Friday, December 2, 2016


This video is important to change your lives using Negative IONS you will read this further down this article and where to purchase one.

There are millions of allergy suffers and some like myself suffer 24/7 at home because I have dust mite allergies they are always around all year long!

Hope everyone had a great "Thanksgiving" and I know there are a few who get depressed on such holidays. I wish for them the spark of "hope" that there will be a better tomorrow ahead in days to come, especially where jobs are concerned! This year I did something different since the winter months are ahead of us soon, we received our "Air Classic Ozone Cleaner" today from Alpine Company, what a huge difference as far as odors are concerned, it cuts out odors completely! But in stark reality this was not what I badly needed. I also wanted it for pulling the dirt, dust mites etc. out of the air and that was not what it was designed for. My bad!

I went outside to get the car out of the garage and when I came back in; then the ozone hit me! It smelled like I was near a waterfall, like the special place my wife and I visit a few times a year. But I purchased it for the wrong reason! I need something that will pull out the dust, pollen, virus, etc. by dropping it out of the air and simply put the Ozone machine can't do this! I also need a device that is able to bring one's mind state into deep "Alpha" allowing extra working of the adrenal glands!

See one is never too late to learn! I want to turn back this $500 Ozone Air Purifier machine but my wife like it because it gets rid of the garbage canister odors and the stale dead air in our 900 square foot apartment. She told me no more "Stank" Face! You remember that commercial when a mother and her two kids come into their house and all of the sudden the mother had "stank" face! It was cute!

The 133-DG ionizer machine combination Dust Grabber built inside the unit...One the top is an antenna looks like fuzzies and the device will emit cold corona discharge up to 1,000,000 negative ions in a 7 foot room area.

Getting back to lick my wounds of getting the incorrect device, I have found the perfect Negative ION Generator that just does that and other noteworthy things, I wouldn't joke about such things! My allergies are 24/7, twelve months out of a year! I have dust mite allergies and Oak and Maple, Cats and Dogs. I don't have any animals but I do have lot's of dust mites we can't see but are being inhaled by the both of us.

Generally all day long I am constantly getting rid of excess mucous running in the back of my throat. People with allergies can understand this. I get shots once a month but they hardly make a dent! I did a huge amount of research about negative ions and why they are a medicinal/spiritual atomic structure. Most people who live in polluted areas of LA, NY are breathing in 100 negative ions only this is sad! This could hardly keep a person mentally sane! Negative ions recharge the brain to promotes tons of serotonin and it has been document since the 1950's one' s moods will turn upward and I have been dreaming like crazy! Must be the serotonin.

But since we ramped up the Ozone air cleaner around 13 hours ago, my nose slowed down the drainage but not completely! This is the first time in my long life it has not drained! But I could do much better! Which is why I am eyeing up a Negative ION Generator! Update: I now have a cold and my allergies are again ramping up! The Ozone is not doing my sinus any good!

This is a Ozone Machine which only gets rid of odors not the sub particles stuff. These can range from $100-$4000! This particular model is $179.99. It does not produce "Negative IONS"! Keep this strongly in mind.

How did I order the wrong machine in the first place? False advertising and the lack of knowledge on my part about negative and positive ions. This is a dang good example to make sure you do a full complete research but even as good as I do around 90% of the time, there will be things missed due to not asking the right question or not looking up the right information!

I am still having breathing problems but the rooms smells so good in the living room and bedrooms. With this unit, I got a portable HEPA filter that attaches in the back of the unit to catch much molecular particles with much speed of clearing up any room for odors only. I set the unit at 1500 square feet with the fan on high and my rooms total around 900 square feet only. I will bring it down under 100 square feet on low fan, when I place it in the bedroom tonight and keep it on low. The Ozone is refreshing!

The prices vary with these units; they range from $100 and up. My cost with some extra bells and whistle functions was $500.00. The more expensive ones were for big building areas! This was a good investment for the wrong thing! I never understood complete the science behind Negative IONs...

Everyday when my wife house cleans I can hear her sniffing constantly coughing and of course she kicks up that dust vacuuming and I suffer from the dust mites that are kicked back into the air. It was only logical that a negative ion machine would have been the correct tool to clear the air 99%!  I misunderstood the ozone machines job! It just takes away odors that's it! If they tell you it produces negative ions; it is not true.

I purchased two each Negative ION Machines! These devices statically charge the area around us and the negative ions attach themselves to the positive ions which are containments we breathe in 24 hours a day/7 days a week and drops the dust and everything floating in the air to the ground and down onto your machine. Keeping one's air 99% free from dust mites, pollens, bacteria, viruses etc. I really got a good education from the link below listed!

I like the idea of a portable wearable negative ION device which builds a clean room space of three feet all around you! Keeping out containments, virus, flu, any type of unknown on the molecular level...

That's one down for our general health approach. So much more to go! I have already purchased for my wife and I a portable Negative ION Air Cleaner; she can wear this around the neck. This device will protect her up to 3 feet away all around her from someone who has a virus or bacteria or any carriers at her workplace causing some kind of "Swamp Monkey Fever Viruses".

I purchased one for my wife and I and she and I love it. We purchased it at the same place I bought two negative ion generators! This was around $200.00. Keeps a 3 foot diameter of protection with negative IONS all around the person wearing it! So those bacterials and coughs from others in your face will be simply eradicated with negative ions.

She gets sick pretty quickly being a CNA at a elderly facility. It cost around $100.00 for the negative ION she wears around her neck on a special string conductor! You can't clip it to your outer belt but you can wear it around the neck with a special conducting string that comes with it, it weighs 1.5 ounces. Sometimes the string stings because of the static build up. The negative ION unit tingles from the static charges your machine is delivering all around you. Caution: Some claim on Amazon the string burns their necks! 

This is only partial truth to this! The conductive string gives off tiny electrical static sparks and you may feel them from time to time. Not to worry this won't burn your neck there is not enough voltage! But what others were doing most likely when the string was pricking them little bits; they would take the string and rub it back and forth around their neck to stop the little itching from the static energies thus causing their neck to be inflamed not burned from any type of electricity!

You can pick one of these up at:

I'm hoping it does help prevent any colds that people have where she works. My main unit the F-117 TrueRife Frequency Generator will take care of the rest of our health needs as they come up throughout the year. Looks like I will have my true rife machined and the whole body Rife Scanner by Feb. 2017! You know these articles I write are really for my reminder of what I want or desire to accomplish but over the years my wife said to me, "Why don't you publish your thoughts for free, so others can enjoy their lives with some of your research". Well, I did and here we are today.

I got this idea stuck in my head and that is, these senseless killings and then eating their prey like canabals. Our Police the very ones we need to depend on when we are in trouble are being assassinated execution style, just for either being in the squad car or in uniform. It's no wander some of us go into these fringe sciences to escape this crazy world if but for a few minutes everyday!

Did you hear the news this past week a young adult man just attack a married elderly couple on the streets; a 59 year old and his wife and the attacker began to eat off the mans face! They (police) took him into custody and they drug tested him and it was confirmed by authorities he was not on any type of drugs or salts etc. Which really makes me wonder about these zombies that people talk about. Are these zombies, experiments gone wrong and then the government disposes of them by letting out in the public not warning any official or citizen. 

I wouldn't put it past them since they are doing that to refugee's, dropping off at midnight into our small towns and cities by the bus loads and not letting the officials know about them until they hear on their own local news! After certain grace period the Feds stop sending the city money to take care of them and the city now has to cloth, feed, train, house, and provide medical and whalaa our next year taxes skyrocket! They never see the inside of a courthouse. 

What is our government doing behind the veil, which may cause DNA or RNA reprogramming and those experiments that can and do go wrong? Where do they end up, on our streets of America like the mentally ill? Only God really knows for sure. The young man who was eating the guys face said, he felt demons were attacking him, so he moved his bed in their garage before that days attack.

I read there is a DHS manual for Zombie Apocalypse and Emergency Plan, do they know something we don't! This is no joke! But you have to understand something, Why? Why would our government be wasting our tax dollars to invest in pure science fiction non-sense such as of Zombies or is it pure fiction? 

Now DHS updating their Zombie Apocalypse Emergency City plans! The DEMs are losing it! What should be focus on are the cop killers and instead of bringing them to justice, bring justice to the murder on his own turf! How many more must die like anarchy prevails on our city streets!

They could have written up a UFO Emergency Planning it would have made more sense to the American People! But they did not and now that should tell us something of the governments priorities! Or maybe it's the nut jobs on the Left or the far Right in politics, who thinks the world is coming to an end so they can start their one world globalist agenda 21 

I just find it strange thinking about it. I am home all the time so I get tons of news from all over the civilized world and only believe 1/2 of the sources I read and hear and I even take that with a grain of salt. A bit here and a bit there and sometimes the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Now that everyone thinks we are all going to die because of President Trump, I would beg to differ! 

How would you like live on the other side of this fence with your home a mile away! This is common each and everyday! I don't worry about them in general but it is what diseases they are bringing across the border that worries me!

I do see companies coming back to the U.S. they are finally going to clean up those H1-B Visas (foreign workers) that are hired by private companies, they (the companies) have abused the system and now only hire foreign workers in the manufacturing jobs that are left and having their former employees (Americans) train them before they are fired! Right now the most important thing is being able to work to pay our bills and student loans or whatever is important to you. We will see if Washington can pull away from its 8 year gridlock!

I have to give some of my political views here because it will help frame the debate on things I talk about and why I talk about them. I am not a Trump or Hillary or Bush fan and I am thankful they, all the Bushes and Clintons are out of politics forever from the highest office in the land! Like it or not we are in hurting status! Prices rising, Stock market rising, Paychecks dwindling, Inflation out of control, no cost of living, that's no increase of pay salaries since the early 70's.

I never get tired of using one of 30 of Gerald's RV and RI CD when I need them! It rewires the brain correctly if you only need the results for just one day. The longer you listen to them the more solid your rewiring of your billions of neurons. 

This is why I studied Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing through Gerald and a whole source of individuals that can be helpful to my wife and I. Gerald once told me in 1996 when we talked on the phone, that bad times are coming and we should be prepared financially and physically before it happens, he meant for the middle class, he wanted to make that clear to me! 

He Remote Viewed most of the political arena in the 1990's and for good reasons, by the creating of new executive order laws in the leftist skew views, these new laws effect each and everyone of us personally it was a "take, take take" from the citizens and a dismantling of our industrial resources for the sake of clean air.

Gerald's abilities helped him prepare where we now are and encouraged others to prepare financially for such an future events when using Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. He made his fortune in "Silver" Commodities Market by predicting or Remote Viewing where the markets of Silver were heading that month in the 90's and he placed his savings in that direction and of course he won and became rich!

We don't know what to expect with Trump but I do know on the Left and on the far Right, both are Globalists leaning individuals and groups that are desperate and trying to do everything and anything to keep the Trumpeter from taking office 20 January 2017. 
People are getting killed, beat up because they are White why? They must be a Trump voter so let's beat him up so it happened on video taken by onlookers! Two black young men beating up one elderly guy who couldn't defend himself.

Don't be blinded on my basic political views, in the world scheme of things I'm just a nobody, who doesn't want to start WWIII with anyone of my readers when I mention politics here, but everyone has some kind of political view, which makes he or she do what they do or have to do in their lives to survive and make a living...

Our police are no longer safe and are being killed execution style, there were 4 execution style police assassinations in the past 24 hours of this writing in several states around the same time. People who voted for Trump and Republicans are being fired from their jobs for doing so! Many businesses are sending out memo's if you voted for Trump or your a Republican find another job we don't want you around. Is this reverse political racism? Does it effect your free speech and opinions?

This is why my research is so important, it is to keep my wife and I safe as we can in this generation. But unless you understand what is going on in the world and out your own back door; you don't stand a chance in hell of protecting yourself's or your family or your finances and your freedoms! Another college Somalian green cardholder (Legal) just plowed down a bunch of college students in Ohio and then got out of his car and began stabbing people with a butcher knife! He is dead, where he now ought to be! But ISIS gave the command because of Mosul, ISIS told all terror cells in the USA to take vehicles us them as human bombs! That statement was a week or so ago!

Like it or not ladies and gentlemen, this is our new way of life! Instead of crying about it; do something about it! Do something for yourselves; take that destructivity and that heated anger and all the craziness you can muster up within you and turn it around to something good and useful for yourselves and for your families and communities at large! Sometimes it takes a strong leader in our communities that people look up to.

But there is a price you and I will have to pay and that is it doesn't come cheap and it shouldn't matter for the ones you love so dearly. I don't have all the answers, everyday there is something new and someone else being shot and killed, it never quits! We just have to be smarter than the "Times" around us right now. 

The Late Dr. Fred Bell's book called, "Rays of Truth", Crystal of Light" contains 300 power packed and knowledgable pages for the curious mind to digress...It talks about the beginning with Semjase and her tools she gave to Fred so he could mass produce such for the American people...

The book called, "Rays of Truth, Crystal of Light" from Dr. Fred Bell, I've been reading a little each night about our subversive government, the one Dr. Bell worked for most of his young and adult career. Presidents change, come and go but our secret non-elected officials who are above the law continue their Globalist Agenda's!

It's to me a bone chilling reminder that what he, the late Dr. Fred Bell wrote about while in the government at the age of 14 on up and what he learned and documented, I recognized those shadows back then after studying his books and this has now become a reality in todays world! It was like reading tomorrows newspaper!

This book is no easy feat to read and digress, its over 300 pages chalk full of insider information you couldn't find anywhere else. I don't guide my life by it, but it helps me understand the "Why's" of what is happening in this generation. Right now this "generation" is a plaque to mankind. It's a reminder of how low humanity can stoop if they try hard enough to maim or kill in the name of religion or democracy or Globalism.

People are going crazy! Just watch the news! Nothing new here! This is exactly why I delve into "fringe" science out of the box for the past 15 years and it served us well! The only reason we do what we do is to enhance or protect ourselves from times like this. It does take a bit of small structured steps in finding what will work for you with these types of tools. 

When you are interested in a tool that can work for you the way you envisioned to, then it's good to sit down with the wife or husband to go over the budget and see where cuts can be made or not before ordering any type of specialty equipment.

Yes, everything cost money I know and we have to start learning to exercise our inherited "Risks" once in awhile.! Unlike the "Millennials" wanting free college and free this and that and expecting my wife and I to pay for it is just plain ludicrous. Nothing is free, that's worth having in the first place!

You heard "An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure"! It set's up the framework to get where your going! Tiny steps though! Taking one single step at a time! With each step, you figure your costs and the reason you want it by entertaining the "whys and the "hows" then you proceed to the next step and (that is having someone else pay for it) lol. 

Not really, it's your responsibility to pay for it and to take a chance to invest in someone else's ideas/products. Do they always work? Sometimes and sometimes not! This falls under the "Risk Verses Reward Ratio" category. The greater the "Risk" the greater the "Reward"!

Crazy JOE notice how Obama hides him well from saying the craziest things!

Sorry I don't mean to sound so philosophical here; this was not my intention in anyway or to be political but it is what it is today; we all need to accept our new reality! But this is how I take my first step in purchasing something that is "promising" me what I'm trying to accomplish in the free markets and can be done with this or that equipment. We listen to the politicians telling us they will give us the world and then we are let down as usual in politics but not so with my work.

In any endeavor of life, one must consider besides affordability one must be able to consider the "Risk Verses Reward Factor"! You heard it said, the greater the risk, the greater the reward! It's also true for the losses, the greater the risk the greater the losses, if you vested into something that just couldn't pan out. 

Those who "promise" something wonderful in their ads now become the "Risk verses Reward Ratio" category. We can only minimize that risk by doing our research; not only about such a product that promises you everything but about ourselves and what we really want and why we want it in the first place and lastly is it affordable to take such risk for luxuries items? 

When I purchase questionable products I ask myself can I afford it right now and did I do all I could with my information gathering? Then once I make a fact base decision I run it through my wife for final approval she is the comptroller. Will it benefit the both of us or just my ego alone, this is usually the first question I ask myself! 

I now do all this unconsciously these days because I have done this for many years all my life; running after products that promised the world and gave nothing in return! After being ripped off enough times one becomes wise! Good example: Everyone knows about "Lucid Dreaming", and there are many companies out there that are all too happy to suite you up with one of their light and sound devices that mechanically work but not good enough to allow one to experience that coveted state of mind!
This is the Lucid Dreaming Headband I bought for $300.00 it's called the "Aurora" took 3 years to develop and market. This was a KickStarter Project that was extremely successful.

There is not as many Lucid Dreaming devices as I thought there was on the web. This makes it easier and harder to decide; which is the better one? Are we looking for high-tech instruments or low tech and cheap? And how much am I going to have to pay for this privilege? I practice what I preach so to speak by taking the first few steps before I purchased this one device. 

I have been interested in Lucid dream for many years and just about 6 months ago I accidentally had one and it was great! I felt euphoric all that week long because of it! I need a tool a great tool that can go off when the EEG's show "dreaming"  activity not "REM" activity! Then the unit will warn me with lights and subtle sounds to be conscious in the dream I am in.

Costs are only 1/2 the factoring involved when investing your hard earned moneys. But I use this factor not to talk myself out of this or that but I use it to measure its intrinsic value, what it could do for my wife and I. Lastly, I read all customer reviews who have it.
I wanted to find out what the differences and advantages were with owning a REM detection face mask verses EEG Detection high tech device. 

I wanted to find any and all new information that has come to the science forefront in the last few years. I basically experienced Lucid Dreaming so I know it is real enough. Virtual Reality is a step closure to Lucid Dreaming reality. I read articles where game developers want to be able to hypnotize the gamer through the VR gaming allowing them to forget the real world.

My next step I wanted to see, what new and improved devices now existed that didn't five to ten years ago when I had purchased my first NOVA Dreamer. Lastly, the cost! What was I willing to pay and why was I willing to pay for such a device. What if that Risk verses Reward Ratio worked against me?

This was called the Nova Dreamer of the 1980's as with most of its predecessors, these are risky to purchase they work on old technologies that is REM Movement to set off the sensors I had this one in the 1980's really didn't work for me. The Aurora doesn't use REM detection it operates by bluetooth for its settings and it has 3 EEG dry sensors that trigger the lights and sounds once your EEG detects active movement in the 7.8 Hertz. This is where we are during our natural dream states.

When doing R&R&Ratio's all that money would be lost! I would then have another dust bunny in the closet with the rest of my purchases that nickeled and dimes me all through the years, that promised fame and fortune I was suppose to experience it delivered instead to me less closet space only. I bet you ladies know what that is like at home!

I will only invest in KickStarter when they begin to build and send out their first batched products, which in this case is why I just purchased my Aurora HeadBand for Lucid Dreaming.

OK, I took the risk and I spent $300.00 last week for a device that took three years from start to the finished product to being sold on the markets from a KickStarter campaign at iWinks. I personally never heard of the company because I didn't research "KickStarter" programs all that much! These KickStarters are risky to pay out money too, when the product is still on a piece of paper and idea only; some KickStarters never made it past the paper idea and ended up belly up! 

But people who believed in "iWinks" ideas invested $300 and they took that risk, it finally paid off after 3 years of waiting. I have to give them (the investors) credit for the long wait! I read one testimony of a KickStarter investor, who got to use the prototype unit and they found it was right on cue when the EEG triggered the device in the 7.8 hertz region, setting off the dream lights and sounds while they were full dreaming. The headband only comes on; once the EEG senses that particular brain hertz it is producing in real sleep time.

One lady who had the earlier version Aurora Headband used it faithfully everyday for ten days, each time before going to bed and she had become lucid 8 out of the 10 days! She maybe unique but if I could get one lucid dream, once a week, I would settle for that! Even more if I could! Lucid Dreaming is important to me because when I experienced one about 6 months ago it allowed me so much power of creation! Or in some instances I would allow my environment to create what it wanted. In this lucid dream I walk forward into some kind of building that led down in an underground carved out foundation with all dirt floor.

In this Lucid Dream I was able to talk with people, they were real to me, just like flesh and blood but I kept saying aloud this is a dream! I asked what year it was and the old man sitting on a makeshift rope swing told me its the year 1960 and he said to me, "Where have you been all your life"! But the hard part is staying lucid and not getting to caught up too much in the story and forget your lucid! 

You know those old designed face masks that cover your eyes and cheeks and the device is reading itself on the first REM movement and this can happen in the "alpha" wave hertz. The Nova Dreamer...

It sucked me in at the last section of my dreaming. So the risk I took was fairly reasonable because I do respond to stimuli in my dreaming. But this infant company from the KickStarter promotion raised enough money in two weeks to over $200,000+ this help them hire engineers to build molds and for the electrical circuit boards etc. and lastly for the production of the units.

I thought the aurora headband was a unique design! I still don't like a full face mask over my face while I am sleeping. This Aurora device sits snugly over your third eye chakra securing its place with a nice breathable stretch band. It puts no pressure in that area, I was told you could hardly notice it on after the first couple of minutes. All of this was designed around comfort and controlling the "size" of the unit as minimally as possible. 

No one wants to sleep with any type pressure on their faces and wake up only to find your Lucid Dreaming Device is across the bedroom on the floor below! Ok, now I have the device what's next! I would certainly look over the instructions to make sure how to set the brightness and color pulsations etc. I am using a small beeper device that just came in the mail and programmed it that it would go off every 30 minutes throughout each day then I ask myself this:

"Is this a dream or is this "reality"? "It's "reality" would be my answer then I would get back to what I was doing. It's my hopes these "reality" checks help me exercise the function in the brain that can question ones own reality while awake but we seem to lose control of it when we dream.

The earlier investors who spent $300 for this Aurora had to wait for 3 years from the drawing board to the assembly! Now it's become a reality...they took the risk and now reaping the reward for themselves.

You place the device the Aurora Head Band over the third eye chakra or the center of the forehead close to the eyes but not over them! Then shut off the lights and go to sleep! In or around 10-15 minutes after falling asleep here is what is suppose to happen: You will more than likely noticed a bright white or red light flashing in the area of your dreaming whether your associating with people at some restaurant or on some boat fishing. 

What's happening, the whole sky above you is flashing bright red lights! What is now going on? The device is automatically activated as soon as the EEG measurements found the brainwaves just dropped in the 7.8 hertz or below targeted area . What happened during that first 10-15 minutes sleeping time, the brainwaves drop a little further into "Theta" mind state. There's no telling how long that time will last with each REM signal throughout the night.

When the brain falls into the 7-8 hertz range this triggered the Aurora Head Device to activate on it's own. With some of the other devices out there, it goes off REM (rapid eye movement) only and sometimes the REM will happen when in the "Alpha-State" of mind, so the older masks trips its unit off too early and it wakes you up! But now only reading the EEG of the actual brainwaves, are we able to get those flashy lights and sounds to appear in the very state our minds are in at that moment in time. 

You suddenly realize hey your dreaming! Two things will happen maybe several. The first that could happen you get so exited you wake yourself out of your dreaming. The other thing that could happen is you now take control of the very dream you created unconsciously in the first place. 

When arriving consciously inside your dream world you have now become a mini-creator! You can create special effect worlds. Imagine like being on the star Trek Holodeck! You program what you want to experience and its there, except the subconscious mind is much larger then the Holodeck!

Another likely event would be, you come out of your dream and find yourself either in the astral world  and you can stay there and have a lot of fun or the real world and now you went from Lucid Dreaming to Out of Body Projection. Now you can go throughout the universe or to the Akashic Records to see our past, present or future.

Or another thing can happen to you right before you have what they call false awakening! You are perfectly awake and conscious but if you look around carefully like at your digital clock it will do some strange things! These are just a few simple things to look forward too if you become lucid. Try taking off your Aurora HeadBand and you find you can't because your lucid or having a false awakening.

You will more than likely see the lights and hear the sounds but it's up to you and you alone to encourage your consciousness to wakeup and this takes a little practice on your parts. Encourage your consciousness to question everyday reality without fail! That's why I purchased this PEST device that beeps or buzzes every 30 minutes, and I stop what I am doing and pose the questions of my reality and my subconscious mind will be training the whole time!

What you will be able to achieve would be next to miraculous! I know people who lucid dream locally but they don't take it seriously; they just always have fun with it. I talked to some of them and asked have they ever considered once in those lucid moments of learning some skills they couldn't learn while in the waking world? 

Lucid Dreaming is delicate just like out of body projections. If you get too excited you will become too conscious and shut down the experience. If you keep peaceful and do reality checks and focus in this dreamworld you will more than likely continue the Lucid Dream you so coveted.

For example I told them, you always wanted to ski but in reality you were scared! But did you know you could create the worlds highest mountain and you can ski down this mountain and sometimes you will fall and have to try again like in real life but you do without consequences! Or you could conjure up a professional skier to teach you how to ski every night and not cost you a single dime.

Every time you Lucid Dream you go back to your instructor and start practicing. Let's say in a month you are perfect at skiing in your lucid world, it won't take long for the physical body to do what your mind was taught (Mind Body Connect)! It's winter and you put on your ski's boom no mistakes and your even doing some high jumps now a couple of feet in the air! I asked the locals who could lucid dream at will, what they thought about it and they said, we just have fun with it!

Some people just don't understand the gift that was given to them. Because when you train yourself or have a great trainer in your dreams to train you, you would in time acquired the necessary physical motor skills to compliment what you were taught to do what you always wanted to do such as, maybe play a guitar, skiing, piano! Small children can do this on their own because they play imaginary games of all sorts and entertain invisible people. This is because their brain functions almost 90% in Theta mind state.

I talked with "Learning Strategies" from Minnesota who first sold the NOVA Dreamer in the 1980's and there was a guy name Carl he was a partner in the business and he loved Lucid Dreaming. I asked him what one could do or accomplish doing with such a thing. He told me that he learned how to play the piano from Mozart himself. I thought he was joking but he was dead serious. His subconscious created Mozart and Mozart sat beside him and placed his fingers on the keys he needed to push down to make the music.

I talked with a gentleman name Carl at Learning strategies in Minneapolis. He purchased his first NOVA Dreamer Lucid dream sleeping mask. He had it for about one month and each time he woke up because of the lights going off in his dreams he would take off to outer space to the farthest reaches and just float there for hours when in actuality he only spend 3-4 minutes dreaming. 

After about one month of this, Carl wanted to sit down at the keyboard to see if what he learned using the Lucid Dreaming really did work and work it did! He played like a seasoned veteran! He told me he learned many other skills from this type of training. Because the subconscious mind is the most powerful instrument in this universe to this state of mind all it knows is the "now" not tomorrow or the past or next week!

Hypnosis is a weak way of entering in its hallowed grounds. But you are the only one who has the keys to open your pure potential because you trust "yourself"! Thus you are now able to walk through the gateway of your own subconscious from your Lucid state of mind with the help of a high tech tool but once that tool flashes the rest is up to you.

Everyone of us is different and unique specimen of humanity so everyone will experience their unique gifts of learning and having fun only they can do because they are the only "them" in the entire world! Don't try to emulate someone else when you Lucid dream just feel your way through who and what you are inside and go with that and in time you will develop and be on a much higher plane of existence where you were meant to be. 

To those folks who believe in God and hold him dear to themselves this is the place where you can be close to who you believe in and worship in the "Theta" mind state. If you don't believe in a God that 's ok too! Do you like "time traveling"? Once you become lucid you can then leave your body and go to any timeline you choose to be at! Without a time machine! Your subconscious mind is the time machine; the most powerful of its kind to date! No vacation time! Never will that happen again! Your subconscious mind will be your Virtual Reality and of course will do a much better job!

Once you are Lucid and you don't get crazy and just relax, look around what your subconscious is showing you. Do small creation commands at first to get use to it. You can make bigger demands as you practice.

When you become lucid you just desire where you want to be, whether in the Bermudas or the Bermuda Triangle it doesn't matter you will be there in seconds! You will learn how to touch, taste, hear or smell so it becomes that much more enjoyable on your lucid dreaming vacation. Virtual Reality on steroids.

For you lonely men out there, yes you too can date the most beautiful women on this planet or on another planet if that is your desire to do so. All this is possible by the creation of your subconscious minds, you are only limited to your own imaginations. 

With all these possibilities you must remind yourselves you can bring all this knowledge back with you into your waking environment! Some of it may work and be useful and some of it just entertainment only.

One last thing I feel needs mentioning that you hardly hear about and this should be great news for all allergy suffers and SAD inflicted individuals etc. The power of "Negative IONS"! I was doing some heavy researching and found even in Consumer Reports we are so over populated by "Positive" IONS, which makes a person ill in so many ways!

Did you know or realize that being in a "Positive" ION environment can cause strong depression and ills of many kinds! Yet the Psychologists and our own medical doctors will only refer you to a HEPPA filter and a ION/OZONE generator for allergies which create the very thing that's hurting you!

There are decades of research information that bombarding yourselves with negative IONS will make you feel better, uplifted, just happy for no reason. This is because your brain is now producing seratonen

But what about those depressed and ill people who are just feeling blah all the time in their home, what  can a doctor suggest or any health practitioner suggest for you to do about such things? So I continued my research and found we are indeed over ran by +IONS. Now some people can't handle the OZONE machine because it can cause headaches for some people. Small companies took to the research to create particular home and portable negative -ION machines without creating OZONE!

Negative ions are dispersed to every direction. 

Many negative ion generators found in the market disperse negative ions to one direction only and very few negative ions can be detected in other directions. i.e. Negative ions do not reach you. 

This means not only you cannot enjoy negative ion effects but also your generator just wastes electricity. 

For example, if you have a heater and only the air around it can be warmed, you will look for a new heater which can distribute the hot air throughout the room. The same goes with negative ion generators. Negative ions have to be distributed throughout the room to enjoy negative ion effects. It is often overlooked and little information can be found but it is one of the most important things to remember when you purchase a negative ion generator.

You might be asking yourselves then how much OZONE does this device produce? 0.001pm only! This generator rests on a mini-tripod  stand and you can easily angle the unit for a dispersed field of spray! Made in Japan. This wouldn't be my first choice!

I just purchased for $140.00 for my wife, a wearable -ION Generator it creates a 3 foot field around the user of the device. This is suppose to protect one from any viruses or molds or flu bug etc. The above unit I want to get for our bedroom only! I will keep the ION/OZONE room generator to cover the entire house. The above is a bit more expensive. But the benefits of being under the influence of negative -IONS are not to be compared with anything else.

These are just some graphs I copied with their test results

Results of being exposed to -IONS only!

No.TestMeasured itemThe result showsTest result
1Tension of the sympathetic nervous systemFinger temperature change by cold water The recovery speed of the finger temperature, which goes down by cold water, shows the tension of the sympathetic nervous system. The finger temperature recovers quickly, so the tension of the sympathetic nervous system is alleviated.
2Endocrinological test (Blood test)PT value Numerical value which shows the hemostatic time The lower value shows a higher hemostatic capability. 
Cortisol valueNumerical value which shows the stress hormone balanceThe lower value shows less stress.
3Immunological test (Blood test)Number of NK cells The number of cells which kill cells infected with bacteria and cancer cells. They decrease as stress is alleviated. It is thought that immunological stress is alleviated as the number decreases. 

Data 1: Cold water test
Fig.1 shows the finger temperature, which goes down by cold water, recovers quickly. It is thought that the tension of the sympathetic nervous system is alleviated. 
Fig.1: Finger temperature change by cold water after exposure to negative ions
Test procedures
8 healthy persons, who are 21-24 years old, participated in this test. It was conducted at 25C/50% in a temperature/humidity-controlled room. The finger temperature of the left hand was measured after immersing in 15C cold water for 3 minutes with and without negative ions. It was also measured after doing a simple calculation, reciting given numbers in the reverse order and breathing deeply.
Data2: PT value, Cortisol value, Number of NK cells
Measured valueWithout the Ion HouseWith the Ion Housep-value
PT value11.26±0.37810.9±0.5680.001
Cortisol value (4-18) micro-g/dl14.28±4.77410.93±3.6610.057
Number of NK cells (1) NK(CD16)cell19.19±9.37113.13±3.7120.019
Number of NK cells (2) 16+56+16.61±8.11211.35±3.5730.015
*1 n=8
*2 Generally, it is statistically thought to be significant when the p-value is below 0.05.
I thanked the late Dr. Fred Bell for placing his experiences about his Negative ION Shower he had in his home...

The two each I will probably get is from:

I have known about Comtech Research for a few years they are a family built business since 1989 but I really didn't understand what they were selling all those years. When I came across material by Dr. Fred Bell who himself owned a portable Negative ION Shower device and hung it from the ceiling just above the door way in his house, where shoes were taken off. He would stand under it for a few minutes and said he would feel great!

IG-133DG negative ion generator it is $204.00 it's his flagship model! I suggest you go to his website (the link above this picture) you will find some interesting research how this can put you in a great mood how negative ions effect the central nervous systems and keep allergens down by nearly 100%! with Ozone detected at 0.02ppm only. Just at the time of this writing I purchased two of these units!

I remember Fred said, after a long drive from LA all those positive ions produced by exhaust and the pollution and the hot humid climate; he couldn't wait to come home and stand under the round hanging item which he called a Negative ION Shower! Still I really didn't understand it all that much at that time, until now! 

The problem was the Ozone Generator could do marvelous things but all it was designed to do was to take "odors" and kill what causes odors in the home and pollution, which of itself is great, but the very thing it can't do is produce -Negative IONS, which a person needs to have in order for their mood swings to be uplifted!

The Negative ION Generator uses the static electricity from the household current power and the machine electrifies the air with negative ions and these ions attached themselves to the dust mites and any type of polluted particles floating in the air and drops them down to the floor and on the machine itself. 

I find it great to see the video below how the smoke within seconds goes from cloudy to all most clean, the same thing will happen in your house as well.

You now have clean air like in a clean room and your allergies are non existent as long as the negative ion generator is running 24/7 twelve months out of the year. Its quiet and produces many millions of negative ions and can clean a 5 foot area all around perfectly!

What the IG-133DG can do when the machine is turned on

Here is some of the facts of this device:
  • The IG-133DG can be used almost anywhere but is recommended for heavily polluted environments, especially where cigarette smoke, etc. is present.
  • Built-in DustGrabber™ to help prevent dust or other pollution removed from the air from collecting on the table around the unit. Does NOT reduce the ion density.
  • Produces approx. 100 trillion high-density negative ions per second. That's what it takes to generate one million negative ions per cubic centimeter at a distance of one meter.
  • Includes the long-life CFE-2 conductive filament negative ion emitter at no extra charge.
  • Completely quiet and very efficient.
  • Only $204.95 each; 10% discount ($184.45) if ordering more than one online at one time.
  • Only 5" wide x 5.25" deep x 8" high
  • Uses less table space than the two models shown above.

  • Only $204.95.

  • Includes the long-life CFE-2 negative ion emitter at no extra charge.

  • Built-in DustGrabber™

  • Completely quiet and very efficient.

  • Produces approx. 100 trillion high-density negative ions per second.

  • Only 5" wide x 5.25" deep x 8" high

  • 5-year warranty and 60-day money-back trial.

  • Produces NO ozone, harmful positive ions, or EMF radiation.

  • Running 24/7, average electricity cost is only about 4 cents a month.

Combined into this model.
(DustGrabber is available separately).
  • The DustGrabber greatly enhances the effectiveness of a negative ion generator.
  • The DustGrabber helps trap airborne allergy-causing particles such as dust, pollen, and mold spores.
  • It significantly increases the effectiveness of a negative ionizer for air purification and removal of pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, etc. from the air.
  • Unique type of electrical field near the unit silently attracts more airborne particles of other particulates and allergens without generating undesirable positive ions or harmful EMF radiation.
  • Helps reduce or eliminate the accumulation of dust and dirt on the table, nearby objects, or surfaces (black wall).
  • Does not reduce the level of negative ions in the air.
  • No filters to buy - ever. Just wipe clean occasionally.
  • Long-lasting, highly effective, reliable, quality designed and built.
  • Available only from Comtech Research. There's nothing like it.

I guess when you get my age one gravitates for better health if not having to use Obamacare and paying 10,000 co-pay before you can even use it....

I wanted you to see what I look for before purchasing a promised unit. I looked elsewhere but some where less in the millions of negative ions etc. So this is what I am going to purchase tonight of this writing! I will then let everyone know how it works for us! Here is the thing I have PTSD that came about from an attacker who tried to kill me. So my stressors come from many different sources.

When I learned that (-) negative ions help better mood swings and it helps those with SAD syndromes and winter blues due to serotonin releases in the brain etc. then maybe it can help my condition if not just temporary! Believe me a temporary reprieve of PTSD just for one hour out of a 24 hour day would be a miracle for me! I have nothing to lose and I can't lose what I don't have right now! This is why the F-117 truerife is important to me and my wife's health also. This will play an integral part in our Health regimen.

I will let you all know how the portable negative ion generator works for my wife at work the one she places around her neck and hangs at the middle of the shirt, in about 30 days or so! She always gets the flu when her workplace gets it. So three days from this writing she will be getting her unit in the mail and begin to wear it. It creates a 3 foot field of negative ions killing airborne virus and bacterias. It cost about $100.00! Far cheaper than our Ozone Air Cleaner!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Megan Bell one of the two daughter of the late Dr. Fred Bell

Dr. Fred Bell Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector Necklaces...

As I am writing this article I am wearing my Nuclear Receptor with the one ct. diamond solitaire embedded in the center of the disk supported by 4 each leg bridges which come to center where the diamond is placed. Everything that comes at a human being, manmade or non-manmade EMF's ELF's etc. will be filtered through this diamond! Then it is processed according to the Pledian laws of their physics, through down through the bridges to the spiraling pyramids in the background of the face of the pendant with a continuous flowing of pyramidal design located on the back of the pendant that goes to the very hole in the center of the disk itself.

Essentially the Nuclear Receptor is a cellular/energetic biological battery charger! It's suppose to be used for this purpose and once you are thoroughly charged, you can take off the pendant and maybe wear if you have one, a Holographic Projector Necklace this necklace will use that charge from the Nuclear Receptor to alter the "wave" energies. This is what I do most of the time. I tried wearing both at the same time and they seem to cancel each other out and thus produce no noticeable results that I am aware of.

I haven't wore my Holographic Projector long enough to know for sure what it really can do for me. I installed four each 1/4ct. diamonds also. Which gives it tremendous amount of power according to the late Dr. Fred Bell and his "EX" builder. I got to talk to Rob his ex-partner, they parted on good terms...Rob decided to go another direction in his life. But Rob emailed me and told me he could build any device I wanted that Dr. Fred Bell sold many years ago to the public because he was the one who built them in the first place.

Dr. Fred Bell's Irradiators are sectional pyramid shape towers of metal with precious stones every so many inches held by strong test fishing line. This sits upon a pyramid designed octagon type base. Crystals around a couple of pounds are placed inside this base the tower rests on!

I am still hung up on those Irradiators, I need six of them! They each stand 6 feet tall and curve downward at the top. Think of a huge candy cane type with a little less curl at the top. These units rest on a pyramid construction base and throughout is wired from top to bottom and every so many inches there are quartz crystals in certain areas of the Irradiators on those lines. I was trying to look for the old Ion Generators he use to sell, Rob told by email he is working on those as he was writing to me; the ION Generator would hook up to the Irradiators by alligator clips and be plugged in causing a static charge on each Irradiator up to 50,000 volts! Dr. Bell had four like in the bottom display area, with one Irradiator facing E and another S and yet another W and another North in his living room!

This is Dr. Fred Bell's Quad System that can open vortexes. These are called his "Irradiators". $1400 a piece. Need (4) each and (4) each ion generators not shown (not to be compared to air cleaners) the ION generator produces 50,000 DC Volts with each Irradiator. You need minimum (4) each pen lasers with (4) each mini tripod stands to hold them steadily in place. Lastly you need small to medium sized quartz crystals types to place into each of the bottom the irradiator units. In the center; several more 5 pounds or more crystals (These would be called your "Master Crystals") and you should have a laster pointing at the center crystals as well, the ominion will be raised or lowered above these crystals in the center of the room depending upon full moon and any other moon types along with another unit called the Star ORB.

Each Irradiator was electrified with the plugged into each ion generator, so if you bump into the irradiator you will get a strong tickle! Dr. Fred Bell ran these units for an hour and within that same time period thunder clouds began to form off the Laguna beach coast about 10 miles out to sea, visibility was at the time 100 miles out with clear skies. The clouds near the horizon darken quickly then lightening bolts started to hit the waters ahead. The bolts were striking the water one after the other and then on the on the beach and the next one on his neighbors garage roof and Dr. Bell knew what was happening! 

These Irradiators being charged were creating a vortex of energy from his back porch, which seemed to be attracting these lightening bolts around Fred Bell's house. Before the last lightening bolt could be discharged right onto the Irradiators themselves, Fred kicked the  Irradiators over until all the units were not functioning and the lightening strikes quit. He brought them into his house set them up in his living room again hooking up the ion generators to the base of each Irradiator and he had a center piece of large amounts of big and small crystals (quartz types) in the middle of his living room. Like in the above picture.

The Irradiators are setup sort of like Stone Hedge and once activated it will create an artificial vortex due to the pyramidical shape with the precious stones that are aligned in the frame works from top to bottom and the way the bottom base is made like a octagon from pyramid shapes and crystal stones about the sizes of a 5-10lbs. these are placed on the bottom of each of these stands that hold the towers in place...Along with using Lasers to activate Tachyon energies under each of the base stands of the Irradiators with lasers.

What he did next, he place four of the Irradiators one in each corner of his living room with it's own ion generator supply to power the pyramidal shapes of the unit. Then he setup laser stands and placed very powerful red, blue, green, pen type lasers into the tripod and face each laser to each bottom of the irradiators that had quartz crystals placed into it. So you have 4 pen laser lights on their own miniature tripods charging the bottom of each irradiator crystal (s) to allow the crystal to get into the excited state form. The ION generator is producing 50,000 DC Volts of static power exciting the scalar type energies in the area.

This device is raised up during the full moon and it is lowered during afterwards. This is the closeup of the Ominion. 

Lastly he had a "Ominion" that was suspended by a pulley system in his living room ceiling with a thin cable so he could raise or lower the Ominion in the center of the irradiators during full moon stages by lowering it near the master crystals in the center of his living room or raising it high above it. I believe if it was a full moon he would lowered over the crystals in the center table with the irradiators statically charging in all four corners of the room. So what is the purpose with all this? The irradiators were given to Dr. Fred Bell from Semjase and she told them these irradiators will open a vortex wide enough to travel through and to send communications back and forth.

Even Dr. Fred Bells daughter who now runs Pyradyne had her picture taken while she was standing right in the middle of the living room with all 4 irradiators being active and the crystals be excited with the bombardment of lasers, you can see all around her (Megan) practically disappearing right on the photo! All of this can be found in Dr. Fred Bell's books. He shows you how to set them up. One lady had six of these that she place in a circle and she sat in the middle meditating. Within a few minutes she opened her eyes and she was bouncing ever so slightly off her ceiling about six feet high from her beginning ground level.

These Bell Irradiators are still built by Dr. Bells old engineer, "Rob Potter"at he can pretty much build you everything you need. Megan's Bell's site don't offer such equipment anymore since the passing away of her father. Mostly her pendants and maybe a micro star burst and some wearable pyramids and the projector and receptors.

When she reach up to the ceiling she began to float over and away from the irradiators and then she fell and broke her arm! Of course this all happen in the liberal state of California. She called the late Dr. Fred Bell and told him about what happened and he told her when you are floating you must use your physical will power to stay right dead center of the irradiators. Had they been spaced out further to make a much bigger circle then you could have floated for a further and longer period of time.

This is one of the newer designs of the Mini-FireStar Original that Dr. Fred Bell was given by Semjase. Need and ION Generator special built. This attracts UFO's. Dr. Bell had placed it in the back of his old pickup years ago and within minutes there were fast moving orbs of lights all over the sky of above them! Rob Potter can build these for you!

The reason I don't have these devices myself is because he wants $1500.00 per Irradiator Tower plus for each ion generator specifically designed to charge the Irradiators bases and to obtain lasers and stands and a few other articles to make Fred Bells construction of what Semjase showed him work for us. He said he would give me a deal but I sincerely doubt it will be that much cheaper! This is truly fringe science but I need my TrueRife first and foremost and that will cost me close to $8-9 thousand dollars.

I told Rob about the visit of this ghostly lady who comes in the morning hours that kept looking at my both necklaces the receptor and the projector...Then she would just come to my side of the bed and whisper to me to go back to sleep or she would do the complete opposite she would tell me to wake up! This went on for about a week or so after being charged by the Nuclear Receptor. I would hang both necklaces on my tall dresser drawer knob and let them hang there. This is the time Semjase would show up using part of our dimension and her's to be cloaked so I couldn't see her face.

Not everyday Semjase would make herself known to just anyone, I guess she was happy someone purchased her devices her people's designed from her home world...

But she wasn't afraid of either of us! She liked messing with me when I would sleep in too late; she would sit down on my side of the bed and whisper in my ear, "It's time to get up"! I thought all about this incident and found when I wore the Nuclear Receptor for 9 days or so it would attract the very designer and builder of such technologies and you have to remember this all happened after I took out the Zirconia diamonds that were originally place there and replaced them with real diamonds of the same size. Rob Potter told me get rid of those Zircons, he stated, you're only getting 1/3 the powers from that Nuclear Receptor that was promised by Semjase.

This is another design give to Dr. Fred Bell called the "Star Shield". A grounding wire is hooked to the unit and ran out your house on to a copper or metal grounding pipe in the ground! It collects the undesirables and runs this negative energy or scalar back into mother earth.

Both Receptor and Projector I got from the late Dr. Fred Bell are sterling silver! I had both silver necklaces dipped in plated gold! The projector is 24ct gold and the receptor is only 10ct of gold dip I dipped locally. The gold helps harness additional frequencies over the silver frequencies. There is no need to get your projectors or receptors dipped in gold if you like silver. You can have them dipped in pure platinum if you can take the energies! We did this once, there was a company that did those kinds of dips. When we receive our jewelry back and put them on and walked out to our vehicle, both of us thought our hearts were coming outside our chests.

We wanted to get these receptors and projectors dipped back in "Platinum" but the company which was owned by one Mung person went somewhere else out of cities. I could get my own kit and do a very professional job but it would cost me around $2500.00 for the kit and this kit wouldn't be used all that much other than to re-dip at a later date. The kit was designed for someone who is in that type of business in the public. Being I got real expensive diamonds in my jewelry I am not crazy about sending out my diamonds to a company out of my state and wondering if my diamonds will be replaced with fake ones once I get my devices back and this has happened to people!

One can never be too safe, getting a real diamond installed how would anyone actually know if a real one was sold to you at premium prices? But we watched the Jewelry Exchange them take out the Zircon and the lady handed over the diamond for the Nuclear Receptor and he installed it right in front of us!

My wife wants to be there at the jewelry shop to watch them do it from beginning to end when taking one diamond out and putting the new one in! If they have to hide their work we don't trust them! My receptor with the new diamond is worth $8000.00 now I had another jewelry shop do an assay for the insurance company! In any event, it seems Semjase likes both the projectors and receptors! When I wear both of them just as outside jewelry many women stop and stare at these necklaces. I wasn't sure what they were looking at but my wife said, they are looking at your diamonds!

Note: I just want you all to be aware you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on diamonds to replace those zircons for your receptor/projector to work. You have to know your ct size whether round, square etc. your new real diamond will be the same size as your  zircon is, the jeweler can help you there. This will establish a starting point in cost and then is the clarity issue; this is where it can go up in price. The more clear and flawless the diamond is the more expensive it will be. We kept in the G-H ranges, there not a perfect clarity because I can't afford that, but they are clear enough so no "yellow" tint is showing! The Link above have a scale to use to help you pick the right diamond plus installation. (They are reasonable).

Semjase didn't recommend to the late Dr. Fred Bell that the diamonds have to be this or that! Rob Potter, Dr. Fred Bells builder who use to work with Mr. Bell for so many years with the company told me, just as long as it is a real diamond it doesn't hurt it even if the diamond is a bit cloudy or has yellowish tints, none of this matters. It's the stone itself that matters which allows the mystical interferences to occur in a person's life in this reality and the other interfering reality(s) the unique instruments construes. The cleaner the filter (diamond) the more powerful the energies.

Below is the standing Holographic Projector for $2500 each! Ouch! I had a set of four many years ago, I bought them used! I want to re-purchase for another (4) for about $900.00 if anyone has these available and hasn't used them for years! Just email me!

These are the ones I am looking for. Four of them would be plenty but six would be perfect. Self Standing Holographic Projectors...These are used by experienced researchers only.

Anyone who has 4-6 portable self standing Holographic Projectors and your not using them anymore, "email" me I am interested in finishing off my lab at home! I am sure we can come up with an agreed price...The company sells each one for $2500.00 a piece! Way too much for my budget at the moment! Plus I have to replace those fake diamonds with a real one ct. solitaire diamond that would be anywhere from 6-10 diamonds a minimum of $6000 to replace! These are suppose to be the main power generators and the holographic necklaces will connect with these larger plates. This is the reason of the projectors existence, when the late Dr. Bell built the necklaces.

The Projector is a wave machine with four gemstones located on its bridge. The gemstone color is to be determined by the wearer. The Receptor, on the other hand, utilizes one gemstone and requires kinesiology or muscle testing to determine color and quality. The Projector consists of two concentric circles, each containing pyramids that are all split down the middle mounted both vertically and horizontally. Between the two concentric circles lies two three-sided pyramids, and another pyramid split four ways acting as the gateway for the two concentric circles.
In careful study of the Projector as viewed from the front, you’ll notice a de-spiraling pattern that collapses into an infinity pattern. These space penetrating design patterns, in turn, create two scalar fields that collapse into themselves. This creates a doorway into the holographic structure of the universe. The two three-sided pyramids move the energy, starting with the mental plane, following energies through the other six planes simultaneously. This creates a merger of consciousness and the holographic nature of space and time.
It's just not purchasing these odd tools to open vortexes but you have to have the instructions on how to use them! Which is why I purchased all Dr. Bell's books especially the "Rays of Truth, Crystal of Lights"...
What the company doesn't say is and you have to get this information from his published books of Dr. Fred Bell, those lasers (pen) the more expensive units; not those cheap lasers, next getting the self standing tripods to hold and position them, the laser lights must be shined directly on each diamond and each pattern or path of the laser going from one diamond to another on another plate determines different type scenarios. You would be using the number of lasers according to the number of diamonds on the each plate.

The patterns you would be able to create (those lines the lasers make from one diamond to another are endless). This is where the research must come in and patience and note taking on what works and what doesn't. I didn't mention the "Colors" which also effect the scalar gateways! The Diamonds combine every color in existence and intensifying those already different colors would produce the "cause and effect" patterns.
But there is a particular way Dr. Fred Bell setup in his living room to create a very real working vortex. Of course, the setup would cost around and I am guessing right now, $10,000! This would include irradiators 4 each and a crap load of crystals along with their ion generators to build irradiator static charges etc. All this he had was taken by the woman he was living with most of his life after he died. His home was bare and cleaned out! When his daughters arrived.
It seems when there is a loss in the family the worse comes out in people! Everyone rushes to get their portion before the frigid temperatures set in...
She, Dr. Bell's lifetime partner knew the value of what her hubby had and took it all to a undisclosed location, not even the daughters know where it all disappeared. Most of what he owned can't be produced by Pyradyne company at this time. Rob Potter could produce a lot of it but it will cost you!

The builder Rob Potter was Dr. Fred Bell's builder/designer of these unique items that Semjase introduced to Dr. Bell many years ago. Robs address is: he still makes some of those items that Pyradyne doesn't sell anymore! When Dr. Fred Bell died and for the most part so did most of his equipment. But Rob Potter is trying to keep the production going at least a good bit of it.

I have all the late Dr. Fred Bell's books he ever written and they are great! The one I love the most is called, "The Promise"! If you ever get the chance and wish to know how all this got started this is the place to start with. I wasn't planning to go this way with my article, I guess there is just some information left inside me to share and or bring to light the secret things you had no idea about when it comes to the late Dr. Fred Bell. 

These portable pyramids one can wear can also be aligned with magnetic "N" and then you can place crystals or anything you know and can take a clean charge.

The ones we got the two wearable pyramids we place on top our noggins are built with titanium and all sides are 45 degrees! It really does lower the brainwaves! I will try to prove this once I get my Aurora Lucid Dream Headband, the software will measure my EEG's once I place the pyramid over my head! All the recorded EEG's will be in the I-Phone.

For those who were wandering if Dr. Fred Bell's wearable pyramid actually works, I can say unequivocally "yes" they do! I still have one, I had one each for my wife and I but my wife sold hers on E-bay! When you put it on/or over your head you can feel the differences. The brainwaves begin to lower almost immediately. In fact, one evening I was ready to fall asleep and I had the pyramid sitting on top of my wife's vanity dresser. I looked at it for a brief moment and closed my eyes and like on the "mummy" where that kid put on the bracelet and how it took him back to an ancient of days.

But he the kid was still in his own dimension with the bracelet! This is how my vision was working, I was flying over the green plains until I came up to these great pyramids. This pretty much all I can remember of that! I usually where it sitting up in bed while reading some of my books. It looks silly but they do work as Dr. Fred Bell said they would. All these concepts came from the Adromenden's and the Pleadian's. Semjase presented such technologies to the USA governments but they wanted their advance weaponry not their ideological tools to better mankind. (Using the Aurora it will be able to measure the EEG before and after wearing such units to bring one in a meditative state of mind.)

So the U.S.A. ask Semjase for the war machine and she insisted to build their spiritual worth so the government turned down Semjase's offer and went with and consulted with the Grey's for their aircraft technologies and their advanced weaponry. So Semjase made it her mission to help people who had engineering experience and the funds to help create instruments to better mankind. Again the problem is none of these devices are cheap! Just for one of the above stand alone projectors from the Adromedan's the company is asking $2500.00 a piece! These tools are not for the faint in heart in their finances. I was blessed just to be able to afford at the time both necklaces.

I eventually want to get the rest of Dr. Fred Bell's unique equipment that was designed and built from the Pledians  from another galaxy...Do you know how much I have to cringe to say this! If I never would have experienced what I did I would never have stated such a remark on this blog!

I am eyeing up Rob Potters design of the original "Micro-StarBurst unit that hangs on the wall and is used for meditation and the contacting of UFO's it's pretty much two devices in one. By adding the ion generator and putting a charge to the unit hanging on the wall just increases the unique power and outreach this devices is touted to accomplish. The original Star Burst given to Dr. Fred Bell was used in some remote area of the U.S. and he invited several groups of like minded individuals to witness what may or may not happen that night.

Micro StarBurst this can be made for you by Rob Potter and with Megan's sister both sisters run the two different businesses. Notice on each end contains a nuclear receptor plate lining up and down the pyramidical shapes are semi-precious stones arranged to be receptive and to broadcast.

No one was disappointed that night! the Micro StarBurst was positioned toward the sky in the back of his pickup and within 20 minutes there were UFO's flying all around where they were located. Soon several F4's fighter jets were all over the sky also! Back then, this was the top of the line Air Force fighter aircraft. I used to guard them when I was a security policemen in the Air Force in Alaska in 1979! Before Dr. Bell's sudden passing that original wall unit was also confiscated by his partner and she has them located in some unknown disclosed area. 

Rob Potter built all those for Dr. Bell, Dr. Bell never built these; he would figure the math and all the paperwork but Mr. Potter built the final design. This is why I am interested in his works, the true design the way it was suppose to be. I want to get the "ANK" yikes $2000.00! I will be looking elsewhere for people needing cash who would sell their stand alone Holographic Projectors to me. Like I said before the "ANK" was Semjase's last and latest design given to Dr. Bell to build and to sell to the American public this was way before his passing.

I want to get this last one called the "ANK"! The price is $2000.00 this is sterling silver dipped in 24ct. gold...But I would have to take the Zircon diamond out and replace it with a loose solitaire one ct. diamond.

I couldn't tell anyone what this "ANK" may or may not accomplish but it is more powerful then the Nuclear Receptor from reading Dr. Fred Bell's information about it and from his radio talk shows. This statement is only true by replacing the existing Zirconia with a real solitaire one ct. diamond. The only reason I believe it could be powerful because of what the old Nuclear Receptor was and still is capable of accomplishing in a persons life.

In Dr. Bell's book called, "Rays of Truth, Crystal of Lights" shows how all these tools and how they were used and why and a little bit of the known science behind each one. There was a long time customer and good friend of Dr. Bell, his name is Steven Barish. Very nice fellow I got to talk with him after meeting with him on Dr. Bells weekly radio show.

This is the "ANK" Dr. Fred Bell's latest development before his passing! It's expensive! Semjase handed over the plans to Dr. Bell and told him the wearers of the Nuclear Receptor are now reader for a much higher plain of existence!

Steven Parish had the $10,000 24 Kt. gold Nuclear Receptor and he purchased the Holographic Projector Necklace in gold and also four each stand-alone Holographic Projector Plates. Mr. Barish told me there was many of times he was transported to the earlier biblical days during the giving of the commandments and being able to see the "Ark of the Covenant". Truth be told since he is Jewish, I understand why such visions were given to him through these devices.

Semjase is the main character by which Dr. Fred Bell received all his designed products and there was a good many that couldn't be built because the technology was too expensive...or he had to wait for technologies to catch up to cut the designed patterns. 

I haven't seen or talked with Steve Barish for many years since the passing of the late Dr. Fred Bell. I realize one thing if the female persona was Semjase who came visit us and to look at her finished works that others were wearing; it seemed to bring a breath of satisfaction for her. She is certainly not going to give me plans to build anything, I am absolutely not mechanically inclined! I can't even draw a likable sketch of a stick figure! But it was interesting to have her talk right to me! Just playing joyfully by tapping me and whispering to me!

When I receive my Aurora Lucid Dream Headset, I would like to place it on and connect with my I-phone so it can be recording my brainwaves. Then on cue, I will have my Nuclear Receptor on and wait to see if the EEG readings  immediately go down or slowly go down to deep "alpha-theta" brainwave states. Confirmation!

Same goes true with the RV and RI from Gerald O'Donnell when I put on the headset we will get a base EEG reading where I reside at the moment, then put on the headphones and wait to see if the EEG readings are dropping on the I-phone or holding steady and how long when listening to these particular CD's.
I am anxiously waiting for this device and I should receive it around the first quarter of 2017! It's light weight doesn't cover your eyes or cheeks while you sleep! $300.00. On the bottom it has slits with a pair of LED Lights and patterns and produces sounds when EEG detects REM stage of your sleep!

There is so much to do with this new Kickstarter technology. They have 50% over their monetary goals in less than 3 weeks! It's been 3 years now and they are now in full  operation. The next batch is set to come out the next Quarter of 2017 around Jan. Feb. Mar. 2017. I placed in my order already. I especially want to compare EEG bed pans with wearing the nuclear receptor and holographic projector. Get my EEG baseline substantiated first then place on the headphones and listen to my RV#2 CD with the headband on. All the while, the I-Phone will be recording up to date EEG signaling! I will do this with the receptor/projector.

Lucid Dreaming is a vacation, a virtual reality vacation, where one can go anywhere, anyplace, anytime all the time and can experiences all the five senses as well...

What's to prove you might ask? How sensitive one is to wearing equipment (exotic) in nature and how these devices such as Dr. Fred Bell's or other types of scalar device you might have hanging around will show us what really is going on inside our brains when exposed to such equipment. If for nothing else, it will give you the added confidence that what you purchased is truly having an effect on your brain both awake and asleep and if this be the case, you can confidently continue to practice with your tools. Lastly, it will be interesting to see for the first time using the detection of certain EEG frequencies to detect if a person is "dreaming" to begin with.

Once that detection is known then the lights and sounds will softly flash over your eyes and you set the time and duration through your I-phone or I-Pad or any bluetooth device out there. One lady on FB said, she received her's ten days ago and out of the ten days she became "lucid" in her dreams eight times and the other two times the lights and sounds sounded off in her dream but she said, she just couldn't for some reason respond to them.The device can be used with meditators if the lights go off you have reached your desired states of mind! If not! Keep practicing or change the way you meditate.

The square unit in front of the headband I was told is really light and the band won't make you sweat it breathes. I love the fact it doesn't cover my eye and cheekbones those were quite uncomfortable for me (Nova Dreamer),(Remee) etc. These particular ones I mentioned are designed to detect your dreaming by REM detection (Rapid Eye Movement). The moving of your eyeballs. While dreaming the eyeballs can be fast and this breaks the infrared beam sounding off because of these signals and once the signal is alarmed out the lights and sound begin to play.

KickStarter technologies don't always pan out but there are some that do! Not all KickStarter products are eye popping again there are some that will stop you cold!

This doesn't work for all people! REM detection units on the markets today are archaic when it comes to technology of our current and future. By identifying the proper EEG brainwave the individual is displaying, gives us a better chance to use those same lights and sounds for a more accurate lucid dreaming response. Every little bit helps but sad to say this cost $300.00! It doesn't exclude you by no means, you will have to practice conscious triggering throughout the day to make things a bit easier to recognize those lights and sounds you now hear and see while your dreaming.

This small alarm pager can be set to any time you choose! It is to remind yourself to stop what your doing and ask this question to yourself or something similar. "Is this a dream or is this reality? Then answer your question, It is reality!" Then reset and go about your day until the next alarm. This is basically called a "Reality" check to make sure your not dreaming! This practice will spill over into your dreams and prompt you to answer again this question while you dream thus the subconscious would allow you to be lucid by bringing into the mix your waking consciousness from all that practice using reality checks.

There is a small pocket device called the "Lucid Vibe Induction Device" it can be programmed to buzz its alarm anytime you want it too. Let's say your on the assembly line but every hour you want to stop and think or say, "Is this a dream or reality" and you say it's reality"! Then you reset your "pest" place it in your pocket until one hour later for you to do so again and do this once an hour all day long! What happens by stopping in your "waking" life and asking if this is a dream or reality you are questioning not only your conscious mind but your subconscious mind also.

The subconscious mind picks up on this hourly practice that takes about 10 seconds to perform once an hour randomly! Then when you see the lights and sounds from the Aurora Headband you will immediately stop what your doing and ask "Am I dreaming or is this reality"? Then you will find yourself completely conscious within your dreamscape. Or you will find yourselves floating outside your body looking down at your sleeping body, I have experienced this on several occasions without these advantages of such devices.

The Nova Dreamer was the first eye mask on the market to detect REM sleep and detects both visual and audio alarms to the dreamer, so the dreamer can wake up consciously in their dreams...There was another device that hooked up to it called the "PEST".

Another caveat this pager size product will buzz unexpectedly and you never know when or what time! So your subconscious doesn't get use to it all the time. Because both conscious and subconscious adapt extremely well to repetition. The original "Pest" was sort of the same setup that Dr. Laberg used for helping the student to Lucid Dream by reminding them to stop a couple times a day to question their own reality. Yet this product is cheaper than the original from another company.

I tried this everyday for two weeks several years back without such a device, it wasn't perfect because sometimes I would forget. At random times I would stop my work and look at my hands and say to myself, "Is this a dream or is it reality" and I would say to myself this is reality! Then I would go about my day. After about two weeks I was dreaming of something and I brought up my hands in front of my dream face and everything went black! I found myself floating above my body while my body was still sleeping!

What happened I surmised, the subconscious learned what reality was the way I answered my questions. So when my subconscious saw my hands in my dream it said, "No" this is not reality, this is! By projecting my astral body from the dream which was not real to the reality it thought I believed was real! I hope I didn't lose anyone here! So you can train your subconscious minds with alternating repetition so the sub and the conscious minds don't adapt.