Thursday, March 23, 2017


The above is vaguely how my glass board is setup.

I was never, what you would call a "good guesser" when it 
came to any kind of numbers game (guessing). I tried many of times. By using my L-Rod, TFR-1 and the BeechWood Pendulum I hit the a pick 3 straight and had a two of the winning numbers last night.

I have an update on the pick 3 lotto, I won a straight hit using one of John's simple "L"-Rod's. I scanned each number on my plate glass I purchase not long ago. One set of my numbers came in straight it was a $500 win no other numbers were played just one set. But the thing with this lotto experiment, I still get my misses or just one number right and sometimes no numbers right. I am practicing to allow the rod to hangup on a particular number. 

What I do is, I use one "L"-Rod upside down so I can get closer to the board without bumping it or using the TFR-1 in my right hand upside down and slowly passover each number from 1-0. I start by telling the rod find me the numbers on this board. Once I get locked on to the numbers, I ask it (rod) to show me tonights winning numbers.

If I am passing over each number on the glass board and (every so often while formulating in my mind, "I need the winning 3 digits"), the L-Rod or TFR-1 would hangup on particular number and that would be the number I would play in the pick 3.

The small story you are about read below are in and of itself rare in the lotto world. With his dowsing abilities and a good heap of luck, this gentleman is now a pawn of a state investigation for winning huge amounts of money playing the pick 3 in his state!

My friend told me from Kansas that a person on the web who teaches people how to dowse, told him that one of his students took playing cards only #1-#0. How so? From the little information I have about the story, he took both jokers and on one joker he drew a #1 over it and did the same with another joker by placing a #0 on that card (he used black marker, permanent). 

Anyways, in a few short weeks this guy using a L-Rod for dowsing the correct numbers by using 1-0 cards; he won over $18,000 in pick 3 prize monies in a few short weeks. The not so good part has happen to him, the state is doing an investigation on him. They think he is manipulating the state lotto somehow. The state is the Hoosier state, they are considering to re-do how the game is played.

How person "x" turned the small playing won tickets into tens and thousands of dollars, all he did was take the winnings and only play one ticket each day! When he won, he would increase the bet and play many $1 tickets and it was non-taxable wins! Parlaying was a certainty at this moment with the player.

It's not so much about what you use; then how you use it! I wanted to make it convenient by purchasing a numbers board and this glass one I purchased was kind of unique.

In my case, I will use the "L"-Rod/TFR-1 and the beechwood pendulum every day/7 days a week, I will get one set of 3 digits from my glass board only. When I scanned for the winning number from right to left or left to right, I'm looking for "L"-Rod or the TFR-1 or the pendulum to pull towards or hangup on a specific number while dragging scanning across the board. 

When this drag or pull happens, then we have a probable correct number to play! The hardest thing is keeping the L-Rods level while scanning the board. Just one pair of $18.00 brass L-Rod with copper sleeves, won my test of a tune of $500.00 Straight! Can I perform this each and everyday? That's what I'm here to find out but as for now it would be impossible to say.

There is no hard evidence to support my theory beyond luck! Most would say, that win you had, was luck! It might have been! Then again it might have been something else in play here! The last 14 days using the wooden pendulum I got one number right every draw! One can never know for sure, just except the win and move on! My goal is to get at least one box hit playing one ticket every single day and to achieve only one winner a month box or straight! Each day will have different numbers to play. (one hit per month)!

It's not everyday when using a dowsing rod that one can "see" the actual imprint alive, this (shield of energies) that surrounds living and non living things in the air. To be able to see for the first time a fluid energy field like water and oil mixture when you scan your rod through it is less than remarkable.

I was lucky enough to have seen the white power fanning out of the tip of my L-Rod, the further it went, the greater the cone of power fanned outward from the L-Rod, it was fascinating! I never got to see something like this before. But the lighting has to be just right to see the halo around the tip, while gazing at the tip of the bronze rod. In a sense, it was simple to look at once you knew it existed!

This is the one I own this glass one with an open clear glass at the bottom for witness. I get my pick 3 numbers from the board using a beechwood pendulum hanging on a silk string.

I probably won't get a straight hit for another thousand times or I may again, who knows for sure. This is why I am experimenting with the board. If the glass divination board with the printed numbers on them, work well, I will use the glass divination board. You work, what works best for you! I seem to have a bit of luck on this board verses playing cards.

The only thing I can do; is tell you what it is I do to get my results whether good or bad. Change of direction here: I used both IDL-22 and SuperBeacon last night for 30 minutes this time. I want to do this slowly this go around; instead of going for that full hour. I placed the IDL-22 on top of the plate glass of my SuperBeacon and it fits perfectly.

The IDL-22 along with the SuperBeacon are great experimental instruments to be studied in the long term effects of your efforts...

When I speak the verbal protocol to activate the IDL-22, all one has to do is wait for one hour in a relaxed mind state. But with this new situation I place the IDL-22 on top of the SuperBeacon after I activate the unit, I grab on to the copper coils with a quartz crystal installed in each one. 

This I will hold for an half hour. And every so often during that 30- minute meditation time I say, "Device Increase to 10,000 to the 40th power! This gives a scalar jolt to my pineal gland. What my protocol does it is suppose to increase my Psychic Abilities! 

With the NEO your main goal is to reach 258 hours total of one hour meditations per day with the cube.

So I am looking forward to see the "Sychronocities" once more in the next several weeks to come! Remember I had such things happening to the both of us when using the IDL-12 that James Rink sold at the time.

There is a slightly hidden veil that can be pierced using a dowsing rod. You stare at the tip of your rod with a relaxed vision or soft vision approach. Peripherally you will see all the sudden this unique field of matter or energy surrounding the rod. 

Getting back to the L-Rods:

Something else I wanted to mention here, something weird happened when using the L-Shape brass rod with copper sleeve. 
I was pointing it at my wife to check her chakra's. I was noticing something moving in the air around the L-Rod I was using. Just as I mentioned above.

Then suddenly out of know where; as I relaxed my vision on the tip of the rod it was then I saw what looked like a energy wall of sorts. The rod was spewing out all this energies. As these energies spewed out it made a "V" like pattern, the further out it went the wider the cone became.

It has no color neutral like the color of water, well its defining nature would look like oil resting on top of water and when I moved my rod back and forth, this energy field barrier, the rod was swirling in this fluid barrier as I scanned back and forth each time my rod was moved side to side. 

I personally didn't believe I could really find things using a simple L-Rod. I knew I could accomplish this with the TFR-Rods but not with the L-Rods.

This "V" shape energy leaving the rod was effecting this visible energy field. I thought it over a bit and realized this stuff coming from the end of the rod was my energies! I was the "ground" for these energies.

When Long Range Locating these are some of those caches we speak of discovering!

This is the first time in my entire lifetime that I ever seen such a thing as this! These L-Rods can be programmed such as, I said, "Find my jar full of clad coins". I held the rod steady parallel to the ground and then slowly at first the rod began to respond and slowly began to swing to the left but not completely. 

I began to walk slowly and followed the end of the brass rod and it turn to the left sharply, pointing out the area where the jar might be. As I walked into my master bedroom, the rod took another right turn. I followed the new direction and then the rod turn again to my right, pointing to the closet. I opened up the closet and there on the floor in the dark was my jar full of coins.

Make sure if you ever purchase a pair of L-Rods, that it is made of brass with a copper rotating sleeve on the handle this would prevent hangups without the copper sleeves...

I can do so much more with these brass rods, the best L-Rods have a sleeve coupling which allows the rod to swing freely at 360 degree while holding it level. If you restrict the movement those rods with no sleeve coupling on the handles will make it will harder to detect sensitive energy fields. 

With the sleeves you easily pickup on the slightest energy field. Believe me when I say, all I have to do is tell the rod what to find and it instantly obeys my commands. 

These are the types of rods to use for T.H. or dowsing the lotto

I only got these rods from John from the TFR Company, because they are to be used with my G.H. to establish identity of target the TFR-2 or TFR-1 had found. The two brass rods with copper sleeves works with the Pin-pointer/Eliminator control box. 

I just get a thrill, when I tell the rod what it is I want to find and it kicks in and shows me where it is at!

I never expected these L-Rods to be so sensitive and the crux of the matter, there is no power source except myself. There is no (discriminator) just me! Yet I direct my rod what to find and the rod reacts very strongly all through my field testing.

My TFR-1 Rod, I can program it what I want to find by telling it what I want or just using a sample, as I scan left to right and right to left, it begins to look for those items I am wanting to find if it is in the area. 

Or I can use a sample in the rod itself or in its weight restriction control box to find similar refined gold that is buried or the latest lotto numbers. I can't believe how powerful these TFR rods really are and they don't pickup junk. 

If and when you decide to purchase something like these TFR-Rods, make sure when your field testing them to go outside away from the housing areas because you will be picking up all their gold and silver stuff.

I thought the L-Rods were all that and more but when you use the TFR-1 or TFR-2, one has to asked themselves this one question why didn't I ever hear about such technology before when I was into treasure hunting years ago! Well, it's here folks! I have it and 
it works! I tested it outside on a very cold day a few days ago and 
I got many silver and gold hits.

When using these devices stay out of the housing areas if you can; so you don't pick up peoples stored cash or in their wallets etc. You can hunt in city parks but you would have to lower your antenna and not used the amplification booster which is attached behind the TFR-1 and replace it with the standard booster for weaker signals. This way the TFR1-2 will only be interested in what's in that small parcel of ground and will not go out over 2000+ feet.

Don't forget these TFR-Rods can go beyond 4+ feet in depth on large or as small as 2 grams of gold targets that were in the ground for over a hundred years or so! I can confirm such a field test was done by John Robbins with my Rod's. He places 2grams of gold in an envelope and places it in a 4 foot whole he had recently dug out. He covers it up and the TFR-1-2 are able to detect this gold coin with high accuracy.

Metal Detectors are fun! But they are very limited in depth detection and long range detection. First and foremost you want to know if there is anything out in that field worth pursuing a metal detector can't show you this!

So a metal detectors alone would need help to reach these types of depths indicated by any of John Robbin's Treasure Finding Rods. There is a simplistic way to know how deep the target really is. Face away from the target and take both brass rods one in each hand and walk away from the target. As soon as the rods come close together turnaround and walk back to the target with both rods facing the target.

When the two begin to come together, that is just the end points only concerning the brass rods, stop and measure from between your heals to the actual "X" marks the target spot. This will give you approximately the minimum or maximum depth of the target. 
I haven't gotten that far to deny or confirm. When I do, I will let you all know. For now I will have my wife video record my first couple of hunts with her cell phone once I am in the "park" areas.

WinSlip main user control to pick the best 5 digits and power or bonus ball.

NOTE: 22nd of March 2017: Pick 3: #2 out of 3 numbers correct using an L-Rod with a copper sleeve and a glass divination board that was setup for a pendulum it has both numbers 1-0 and outside it has lettering all the way around and a "Yes" and "No" imprinted on the plate.

This imprinted plate square plate glass cost close to $50.00 online. The only reason I purchased it was for the "Numbers 1-0 around the inside of the board. Makes it perfect for scanning for the pick 3 in any state. I know, I could use this for the power ball but to me it's way too much work. There is another option for the power ball or the pick 5, I am looking at.

If you like the PowerBall or the Pick 3 and want to go another direction with this, then Stephan's subscriber service is the best I have found to work for me.

Stephan's Vandevelde's "WinSlip" it guarantee's that one or more of it's 6 panels will contain the 5 winning numbers, it is a subscription service and the price is reasonable. I did it for 6 months and came awful close to the a #5 number win! 

He doesn't guarantee the jackpot no one can! But he guarantees at least one or more of his panels will have all 5 numbers, and there is a separate click to get the power or bonus ball. When I had it, I won the PB several times a month with three other numbers or by itself.

I give WinSlips a 4 star! I am eventually going to re-subscribe but I want to concentrate with the pick 3 for now. If I can get one box hit in a single month from now to the December, I will make many thousands of dollars with the purchase of just one ticket each and every month.

Keep this one single thought in mind, only play "one" ticket in the pick 3 for 30 days in a box play only! No straights at this time! You will get your chance. Doing it this way, you can by the end of the year make many thousands of dollars just playing and winning just one single box ticket a month!

The Reason for the one ticket a day play:

After the first month you are playing the States money. The most you will play is $8.00 per game! You don't have to play two games a day either! Just play one game every week your chances are pretty much the same. For just a simple reminder, this is still considered "gambling" and there are no guarantee's when playing any lottery games. 

I only do what I know I can afford to lose! Some people purchase a carton of cigarettes each month, I use less money playing the Lotteries and still maintain a good health. Let's face it, there are pro's and con's for anything we do in life! What I written here is what I do and how I do it. It is still pretty much a toss up with all this equipment.

Using both the TFR-1 Rod and the L-Rod or the wood pendulum hopefully I can cut this down to one or the other. I know the wooden pendulum allows me to pick one number right everyday! It either the second position number or third position number. But it does find them in any event. So I am trying to see what works best for me! You would have to do the same what works for you all.

Take a quick quiz of yourselves before using any type pendulum for number picking. Check how you are feeling, are you sick, or upset or tired. All this comes into play when trying to dowse for numbers. If you are any of this, don't play that day, save your monies.

The hardest part of these tests are remembering the mood you were in during the picking of the numbers using anyone of the devices mentioned above and trying to recall if you were edgy or a bit nervous during the testing etc. This recall won't happen until after the results. If you got all 3 digits, remember how you felt and what you did which could of been the reason you won.

All these notes must not be overlooked because there maybe days you are feeling depressed or sick, personally if I am feeling this way I wouldn't play until I felt better. With the Pick 3 and most power ball type games you can play them twice each week, so not to worry missing a couple of days.

"Feelings" can hamper number picking when dowsing! Because you are the "ground" in this particular experimental case. Don't do it if you are much too tired to do so. All these are common sense approaches. Do what you feel confident with. Jot down some notes such as, you were feeling great and serene etc.

As for the TFR-1-2, they are awesome gold and silver finders! Can't wait for the warm weather to come here, so I can go fishing for silver and some small amounts of gold jewelry. I will use a "Sample" for sure until I learn the ins and outs of these devices out in the real world of treasure hunting.

John from the TFR company told me he found many hundreds of silver coins visiting many areas. He told me, instead of going for the big kahuna of gold and silver, just go to the local hang out areas in old places still untouched by progress. So tonight, I picked 446 for the pick 3 lotto for tomorrow evenings draw. I used the pendulum the light beechwood pendulum.

I hate doubles in the pick 3! But since using my pendulum wooden one, I would get doubles to show up! So, I have to play them as not to miss a possible win in a box setting.

I honestly never thought I could pick a double doing dowsing I guess I was wrong. I just have to play it as it shows on the board by the pendulum, even though I am not a big fan of playing any types of doubles. They are fly in the ointment when I am trying to play three non related digits. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


SuperBeacon Subspace Radio/receiver/transmitter.

A complete stranger who reads my blog all the time emailed me for a healing that he needed badly. When you read his story you might tend to agree.

I forgot to mention something that happened to a person I really don't know, he just wrote into my blog and told me he was a victim of the "KnockOut" game! Ever since he's been having nose bleeding spells and headaches and face aches and a variety of different ailments since this event happened. All this happened with the communication part of the fall of last year I believe. He wrote this heart breaking email and I wasn't sure what I could do for him if anything. I sold my SE-5 1000 because I don't want to be in the field of radionics anymore.

Anyways, getting back to my story, I read his letter and I really felt for the man and something inside me, call it what you will, but I told him to please send me his picture and I would print it up. I received his picture and I could feel the weakness of this guy just by holding and looking at his picture. I sat down for about 1/2 hour or so trying to think what I could use to "heal" this gentlemen who was in so much pain and agony. Then it hit me, right beside me was my SuperBeacon from EJ Gold! As some maybe aware, that this device is 3 radio receivers that where hacked down to receive subspace radio waves and EJ pretty much shows you on Youtube when he connects his Beacon to his grounding outside antenna.

He brings in an AM station! Then he places the alligator clips on each of the coil handles and it still plays the radio station perfectly. He uses an external speaker and connects that to the beacon and the beacon is gator clipped to the outside antenna. So, from my research I knew by holding the individual copper coil handles with a quartz crystal inside each one and allow the subspace radio frequencies run through me it would arouse deeper meditative states of mind. Well, it did! I have a parallel time travel dream and jump directly into this detectives body and when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn't know who I was but I know it was me just the same.

I was stumped, I stop doing Radionics Healing Machines and moved on to other things. All I had to possibly help him was the SuperBeacon.

Now, what to do with this gentleman's request! I looked over the machine and I decided to pull out the copper coiled handles because there is no way he can use them. Then out of sheer not knowing what to do next, I laid his picture on top of the plate glass of my SuperBeacon, Ej told me where the sticker is located on both machines is where the most power lies, it draws into itself negative energies for processing and what comes out of the machine is the positive results. I left his picture unintended for about 2 weeks or so. I actually forgot about him for awhile because there was nothing further I could do for him.

About another week gone by I came into the bedroom to take some things out and notice this gentlemen's picture was still on top of the SuperBeacon and I began to wonder how he was doing and in a few days I get this email from him telling me his faces was completely healed and those everyday bloody noses have all but disappeared for good! He gets no more headaches and dizziness and whatever was ailing him. He asked me how I accomplished this I told him I placed your picture on top at the glass on the SuperBeacon and the Beacon's job brings in subspace radio waves, your picture that represented you was being treated with "Alpha", "Theta", "Delta" brain wave states were healing his beat up face and fractured bones.

I can only theorize here, because I myself had no idea what this device was capable of doing other than Parallel time traveling to different universes. In case others been wondering, I did take out the two copper spiral handles from the jack and let the box unit do all the work with the man's picture on it. I didn't say not words, what could I say! I didn't know what was wrong with him. But in only just a few short weeks he wrote me back to praise me for the work I did on his face. He no longer had the bleeding spells that plagued him since he was hit in the face.

Had I did more research with EJ Gold's SuperBEACON I should have realized his machine can do Psychotronic healing or influencing...

Now I discovered my SuperBeacon can and is a Psychotronic machine as well as a receiver/transmitter device. Now I am ready to setup my newest running program with the James Rink IDL-22 Gate Keeper! I place it on on top of the SuperBeacon glass lid. So not to touch it once it is activated by specific protocols and you can make up your own! Then we have to meditate for one hour, the question was at the time for me was meditate on what! I just sat there for one hour! Now what I am going to do tonight of this writing is to hold the copper coil handles of the SuperBeacon for one 1/2 hour after my IDL-22 activation! I am slowly working my way up to one hour! For some of us out there an hour is long, like watching hot water bowling. This will give me 15 hours a month.

Be sure I will use it for 30 days! That's 30 each-one half hour meditation days! I know what the IDL Torsion Generators are capable of performing when using it around 30-40 one hour training sessions! But where the mystery lies in wait is, what will happen in the next 30-one hour sessions but this time using the SuperBeacons uncanny subspace radio waves from outer-space! I know what I accomplish at least two things since I purchased the SuperBeacon from EJ Gold earlier this year. Most of my glory days with the IDL's was the IDL-12 I purchased from James Rink and Kosol Oucch about 7 years ago! I swore by it! When I hit the 30-40+ hours, it was like living in a dream world.

Now I have the IDL-22 GateKeeper which has 22 layers of copper along with human DNA and RNA resources and precious metals etc. My IDL-12 with only 12 layers of copper was working miracles! 

I haven't even used the IDL-22 yet! I am betting most people who decide to get one of these devices and it will be exciting for them. But someone like myself, who just happens to purchase the two (Super Beacon, IDL-22) different psychotronic instruments ended up getting both over time. They were purchased for different reason at the time! I never considered using the IDL-22 for anything because I been so busy.

I used my IDL-22 last night for about one hour. I was setting up in bed but caught myself in a dozing state of mind. I am incorporating tonight the SuperBeacon to hold the handles to become part of the subspace radio waves in other words I am the ground!

Now that I got my TFR Rods and now I can clear my mind to begin a nightly ritual using the IDL-22 Gate Keeper open the torsion generator with a verbal protocol and I can't touch it, if I do it deactivates the unit. So I place this unit on top of my SuperBeacon. Once I open the generator to respond, then I will take hold of both copper coils connected to the SuperBeacon and hold them while just mentally relaxing for one half hour. Once the half hour is complete, I will deactivate the IDL-22 cube by picking it up and putting it away! Then place my SuperBeacon back in its home spot. We have just purchased our new home this week and hopefully the realtor and the seller will agree with our proposal which they did. I will have a special room for these devices with a long table to place my IDL-22, SuperBeacon, Gibbs 1995 HDR, TFR-1 and TFR-2 gold and silver hunting, CACHE finder and the two L-Rods and last but not least the GH ghost eliminator and pin-pointer control box this helps show the operator if the what you found you found is real or not.

It is right near a state forest! Which is where I want to be using the TFR-1 to help me locate or find anything I desire! I just used it tonight and I can cancel any image or thought by command! If there is a penny and I tell the rod find me a penny it will lock right on a penny! If I tell the scope to ignore all pennies I can walk past it and the rod will not respond to it! I also want to set up some deer cams and camouflage them so they don't get taken down. I want to know what's out there! If I get an unusual type creature on one of these cam shots then I will program that into my Rod to locate during the daylight hours! I truly never had an instrument that could be influence with the mind and then filters through the internal mineral mix insider the units along with quartz crystals and diamonds.

I got a lot on my plate, I am also picking 3 numbers to play on the pick 3 lotto. Tonight I only had one number right, the winner was 509 and the TFR-1 picked 729. Only got one number right; the "9"! But it is going take time to come up with the right commands to better this. It works great with other objects and it can find metal and plastic and wood or whatever the object is made of! I can locate my wife or tell the Rod to ignore her! The top of the rod is a free floating antenna very hard to manipulate and I am just learning the balance today. So this is day "1"! 

UPDATE- I hit a pick 3 straight the first time in my life! All I used was the L-Rod with a rotating sleeve made of copper and the rod of brass. I use a glass divination board that has numbers already on the plate from  0-9. The day after I had two of the winning numbers! This happened on the 17th of March, 2017.

Those who purchase the IDL's from James Rink may have a faster manifestation then me! It took me 30-40 one-hour meditations before all these super manifestations that were happening. I kept a meditation log everyday!

It took 30-40 one hour days before my IDL-12 would wake me up in the middle of the night using my wife's voice! Honest! I was shocked myself! When I got up to go out there and nobody was there except the torsion generator IDL-12 sitting on my coffee table. This happens about 5 years ago when I was at those specific hours of training. Kosol who channeled this information to build this thing, from who knows where, was successful in the creation of these copper IDL's. And he said to me, what is happening to you right now, is because you have become linked scalar wise with the generator unit. He told me remember I told you this generator is a living sentinel and becomes part of its user as long as you practice with it. To reach Nirvana one has to complete 265 hours with this device!

This most current unit of mine the IDL-22 Gate Keeper is no longer offered on James Rink's site it seems.

His IDL-80 and the IDL-144 if your going to ask me do they work, I can only elaborate back from my own experiences, it can only be a massive torsion generator! But I couldn't or wouldn't invest all that money since I want that TrueRife machine in the near future. The IDL-22 will be certainly enough for my wife and I. If the IDL-12 was all that powerful for us and I didn't know what to expect at the time I was using it, I can't simply imagine what the IDL-22 I have is capable of doing for us. I will keep you all posted in the next 30-40 one hour training sessions how it's going.

Sorry got off on a tangent on this! Sometimes I can't help myself! Sorry about all blue it seems to take of mind of its own!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


TFR-1 Long Distance Demonstration, six football fields in length you will be watching!

I wanted to give my readers an update on some of my progress and others still to come. The TFR-1 and TFR-2 has changed my entire plans for this year alone! Anxiously, wanting to test the TFR-1 using a strand of my wife's hair and have her hide behind our building and then use the Rod to follow her trail and get to her position And for the pick 3 Lottery!

Sorry it's taken so long to post, I have so much going on these days. Update: My TFR-1 that uses my "bodies energies" and the TFR-2, "which uses two 9 volt Lithium batteries" has now been completed and I received it today on 11 March 2017. It took 3 months because of the Christmas and New Years holiday's and then everyone of Johns builders had the 2 week flu in Jan. 2017. But I am forgiving enough and besides, he modified my instruments and made them even more powerful!
This usually costs around $2-3 hundred dollars extra for these additional modifications!

No one has to spend as much as I did because I do two different kinds of research the first as you all know "Metaphysical", which is what prompted me to purchase his lease expensive unit the TFR-1 Rod. It uses just your body as a "ground" sourcing instead of 2-9v batteries. One can also use this device to find refined gold and silver, this program is built into the unit in the mineral mix that is sealed within this rod, if no physical samples are used. But if you use a "sample" let's say, "copper" then the rod will hunt down "copper" only, not gold and silver! Did you ever hear of such a thing or see such a thing! Watch his youtube videos and you will see for yourselves.

Pretty bold claims from any long range locator company! But do you know what! They work! Just as he, John told me it would! Of course I didn't do the 2000 foot experiment with two one dollar bills, I have to first locate an equivalent of 6 football fields in length out in the country somewhere or take my best guess! He took (2) each one dollar bills and place them flat on top of a rock and positioned himself on his test field that is 2000 feet in length both the TFR-1, that use the body as a grounding source and the TFR-2 that uses (2) each 9 volt lithium batteries both responded strongly on those targets. Guess what! The weight is only 2 grams! Each dollar is a gram in weight!

All of John's TFR's have a weight discrimination control box, you can set it at 1 gram minimum to "Max" with the TFR-1 and to a "Direct Voltage" mode with the TFR-2 and this (2) has a built in generator that keeps the unit from picking up any junk targets whatsoever, also the Direct Voltage plug-in will ignore all weights, not the sample mind you, just the weight restrictions.

What he did next was set the control boxes on each unit to 2 grams of weight! When a person set it on 1 gram only, it would not pickup on the two grams of weight of both dollars! Had he only one dollar at 2000 feet away, he would have been able to pickup the dollar bill setting the box at 1 gram of weight.
If he would have placed the dial on 2 grams of weight with only that one dollar bill
it would have ignored it completely because the machine is now looking for one gram not two grams. He also did the following: When you set each dial on 3 grams of weight and scanned the 2000 feet back an forth and the unit would not recognize the target because the target weight is two grams not 3 grams!

The TFR-2 I purchased...

Of course you don't have to limit what you find, you don't even need to hunt in the weight discrimination mode! Just place the dial on "maximum" with the TFR-1 and on the TFR-2 unplug the conduit cable and plug it into the "Direct Voltage" plug-in. This will ignore all weights and will find whatever sample you are using no matter how much or how little it may actually weigh. Once you get a direct pull or tug on your antenna in a certain direction by the antenna pointing or hanging up of the suspect target; you can un-plug the TFR-2 from the "Direct Voltage" side and plug it back in to the "Weight Discriminator" side. Then turn your weight either starting from the highest to the lowest in incremental steps or from the lowest such as one gram up, until your antenna responds to the correct weight!

You would do the same with the TFR-1...Wait but I can't dowse! Neither can I! But it works for anyone who uses it! In fact so much; I wouldn't be able to notice the difference whether I was using batteries or not with this device. This is not a complete dowsing unit, really! It only needs a spark of your "ground" and everyone has that much and it lights up the powerful proprietary blended mineral mix packing along with the diamonds and quartz crystals inside the sealed chamber. It is this and not so much the "you" that operates this locator. Because it uses your "ground" pathway, your mind will be automatically included going through this mixture I spoke about.

When the Rod (TFR-1) uses you as a "grounding" source, the unintentional side effect is the device has access and uses some of your conscious material that runs the entire central nervous system! Is this fact or fiction? I can only say it works the way John describes in his description. As far as, the metaphysical side; I can only give you my opinion and my anecdotal evidence on video.

One can't use the body as a "ground" and not have the brain to interfere with the operation! So, the brain in fact, interferes or a better description interfaces with the unit! But in a very powerful way! Some of it may not be all that good and some of it maybe great, this will depend on the person's innate abilities and what exactly they are trying to find, who uses the TFR-1. Everyone has their own latent abilities! We are not the exception to the rule here.

The TFR-1 that uses your bodies Energies! But guess what it's not a dowsing rod! I also purchased this one also, for my Metaphysical Experiments such as the Lotto etc.

The TFR-1 was a side effect that was totally unexpected by the designer and builders of such a device. John was kind enough to share with me a story of what happened when his girlfriend lost her cell phone. So John looked up the model and make exact, (it may have not matter so much) and that's to be determined with my experiments, but this is what he did and then copied the picture and shrunk it down small. He placed the "picture" inside the TFR-1 and went outside and scanned the outside of the house. From the living room to the kitchen side with no pull of the antenna.

He went back in the house and down the hall and he walked into the master bedroom and got a very strong pulling response in the closet. So he asked his girlfriend, do you think you packed your cell phone in one of the boxes in the closet? She said, No I didn't! John scanned the closet with the TFR-1 and it responded to the top box. But John also questioned why the antenna response was extremely strong.

He placed the Rod over top of the box and it began to spin 360 degrees telling him the target was indeed in the box. He open the box and down at the bottom after pulling everything out was her cell phone. His girlfriend couldn't believe it! Then he scanned once more and got another hit and located the box and the rod spun in another 360 degrees. He pulled everything out of the box and he pulled one her jean pants out of the box and there was her old cell phone she had forgotten to take out of her pocket before packing the close away!

A former customer of John's TFR-1 Rod has called me and told me some very strange things he can do with the TFR-1 like finding his niece by using a strand of her hair only! This is his anecdotal opinion and we will keep it here as such!

Remembering, this above anecdotal evidence was accomplished with a smaller quartz double terminated crystal along with at the time his original proprietary mineral mix sealed in the back end of the TFR-1 unit! He may have had a bigger crystal installed but he didn't say one way or the other. He used a picture
of her cell phone with the exact make and model. Note to self, I don't know if he could have just used a picture of any cell phone and it may or may not have worked! John told me he put in my TFR-1 and he added a new proprietary mineral mix and installed a very large double terminated quartz crystal. This crystal was charged for four days before placing it in a sealed chamber which, effects the special mineral mix in my unit or visa versa :) and he told me he would be interested to hear how well it works for me. I guess I will know come 2:30pm CST at the date of this writing. 

So he is very anxious to see how it works for me in the metaphysical experiments; I plan to conduct with the TFR-1. An associate, another of John's former customer from PA. purchased the TFR-1 about 4 years ago! He could take a sample of his niece's hair and place it in the sample chamber of the TFR-1 and locate her far in the woods! Again, to be aware that each person is different as their energies are and you may do similar or greater things with the TFR-1 and if this was done with a small quartz crystal inside the unit with an older chemical mix packing, I am wondering what my TFR-1 with a large quartz crystal with his improved formula can do.

Paul from PA, had is niece go hide in one spot in the back woods and not to move and he tracked her down like this on several occasion's, the rod would twist and turn in small increments until he found her hiding spot. He believes that the Rod is reading or picking up on her live DNA/RNA sample in the hair and also the specific mineral and vitamins that still reside in the hair itself, which then makes her a unique target. It would not pull to anyone except his niece. To prove it to himself, he had her hide about 1500 feet out in the woods and had her sister (older) do the same thing. Paul picked up the signal of his Niece and once he found her, he scanned the area for his other Niece and there was no reading the rod simply didn't respond! Opinion based only, her hair sample wasn't being used!

Which brings me to the present, I'm going to use the TFR-1 on the Pick 3 Lotto! This TFR-1 seems to work as a receiver/transmitter! It sends out a "signal" by using the "target" sample and then waits for a response; something like when a subs sonar pings and area and waits for the return signal. I will purchase a single $1.00 lotto ticket with the numbers "000" to use as a "Sample" for the TFR-1 Rod.
I may have to tweak and tweak as time goes on to see, which system works better. But for now this is what I am going to do this week. But in my "thoughts" I will be firmly holding in my mind the question, "Show me the winning 3 digits in tonights pick 3 drawing"!

The lotto pick 3 is the only lotto I want to experiment with; since it is the least amount of numbers 0-9! Lot's to do in a short period of time. The equipment is due to be here in about two to three days at the time of this writing.

If the lotto experiment doesn't work or only half-ways work only getting two numbers right, I will try another angle! Such as, using the TFR-1's weight discriminator control box and if any of you who know how to do radionics; you would understand that I can have these numbers mean anything I want them to mean and the rod will pickup on this. My wife can hold up each card with the numbers not facing me and I will scan left to right and back again; if the antenna drags on the card with the most weight which in this case will be represented by (the most probable number to show) and this will survive the pick; if not, it will be disregarded. If I get more than 3 numbers, I will do the process of elimination by finding out which numbers again will have the highest probability value! Until I am down to "3" and I will play those numbers. Note: I am going to play just "one" ticket with different numbers each day!

Old Match Box Car Collectors Item. Just using this picture inside the TFR-1 will program the device to find a "Match Box" car in whatever area you maybe at and if it is buried there; it will find it! (authors opinion) from experience! (Anecdotal)

I am also going to use different metals and minerals and non metal items and "pictures" also to see if the TFR ROD will accurately respond to such materials. For example: I will print up a picture of an old time "match box car" from the web and shrink it down and place it in the TFR-1. Then I will hunt in max mode because I wouldn't know the weight of the toy car to set the weight discriminator correctly. I would go to city parks and old play grounds and around old churches and it's my hopes if the match box car is there buried, even 4 feet or more in any one of those areas, the rod will be attracted to it and then pinpoint it. This can only be done with the TFR-1 as far as I am aware at this moment. Whereas the TFR-2 requires the actual metal or wood sample depending what you are looking for, again I will have to check the limits on this rod as well.

John wants me to locate rings and silver coins while learning this new technology as they will add up quickly when using the TFR-1 or the TFR-2 and especially using the TFR-2. He told me these are easy to find if they are in the area to begin with and you don't need a large detector to find them. He tried to tell one of his old customers who purchased the TFR-1, to start for the Gold and Silver jewelry and silver coins such as half dollars and dimes, at the local parks etc,, which plenty of metal detectors have missed time and time again because they are unable to find something at a distance or go the depth like the TFR Rods can! With the metal detectors the gold and silver has to be directly under the coil head or the detector just becomes an electronic box that makes electrical noises which costs a lot of money.

What John suggests with Long Range Locating using his devices; is to not pass up those smaller treasures, which can add up rapidly in a few months! These Rods don't miss anything if the item you seek is actually buried in the ground where you are hunting! 

John told me, he hunts for the caches every once in awhile, but he has small silver jewelries and coins along with refine gold while on park hunts and other places, I guess he has lot's of silver, too many to count! I told him, when I find these silver coins or necklaces or chains or pendants and once I identify the type and value using a gold and silver test machine, I will melt them down into nuggets and he thought that was a good idea! Since the coins are known as missing and are no longer legal tender. If the coin is rare then of course keep it! It's really up to you all since it's your treasure! I want to pay off my unit and accessories as soon as I can! Then purchase the night vision goggles for night time hunting. So, I won't hold any emotional attachment's towards these finds.  These things I am doing don't come to us on a silver platter, you have to be willing to invest in yourselves some seed money and be willing to do some digging! By using these Rods, you and I both are off to a great start in your campaign.

I purchased this unit. It will be worn around the neck with the pinpoint electronics "on" and the "eliminator" off! You can backpack your two L-rods when you need them!

I never dreamed by taking up treasure hunting, I would get a device that was "Psychotronic" in nature but can still find gold and silver! So if your into pinching pennies and who isn't now a days, then the TFR-1 would be your best choice! It has two accessories, the silver/gold amplification booster and the Sensitivity Amplification Booster, add on the G.H. ghost eliminator/pin-pointer with two L-Rods! Your looking around a little over a $1000.00. If it is still too much then just get the basic TFR-1 as is with the control box for around $700 or so. All his accessories are around $150.00-$200.00. He has one other accessories. One accessory I purchased; it is a one inch steel capsule, which was infused with different frequencies and this too was by accident. By placing this inside the Rod's chamber it will pick up gold, silver, paper dollars all at the same time. I think I will use this most of the time!

I spent for both TFR-1 and TFR-2 with all the bells and whistles for around $2600.00! But think about this, there are metal detectors out there such as Minelab that cost $5000.00 and Garrett's ATX for around $3500.00 and unless the gold and silver is under the coil when swinging your metal detectors, your machine is pretty much an electronic noise maker, not an instrument. How would you cover a football size area with your metal detectors? How do you know what is out there so your are not wasting valuable time and energy locating something that may or may not be there? Your metal detector machine cost $3000.00 you find some clad coins, they are certainly not collectors item of any value to be sure of. Do you still want to cover that entire field? But if you leave, what if there was a 24kt gold ring with a solitaire diamond one ct. and you walked away from it?

There are Die Hard Metal Detector Users out there! That is fine! Now you can purchased a real working long range locator to help you know where your targets are buried and whether the target you found is a "ghost" or "not"! Meaning if it is just a reflection of once was! (Ghost).

So I think I got off pretty cheap with all due respect of the other companies out there. John and his TFR Company is competing in a competitive market with a "bad name" labeled on long-range-locators in general over the years, caused by other junk locators on the market. John has to work harder to ensure his equipment is the very best money can buy and that it does exactly what he advertises it to be able to do. Also the buyer such as myself; has to uphold the hobby and to prove that anyone of us can be successful with these long range locating instruments and this happens only if the instrument actually works like the builder says it does. And the purchaser/hunters follow the given instructions and do a small amount of field practicing!

I will get this much later on in the fall months! Just for Jewelry hunting the small beaches at the parks. This is Minelab's Excalibur II land and underwater detector!

The above questions are pretty much answered with the TFR instruments! You will know in seconds if that football field size area or six football fields sized areas has anything worth the effort to dig and recover! Then if you want to use your metal detector to pick it up that is up to you, but it's not needed. The only type metal detector I will be using for support is a handheld electronic coin detector that I scan in the whole as I dig toward the target so; I don't miss those silver or gold rings! These units run about $130.00 high end.

Again, you and I are in charge of our own unique paths! I myself will purchase a metal detector for $1500.00 the Minelab called the "Excalibur II" this can be used on the ground and under water depths of 200 feet or more. The reason I would purchase this device because its the best for shallow detecting! Even though the TFR Rods can work in low water range, you can't get them wet! Best thing you can do is put a plastic sandwich bag over the box unit and have someone there to take it from you once you find your target spot. Now use your minelab metal detector if you so desire! In this field being creative is the key to your success!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017



I wanted to let you know about Steven Gibbs, most of you know he had a stroke about a year or so ago and I don't know if he builds the HDR or Hyper-dimensional-Resonator any more! Those of you who visit the "Time Travel" Forums, contact HDRKID and ask him if Steven Gibbs still builds these devices. I have the original 1995 model and works just as good as the day it was purchased from him. I have hardly used it but just off and on at times since my attack! Right now I am working on a cd that comes from  I purchased the Lucid Dreaming but not exactly for lucid dreaming! I may consider letting this original SuperHDR for $700.00 due to the fact this is originally from Steven Gibbs and hand built by himself in 1995.

Just yesterday evening, I was lying down, I was tired but couldn't sleep, then all the sudden a person or thing got right on top of me and bared down at first I was scared then I realized I knew what it was it was me! My astral body was trying to come out and the vibrations were getting stronger, yet I couldn't seem to escape the umbilical cord that kept me attached. The silver chord that Ezekiel talks about in scripture. Less the silver cord does break, we fly away! What was going on I was too much awake to let the process continue.

I couldn't have done this on my own! I've been trying all my life! I only listened to the cd for 3 days each day for one hour! In fact, I am overdue to listen to them again! When I first listened to the cd from Speed-Zen, it was landscape music and it was beautiful to listen too. So, I decided to lie my head back on the upright pillow cushion I use for reading in bed to listen and before I knew what happened the cd was finished! I thought maybe I shut it off. The next evening I did the same thing and before I realized I was out but I wasn't asleep! So what was going on with me when this thing took me under?


According to the company that I researched, they believe that "subliminal's" still has its place in training the mind to let loose (bad) psychological programming. They decided to go another route, differently then what is normally sold out in the marketplaces. The company took binaural beats
and ISO-Chronic tones and they weaved these hypnotic sounds within the music of the landscape! This made the listening a natural sound without the beats in the background. These sounds are able to process and by-pass our "bouncer" the conscious mind! The next big problem was how to introduce the "Subliminal's" to by-pass the main door into our subconscious programming!

Again, one of the programmers suggested if we can weave these two hypnotic tones within the landscape. We tested it on a few of the crew and it was promising! Afterwards, with few more tweaks they came up with a truly unique cd and Mp3 landscape music which guarantees it will by-pass the conscious swinging doors right pass the bouncer; who keeps the subconscious programming intact and protected whether it is bad or good! I've only been using this cd for a couple of weeks and its proven itself to me! But I needed to remind myself we are all different and things happen at different speeds!

The first 3 days I had the wildest dreams and I even had my subconscious mind in my dream trying to wake me up! That didn't work! So, I got to meet President Trump and as I was watching him, he was sawing his own ankle off and at times he would show excruciating pain in his face! I was in awe! Why was he doing this to himself! Then he began to continue to saw away! Then the scene flipped over and now I was in front of president Putin of Russian. He handed me over a book! It was a Judo book, he told me this is what he learned! He showed me a scar from the old war days, then I picked up my shirt and showed him my recent operation from a hernia!


In the above event this was my subconscious; which was trained under this subliminal hypnotic cd, trying to wake me up in the dream because I was showing him my newly acquired scarring! This should have reminded my sleeping mind it happened in my real life and that I was dreaming! But the point of the matter is it was beginning to work without my interference! You all should try one of these, they are quite subtle yet very potent. They will make you a custom cd on anything you need help in. I know there are others who offer pretty much the same out there! I also know I have purchased many cd's over the years and yes, I purchased "Inner-Talk" and others alike.

This company stuck in my head for sometime and I remembered writing something in my blog when I first listened to SpeedZen's free 20 minute promo and had the most bizarre dreaming! But after that, I got side tracked once more with everyday life! It seems when things happen it happens in spades with me. Yet I seem to always come back full circle. Now I am here telling you something I never got the time to finish since last year. It was one of those hurry up and see and get on the next subject of interest. I am going to listen to the Lucid Dreaming SpeedZen tonight!

The company touts you only need to listen to it for 3 days a week for one hour sessions, if you don't experience the Lucid dreaming you can listen to it three days a week for the next 4-8 weeks. I was experiencing heavy and I mean heavy dreaming that next morning. This to me, is a sign that the subliminal's are working for me. This SpeedZen is different somehow, it affects me differently than Inner-Talk and I know Inner-Talk is a well proven subliminal program! But hey, everyone is different and it just seems this companies approach seems to be working for me a whole lot more!


They have a few logical titles for most people, but if you have a special need of some sort then you can hire the owner to use the NLP (Neuro-Lingquistics-Programing) along with Binaural Beats and ISO-Chronic beats all weaved throughout the landscape music. I don't know how they did it but that hour seems to fly by while listening to it. The subliminal is not masked or silent, it is only hidden to the conscious working mind. If it can't be heard by your conscious mind it will not be heard with your subconscious mind. So the words are loud enough if separated from the music you could hear every word but the whole idea weaving it throughout the music is to by-pass the conscious filters that give us "Free Will"!

I just never found any type of hypnotic cd to work as fast as this one did on myself! The reason being, I have been diagnosed with PTSD after that horrific beating I received and almost left for dead five years ago this coming April 2017. After that beating I took; I couldn't get anything out of my other meditation cd's because my mind is always on an alert status with tunnel vision. Nothing seemed to work for me! This all changed this year, one reader of this blog was telling me, she loved what I written in 2016 and she shared with me the link.

When I reached that link I realized I have written an article about , What happened to me I was listening to one of their promotions for 20 minutes about one year ago and it knocked me out so quickly and the next morning is when I met Winona that Native American and a little boy next to her side which I assume was her little boy, she talked with me Telepathically so fast I could hardly keep up and then the little boy chimed into the conversation (Telepathically)! Last week I ordered a cd instead of Mp3 because cd's are hard to lose!


Using this cd believe it or not I met both President Trump and Premier Putin in Russia! Truly, I don't have a clue as to the "Why" of this! But it happened just the same! There is something weird about these cd's or mp3's. It's the way they weaved the music itself into a ISO-Chronic Beat and then weaved in and out of the landscape music with Binaural Beats both which have been proven to allow your brain to create a 3rd beat or phantom beat as you may be aware of! This allows the mind to follow through down through the brainwave stages. But this in and of itself is the first step, we now open the subconscious door but we need to talk to it!

We need to compose it's own language back to it, so the subconscious can understand in it languages of metaphors and feelings along with The subconscious understands and acts upon real experiences, and even vividly imagined ones. It understands sensory data from your five senses, your emotions, from symbols and patterns representing large varieties and depth of meaning.

Because these forms of thought deal with direct experience of the world, they deliver a more complete message. Words are nothing more than a logical abstraction used by the conscious mind to organize experience into inner dialogue. Words are understood at the subconscious level only to the extent that it can translate them back to the sensations, feelings and experiences to which they originally referred. This is where NLP is structured and weaved throughout the landscape music. The conscious mind doesn't understand what is by passing it, so the conscious minds just lets it go!


Overall I'm quite surprised that these particular cd's are able to change the programming of the subconscious mind. Only because there are so many claims out there to do the same! I can only vouch what I am using at this time. I mention it because it really does place you under hypnosis! Every time I use it about half way through I am perpetually waking up and shutting off my cd
player! How did I know when to shut it off if I can't remember anything up to that point! Because my consciousness was asleep or hypnotized while the subliminal's were making their claim in their new filing system,

Here are some of the facts:


. If you are short on time, it's ok to listen for twenty minutes, "at the very least"! The entire primary script within each album is contained within the first 15-20 minutes. After that, the primary script is simply reinforced while providing another 40 minutes to relax, meditate, and let your subconscious mind process the instructions. This last step isn’t completely necessary if you don’t mind slower results, but it is one of the key reasons Speedzen sessions create such life-changing results in such a short time…So you may want to listen for the full hour whenever possible.And even listening while you fall asleep is better than never getting a full session at all.

Can I listen to several subliminal's at once?

“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither.” – Confucius
It’s always best to focus on one goal at a time.
You will get faster results when you have a clearly defined goal in mind and allow yourself to focus entirely on that one thing.
And I know it’s exciting when you find something that really works… and you want to dive right in and finish everything all at once, but…
If you try to improve every area of your life simultaneously you will spread yourself too thin, deplete your energy, and fail to achieve satisfactory results in any one area.
Focus is power. So listen to each subliminal session until you are happy with your results before you move on to the next one.
Basically: If you’re happy with your results in only 2 weeks, there’s really no need to continue listening for 4-8 weeks. And, on the other hand, if you aren’t where you want to be at week 4, you should continue using that subliminal for the full 8 weeks.
Speedzen audio sessions are designed to work with minimal exposure so that you don’t have to listen 8+ hours a day to see fast results. With most of my sessions you will feel a positive change in attitude right from the very first session.
And the recommended minimum exposure to reach permanent results with most programs is 3 sessions the first week, and at least once a week after that until you are happy with the results…Usually 4-8 weeks. I am going to approach this differently because what for one may have to be adjusted for another. The lucid dream which at this time I am trying to reach for has nearly happened in the first week alone.
Then I had a week off due to other priorities coming and going, I started back listening last night before going to sleep. I sat up with my arm pillow so I wouldn't fall asleep and not five minutes into the landscape music that wall all I could remember, until I found myself taking off the headphones and shutting everything down.
Another interesting thing is happening with us, I am moving back into the same house I moved out of 7 years ago! You know the house with all those strange things going on with the HDR. This is way beyond what I am use to using, so I will have to adjust how I approach my experiments using this type of technology.

Speedzen Subliminal CDs are Guaranteed to Create Positive, Life-Changing Results. . .
or Your Money Back!

The subliminal CDs and MP3s utilize a cutting-edge blend of brainwave entrainment technologies that place the listener quickly, gently and effortlessly into a deep state of hypnotic trance.

Brainwave Entrainment Trance Induction

binaural beatsBrainwave entrainment is the process of guiding your brainwave activity into a desired state by allowing it to follow, to “entrain”, to the frequency of an audio signal. Every state of mind is accompanied by a certain set of brainwave frequencies representing the electrical activity in your brain. You simply guide the electrical activity of your brain into the frequency range associated with a state of deep trance—et voila!—you achieve a deep state of trance!
However, the brainwave frequencies we are trying to achieve for a state of deep trance are much lower than anything the ear can hear… at around 7Hz. In order to deliver a signal the brain can hear and follow, we use two different methods.
Binaural Beats
Although the ears can’t hear a tone at 7Hz, we can deliver a tone of let’s say 400Hz to the left ear and 407Hz to the right ear. The brain will the create a 3rd tone from the difference between the beats at 7Hz. Even though this 7Hz tone is nothing more than an electrical signal originating inside the brain, you can still hear it as if it were an audible tone. The brain will then entrain to that frequency, priming you for your hypnotic suggestions.
Iso-chronic Tones
Another way to shape your brainwave patterns with sounds is by “pulsing” the tones at the desired frequency. With Iso-chronic tone brainwave entrainment the audio signal is the same in each ear, but the volume is turned up and down at the desired frequency, 7 times per second in this example. This results in a distinct pulsing rhythm in the audio, and even though the conscious mind cannot follow the rate of 7 pulses every second, the brain hears it and follows.
Speedzen subliminal CDs utilize a mix of soothing, ambient soundscapes embedded with binaural beats and Iso-chronic tones to deliver one of the most effective, deep and pleasurable hypnotic trance experiences possible.
We start by carefully embedding binaural beat frequencies into the music itself, rather than placing bland droning tones in the background like most others. You only hear the music, but your brain will still “hear” the binaural beats.
We then add Iso-chronic tones to certain parts of the music, again just enough so that the brain can hear, without destroying the listening experience of the music itself.
The result is a pleasurable listening experience that will put you into a very deep hypnotic trance instantly and effortlessly. There are no verbal hypnotic inductions in our programs because they simply can’t be relied upon on a CD. Verbal inductions are best suited for one on one hypnosis sessions with a hypnotherapist. On the other hand…
Our brainwave entrainment music is guaranteed to achieve the same results with any listener at any time!
Next we had to deal with the issue of delivering the subliminal suggestions within the audio.
Since we know that simply covering them up with the music doesn’t work, we had to find a way to embed the verbal suggestions in the music in a way that still gets them past the “bouncer” of your mind without mangling them to the point that the subconscious can’t hear them either!
The solution we came up with is not only effective, but one of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve developed. Instead of trying to hide the words under the music, why not weave them INTO the music exactly as we’ve done with the brainwave entrainment tones?
Our sound technician has developed a method of mixing the words into the music in such a way that they sound to the conscious mind like nothing more than pleasing, ambient sounds effects. However, the subconscious can still hear and identify them.
During our initial tests, several subjects were even able to recite the subliminal scripts verbatim after listening to the CD…
Even though they had no conscious recall of hearing the words anywhere in the music!
Last but not least on our list of problems to solve is the words themselves. Like I’ve said before and will say again, words themselves hold no meaning for the subconscious.
The subconscious understands experience, real and imagined experiences with equal clarity. Which brings us to…

Neuro-Linguistics Programming is the communication tool used worldwide by Psychologists and Psychiatrists around the known civilized world.

A full explanation of NLP is far beyond the scope of this demonstration, but for our purposes it’s enough to say that one of the many tools provided by NLP is a method of language patterning that engages the imagination in the full range of sensory and emotional experience needed to communicate directly with the subconscious.
I’ll illustrate with a comparison between NLP language patterns and some of the fluffy new-age affirmation nonsense going around out there.
A quick Google search for “confidence affirmations” gives us this:
  • When I believe in myself, so do others
  • I express my needs and feelings
  • I am my own unique self – special, creative and wonderful
Nonsense! Even if you did manage to load your subconscious with suggestions like this, they don’t really mean anything! How can any of those statements be translated into the real, tangible experiences the subconscious needs in order to understand what you want? Nobody else seems to get this one key point because this type of useless self-talk is all that anyone else uses in their subliminal's!
The NLP approach takes into account the need for a more meaning, sensation, and emotion. For developing confidence an NLP practitioner would use language more along the lines of this script used in the free subliminal mp3
When you listening to this cd or whatever from Speedzen, you can imagine any thing you maybe inclined to wanting to accomplish, 
I don’t know if you can visualize yourself standing in front of you, but as allow that to happen you’ll notice how easy and fun it is to build into this other you all the attributes that would make them exactly as confident as you wish to be.
Steal attributes from where ever you wish. Maybe you have a favorite actor whose voice you’d love to have, or whose posture would look good on you.
As you imagine all the attributes you’d like to have and continue building them into this other you, you may start to notice how the image before you changes.
You notice how their posture changes and maybe you have an idea of how that confidence must feel as it pumps through them.
When you are ready, in your mind walk around behind the confident you and step into them.
Once you you become semi-conscious while under hypnosis you maybe able to do some unique procedures...
As you step into this imaginative display, maybe you’re noticing yourself take on their posture and their feelings while your breathing becomes calmer and more relaxed.
Notice where in your body the new confident feeling is strongest, and notice how it moves around your body.
Does it start in your head or in your stomach?
How does it move?
Now take the feeling and notice where it starts, and where it goes.
Loop the feeling back to its source so that the feeling builds stronger with each breath you take spinning faster and faster.
Repeat until you can’t stand feeling so wonderful any more.
And if reading a few words can help you feel so good it’s easy to see how having the entire series that can create lasting and positive changes within yourself and help you more fully enjoy your life is something that is very important to you, isn’t it?