if I were to continue this same program for one year out! All this is accomplished by standing on a wireless round scale/pad that works well on hard floors and carpets! It will turn 360 degree to create a composite of your body in 3D.

As one either wants to gain weight or lose weight this scale and mirror system will be an invaluable device to use when getting back into shape. Here is a good example if one is weight training to shape up and build muscle with little to no body fat: You get your current 3D measurements and you can do this everyday if you want to or every 3 days to see where your body fat is going with the food that you are currently eating. It will show you (pictorially) what you look like now and what you may look like a week from today! 

So you train using whatever machines or weights you want to use and let's say, you take a new protein supplement. By the end of the first week you lost 2% body fat with an accuracy to 1.5% with the whole body scale and your arms increased in size and your legs and chest. You didn't lose one single pound! What up with that! It's true you didn't lose anymore weight this week but you lost 2% body fat! And your overall body measurements have increased like you were hoping it would do! Lean Muscle Mass was obtained without the body fat%'s.


What if you were using a regular scale and you were using a flexible tape measure and skin caliper? You would have been disappointed with your results! You didn't gain a pound and your caliper was probably off a mile! You probably showed no body fat % lost maybe even a gain! This is the wrong direction! 

Your tape measurements were never accurate because when you measured your biceps or any other part of your body, you have possibly missed a high point the first time and the tape wasn't exactly where it should have been for the correct measurements to be recorded etc. 

Those of you who have trained this way for years know exactly what I mean! Now that is all but history and water under the bridge! No more inaccuracies! No more, "Why didn't I lose a single pound"? Now you know why! You gained muscle mass which is heavier than a pound of body fat.


Now you have total accuracy! No more guessing, if your program didn't give you the results you were hoping for such; as your chest  measurement increase so you change by isolating with better chest exercises and in a week the 3D model will show using highlighted colors on your 3D body, what areas of fat you lost and what areas of gains you accumulated all on your phone! This is reflected on the 3D image with the colors and there measurements! I don't know all about you, but this is the most exciting instrument on the market today!

So having a TrueRife machine with a Rife Whole Body Scanner, scanning for unwanted frequencies whether listed or unlisted and using the Rife technologies for your health or healing of your issues in general and on top of all this; you get your 3-D weighing scale to give you accurate to a fault your % of Body Fat and your neck, arms, chest, forearms, waist and thighs and calves and of course how much you weigh! 

It can project with a 3-D accuracy a clay model of your exact body and all its compositions what you will look like one week, weeks, months and years from your most current date, if you continue using your tailored weight loss program or body building program or toning program of your personal choosing or using any supplements etc. to help along the way! If your current workout doesn't produce the results or the opposite then you can re-adjust.


You will know if you need to cut back or move forward with eating or eating less or if a particular weight lift for your arms and it will show in frequency, which ever you choose as a time frame what your arms would like! Remembering you are the artist and you are the one who wants to sculpture your body! But without exact measurements and when you see the opposite results you are discouraged and you may end up quitting.

This way you can sculpted your own body, even a pregnant woman can use this to track how much weight gained and body fat and what she would look like from week to week and from month to month and from year to year! Then they can design a program to get rid of the unwanted newly acquired weight and body fat and still be able to get a future composite if they stick with the program they are doing or change what is not working.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope some take the opportunity to sacrifice for at least their 3-D weight scale with bluetooth technology and I know the only ones that will do it are the individuals who are trying to complete their New Years Eve promise to themselves; by losing weight or gain depending on the situation. Using the right tools for the right job is imperative!


My wife is so crazy over her body fat% and when she steps on the scale (bathroom model), it gives her body fat % but the scale isn't accurate depending where on the uneven floor you place it. This new weight scale won't be available until March 2017 so I sent $95.00 to lock into the current price of $700.00. When it is available to the general public it will cost $1000.00! My as well save $300.00! It seems no matter what we do or how we do it, it may cost some money if your going to do it right!

I was going to start to weight train this winter but the scale won't be available until March 2017, I will do some basic lifts and take a moderate amount of protein and try to watch my weight gain using what scale we have available. I want to make sure when I begin training that I got the correct body fat%, weight mass and individual body measurements so I will have precise documentation going into it and leading to the end of the month for new weight and measurements. 

To think no more tape measuring of body parts! No more inaccurate body fat %'s. After a training session, you can access the heat map and it will show you the body parts highlighted in blue showing you the % of muscle gain after your training or red showing you a minus % reading for losing body fat on certain body parts after you exercised or after a week, month or year! You can take your current readings and measurements and take yourself into days, weeks, or months or year ahead to see what you will look like using your current program(s).


We are putting a deposit down for $95.00 but we will not be able to procure the 3D modeling scale until March 2017...But this will reserve our locked in price at $735.00...The closer they get to March of 2017, the price will go up to $1000.00 when it hits the marketplace on this particular release date. So if you like what you saw and think it can be of help and motivation as your train aerobically or weight train, then you better reserve this price as soon as you can. 

I am not sure what else I would need to procure while my wife and I are training very hard for the rest of the year into next year! She nearly lost 14 pounds in the last 6 weeks! No! We are not on a diet whatsoever! We have however, discovered that our stomachs naturally shrunk when exercising using the M5 Bowflex device. We loss a 1000 calories in 43 minutes each and everyday! Somehow our stomachs shrank during the process and we can't eat the volume of food we use to prior to the training!

We eat what we want and when we want! You see what we didn't realize prior to getting into M5 Bowflex training was by burning 1000 calories in 40-45 minutes a day that our stomachs were actually shrinking the whole time! We went to restaurants this past two weeks and I can't eat all that much! Neither can she! So we have to order just one plate and divide that up between the two of us! Who knew!


So going out to eat is not like it use to be! When we order we have to split our meals because neither of us can eat a whole meal anymore! My wife went from 50% body fat weighing in at 150 pounds at 5'2", she is now down to 30% body fat, weighing in at 138 pounds in the past 6 weeks! Congratulations honey you did it! She just went on the machine in her case only 30 minutes! She is younger than me so she has much more energy and she is faster on it then I am!

I am very proud of her! No diet change, just exercising 35-45 minute workout on the M5 and that is it for the day! We are free for the day! Before I started exercising I would eat 2x-3x times a day and 1/2 of it junk! Now I only eat one 800 calorie meal and just have a meat sandwich if I want a snack and that's it! I do eat over 1800 calories per day but when I do the exercise I knock off 1000 calories! For example: If I eat 2500 calories for that day I actually only at 500 calories! So I lose weight!

So all those commercials you see about the M5 Max Trainer is absolutely the truth! There is no lying or having models in those commercials but real honest to goodness working people who bleeds sweat first thing in the morning before breakfast for 40-45 minutes/6 to 7 days a week until the desired weight is reached! Then all one has to do is re-do their BMR's that is what calories they need to survive to keep their current weight! An adjust their workout activity on the M5 to a way lower amount in calorie burning!


Since I range around 40-45 minutes to burn 1000 Calories/approximately 24-25 calories per minute, per day, we are losing approximately 1.8 to 2.0 pounds of body weight per week or maybe more with additional supplement usage! 

I found out I can gain weight faster then I did when I was in my twenties and thirties. Now I have to sculpture my body by going from 20% body fat with the weight I loss and weight lift to gain a pound of muscle weight per week without the % of body fat going up! The hardest part right now is I don't have an accurate scale to show me what I look like and my exact measurements.

I would never recommend anything I or my wife wouldn't do ourselves! This has been a very busy week for the both of us. Finding a 3D-Sculputure Weighing Scale is next to impossible until Naked 3-D came out in the market! There are other companies that will not sell less than $9700.00! So we lucked out on this one as well! It feels good to be able to bend from my waist to tie my shoes when before, I would have to hold my breath to do so!


Health Spa companies 3D-Scales are $10,000 models only cater to big Health outlets and Gyms, anything major! This 3-D home scale is the first in-home use available right now for $740.00 and by distribution time in March 2017 it will cost the general public $1000 retail price! We placed $95.00 down and now we are just waiting for our order to be filled...